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Why Travel is Worth It 

Traveling around the country or abroad can have a tremendous impact on us, both spiritually and physically. It helps us take a break from the daily routine, forget about work and problems, get rid of stress, and re-evaluate our lives. By visiting other countries or cities, we appreciate the world in a new way and get to know ourselves better. Seeing beautiful places and sights, we get inspired and motivated to see even more such sites in the future, awakening our interest in life and the world around us. How many more beautiful scenery awaits us? Travel can heal us, help us rejuvenate so we can move on, and even find the answer to a long-standing question. Let's take a look at all the benefits of traveling. 

Change of Scenery

Have you noticed with what delight we remember even the shortest trips? We remember the smallest details for a long time because any trip is a change of scenery. Often, our life is quite routine, which is why a change of scenery has a beneficial effect on a person’s emotional state, psyche, and physical form. 

Expands Horizons

Traveling is, first of all, getting to know a new culture, new people, and their worldview and mentality, which can be radically different from ours. They may seem both close and alien to us, but in any case, it is always interesting to look at life in a different way.

Strengthens the Body 

Any journey always includes physical activity, which is another advantage. 

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Leaving home and all the comfort we are used to, we find ourselves in a completely different environment. It hardens us, helps us be more flexible, and teaches us to adapt to other conditions. In addition, travel planning teaches us to be more organized, responsible, and independent.  

Creating Good Memories 

Last but not least is the final impression. The memories, regardless of whether the trip was successful or not, create a feeling of fullness and significance of life. A bad trip will turn into a useful experience and a successful one into pleasant memories.

However, any journey will be wonderful if you prepare well for it. Business trips also need to be planned to avoid getting lost or stuck in traffic jams and other unforeseen circumstances that can lead to delays and stress. And in preparation for the trip, various useful travel apps and websites, including maps and navigators, bookings, etc., will help you.

Icons as an Important Website Component

Icons may seem like insignificant elements of a website due to their size, but don't underestimate their role. Being very diverse in their themes and styles and multifunctional, these small graphic components make the web resource easy to use and attractive. Without them, the website will look incomplete, like something is missing. Icons are the best way to improve website usability. Let's find out how by taking a closer look at their functions. 

Icon Functions and Features


The main function of icons is, of course, to facilitate user navigation on the website. Graphic symbols act as a kind of pointers, helping guests find the information they need on the site without spending too much time. 


Another advantage of icons is that they are self-explanatory. Graphic symbols carry a certain meaning or even a call to action and convey information, so just by looking at them, it becomes clear what they mean, regardless of whether the site is multilingual. 


Stylish icons can add a unique touch to your website; even downloaded icons are fully editable, so you can customize and even animate them. Animated icons look impressive and make your website more memorable. 

Structuring Content 

In addition, icons organize page content by dividing it into sections and subsections, thus making the web resource more readable and structured. 


Icons are also a kind of website decoration. They make a website, blog, mobile app, or any other web resource more attractive and stylish. 

Attention-Grabbing and Highlighting Tool 

It's no secret that the first thing a person pays attention to is visual images and only then to the text. That is why even a small graphic symbol is able to draw the user's attention to itself and, accordingly, to the information it conveys. Icons are also capable of distinguishing important information from secondary. 

Where to Get Maps Icons

Icons may look simple, but the process of creating them is actually quite complex and time-consuming. However, professional web designers have done it for you by carefully designing unique and stylish icons based on the latest web design trends.

The MonsterONE marketplace has a wide range of ready-made icon sets for every taste. In addition, the platform also offers a large selection of trending digital products, including elegant fonts, stylish presentation templates, and eye-catching logo templates. What's more, you can also purchase a subscription that gives you access to unlimited downloads of digital products.If you only want to get one item, you can check out the trustworthy TemplateMonster platform, which offers an equally impressive selection, including over 7,000 cool icon sets.

Maps Icons FAQ

What Program to Use to Create or Edit an Icon?

To create or customize icons, you can use such graphic editors as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. There are also various online editors, but the mentioned programs are more feature-rich and offer more options. They are not so easy to use, but fortunately, today, there are many tutorials that will help you understand the program on your own.

What Program to Use to Create an Animation?

To create animation, you can use programs such as Animate and After Effects. Which program you choose depends on your goals, but After Effects includes a wider variety of effects. Adobe Photoshop is also suitable for creating a simple image animation.

How to Convert PNG to Icons?

To convert image formats to icon formats, use free online platforms. Among them are Convertio, ConvertFiles, Zamzar, and others. Many of them allow you to create a set of icons with different resolutions from a single image and save the finished icons in cloud storage, such as Google Drive.

What Icon Format to Choose?

It is better to choose vector formats such as SVG, CDR, EPS, PDF, and AI as they can be easily scaled and edited without quality loss.

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