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Jumbo Flat-Glyph Icons Pack Set Icon Set

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Short description:

Download this premium Jumbo Flat-Glyph Icons Pack Set published on TemplateMonster.

✅ Icon files have vector graphics type;

✅ The product contains fully editable AI file formats and is easy to use;

✅ It is compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and can be edited with any of these tools;

✅ The icons are designed in ios, android, glyph styles;

✅ This product will be a great solution for weather, food, network, music, business, sports, beauty, transport, medical, military projects.

We are excited to launch our exclusive pack of 3000 flat-glyph icons, which includes 1500 unique flat icons and 1500 glyph icons, that will make your web, print and mobile apps designs stunning. Jumbo Flat-Glyph Icons pack provides you with a range of customized icons that match perfectly to appear like a part of your original designs. You will find these icons simple yet elegant.

Why Jumbo Flat-Glyph Icons are Special Icons?

  • Scalability: All these icons are totally scale-able, while providing you with the edge to reduce or increase the size without impacting the Graphics quality.
  • No Platform Restriction: Jumbo Flat-Glyph icons pack can be used on all types of platforms including iOS, Android, Websites and several others. You can select freely from the variety of icons without limiting your choice.
  • Streamlined Workflow: These icons have been designed very neatly with organized filing i.e. all files are placed in separate folders with clear naming.
  • Handcrafted Symbols Collection: We have a complete range of handcrafted symbols that can be used invariably in digital and print designs.
  • Continuous Upgrading: We are already in the process of expanding the range of our icons bundle and any new updates will be available absolutely free of cost.

60 Categories of Icons pack and Illustrations sets

  • Animals & Birds icons
  • Arrows icons
  • Art & Craft icons
  • Building icons
  • Business icons
  • Cinema icons
  • Commerce icons
  • Control icons
  • Education & School icons
  • Fashion icons
  • Food icons
  • Gestures & Emoticons icons
  • Interface icons
  • Map icons
  • Medical & Health icons
  • Miscellaneous icons
  • Monument icons
  • Multimedia icons
  • Music icons
  • Nature icons
  • Networking icons
  • People icons
  • Signs icons
  • Social icons
  • Sports icons
  • Technology icons
  • Transport icons
  • Weapon icons
  • Weather icons
  • Web icons

Looking for Additional Icons?

We value your feedback and requirements. Please fill out comments about your future / upcoming requirements. We will be adding new great icons to our collection very soon for FREE. Stay Tuned!

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