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Importance of Food in Our Daily Life

Food is an integral part of our life, not only because we cannot live without it but also because we love it. Each of us loves delicious food. 

Every morning we enthusiastically choose what to eat for breakfast. In the afternoon we enjoy our lunch. And in the evening we hurry to have a delicious dinner as soon as possible. It is very important not to skip meals. Someone prefers to eat homemade food, and someone likes to eat out or order delivery cause it saves time and effort, especially after a tiring day at work, when you don't feel like cooking yourself. In addition, another positive feature of restaurant food is the opportunity to discover cuisines from around the world since it's not easy to cook a dish of national cuisine at home.

When we choose where to eat or where to order a dish from, we usually look for a cafe or restaurant we like on the Internet. Most catering establishments have their web resources containing information about the establishment, including menus, contacts, addresses, reviews, etc. For the design of such websites, icons are needed. Let's look at their types. 

Food Icons Types

Food icons depict a wide variety of products. They include, for example, pizza and ice cream icons, as well as the following types:

  • Food & Drinks Icons;
  • Hotel & Restaurant Icons;
  • Celebrations Icons;
  • Shopping Icons;
  • Delivery & Shipping Icons;
  • Fruits & Vegetables Icons;
  • Bakery & Sweets Icons;
  • Beverages Icons;
  • Alcoholic Drinks Icons;
  • Fast Food Icons;
  • Coffee Icons;
  • Healthy Food Icons;
  • Organic Eco Foods Icons;
  • Allergenic Food Icons;
  • Allergen Free Products Icons;
  • Electronics Icons;
  • Kitchenware & Utensil Icons.

Thus, you will definitely find what you need. Now let's take a look at the functions of these icons. 

Icons Functions


One of the main functions of the icons is their ability to greatly facilitate the users' navigation, saving them the time they spend looking for the information needed or a particular website section. 


In addition, icons structure website content, making it easier and more convenient to use. 


Don't underestimate the aesthetic role of icons in website design. Stylish icons will greatly improve the appearance of the web page. In addition, they can be animated, which will make them even more eye-catching, and the site engaging and memorable. 

Creating an Accent

Icons can also create accents where needed, thereby highlighting key points on a page from much secondary information. 

Need No Explanation

Icons are understandable to users from all over the world without knowing the website's language. Thus, they do not need an explanation, which is another advantage. 

Where to Place Food Icons 

Let's find out where you can use food icons.

Cafes & Restaurants Websites 

With the help of icons, you can stylishly decorate the website of any restaurant or cafe, including an Asian or European restaurant, a pizzeria, a canteen, and so on. Any website will look much better with elegant minimalistic icons. Visitors trust establishments with attractively designed web pages. Thus, your site is the face of your institution.

Menu Design

Icons can make menus more readable, thanks to their ability to organize content and separate it into sections. 

Leaflets & Flyers

With icons, you can highlight certain information contained in the flyer to draw a potential client's attention to it and interest them.

Delivery Services Mobile Apps

Icons will help improve the usability of any mobile app, including a food delivery app. So the application will become not only more convenient but also aesthetically attractive.

Social Media Pages

Most cafes and restaurants have their pages on social networks like Instagram and Facebook. Icons can greatly enhance the look of a page. In addition, they are often used as highlights covers for Instagram stories.

Where to Get Food Icons

Designing icons yourself from scratch can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but luckily there is a great solution. On the MonsterONE marketplace, you will find a large assortment of ready-made icon sets, among other equally cool digital products that the platform offers, including unique logo templates, cool illustrations, and so on. 

Besides, the platform also offers you a subscription that allows users to download an unlimited number of digital products. 

If you don't need a long-term subscription, you can also use the large and reliable TemplateMonster marketplace, where you will find a large selection of top-notch icon sets and much more. 

Our designers and developers keep up with the latest trends in the rapidly evolving web design industry, so you will always find only the most relevant solutions. In addition, thanks to such a selection of products for every taste, you will definitely not be disappointed with your choice.

Relevant Icon Styles

Among the most relevant icon styles are the following: 

  • Isometric icons;
  • Doodle icons;
  • Colored shapes icons;
  • Skeuomorphic icons;
  • Flat icons;
  • Filled icons/glyphs;
  • Duotone icons;
  • Line icons.

Minimalism is particularly relevant now, which is characteristic of almost all of the above styles, except for skeuomorphic.

Icon Formats

There are such icon formats:

  • EPS;
  • SVG;
  • AI;
  • PNG;
  • JPG;
  • JPEG;
  • XD.

Food Icons FAQ

How to Create or Edit an Icon?

You can use free online platforms or more functional graphic editors such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create or edit icons.

What Icon Format to Choose?

In the case of icons, you should choose vector formats, as they are more convenient to edit and scale without losing quality. Vector formats include SVG, Al, and EPS.

What Icon Size to Choose?

The most appropriate size for an icon is 16x16 pixels. You can also use sizes of 32x32 and 48x48 pixels.

How to Create an Animation?

To create animations, use programs such as Animate and Adobe After Effects.

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