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Culture icons

Culture icons are symbols that reflect a certain culture and act as a point of contact with that culture.

A national flag, a national animal, or a cultural emblem representing a distinct culture are examples of culture icons.

In general, cultural icons are employed to spread one of those cultures or a symbol of that culture to a broader audience.

Because icons are universally recognized and do not require explanation, an increasing number of people are adopting them in both digital and printed content.

Nonetheless, while they may appear to be simple visuals to generate, icons must be developed by skilled designers using professional design software to look professional in both appearance and use.

If this is not the case, you may want to consider purchasing ready-made icon sets.

On MonsterONE, you can discover a wide range of cultural icons in a variety of styles, colors, and forms.

Culture icons types

Culture icons can represent many symbols that are solely associated with a country's custom, monument, or holiday.

On MonsterONE, you can find hundreds of icon sets reflecting the most diverse ethnic emblems; here are just a few examples:

  • Flag icons
  • National holiday icons
  • National tradition icons
  • History icons
  • World landmarks icons

Icon formats

Icons come in a variety of forms, each of which is better suited to a certain function. PNG formats, for example, are more suitable for printed content because to their high quality, whilst SVG formats are better suited for websites and mobile apps due to their flexibility to scale up or down (depending on the size of the used device) without sacrificing quality.

There are various types of culture icons, including:

  • SVG; 
  • PNG; 
  • JPG; 
  • AI; 
  • PSD; 
  • EPS; 
  • CDR. 

Why should you use icons?

There are several reasons why you should use icons. Some of the most pertinent are given below.

Icons enrich and embellish your content

One of the primary reasons that explain why you should use icons is that they can aesthetically and meaningfully enhance and enrich your content.

You may avoid providing your viewers with mere text by grabbing their attention with icons.

They provide a context

Icons may communicate a specific message to your audience without the need for text. Viewers may be able to comprehend the context of your material without having to read a single word.

Icons are globally understood

Icons are universally recognized. This implies that others who speak a different language or come from a different culture can comprehend what they're saying. As a result, you may make your material available to people all over the world.

Culture icons features

Although each symbol or collection of icons has unique characteristics, some of them are rather similar among them.

Some of the most pertinent are given below.


Each icon can be customized. As a result, while they are given in their default design, you may always alter them to suit your tastes, brand identity, or needs.


Unlike other sorts of graphics, icons may be used for any type of content, both digital and printed. In fact, the ability to resize and adjust them to your requirements and tastes while retaining their original aesthetic quality makes them suitable for any purpose.

Lightweight size

The icons are quite small in size. This means they won't go to slow down your website or mobile app, as is common with larger graphics.


Icons may be readily scaled. This implies they may be scaled up and down endlessly without losing their original clarity and quality. As a result, icons can be simply adapted to any form of content.

Examples of content types you can add icons to

Icons, as previously said, are adaptable components. As a result, they may be used to enhance and give meaning to a variety of data. The following are some of the most prevalent.

Websites and mobile applications

Icons are virtually often utilized on websites and mobile applications these days. When accessing a website or using a mobile app, users expect to see symbols. In reality, icons may aid navigation and make your digital product more user-friendly.

Posts on social media

Icons are virtually often utilized on websites and mobile applications these days. When accessing a website or using a mobile app, users expect to see icons. In reality, icons may aid navigation and make your digital product more user-friendly.

Printed materials

Icons are not simply useful additions to digital products. Because of their adaptability, they may also be used in printed products such as brochures, flyers, business cards, and so on. This provides them with an instant context for the message you're trying to express.


Icons are now utilized in all presentations since they can draw the audience's attention and help them understand key concepts without having to read a single word of text.

Culture Icons FAQ

How many culture icons can I download with a MonsterONE subscription?

You may download as many cultural icons as you like by subscribing to one of MonsterONE's programs. However, we strongly advise against bulk downloading.

What is the best icon format for mobile apps and websites?

SVG is the most appropriate file format for web pages and mobile apps. Because of its scalability, you will be able to resize your icons to meet your needs or preferences.

What's the best icon size?

The intended use might aid in determining the proper icon size. You may need to pick a different size depending on where the icons will show, such as in an app or on a web page. The following icon sizes, however, might be used as a guide:
- 16x16;
- 32x32;
- 64x64;
- 128x128;
- 256x256;
- 514x514.

How can I convert PNG to icons?

You may use one of the following free online converters to convert PNG to icon format:
- Convertio;
- ICOconvert;
- Zamzar;
- CloudConvert.

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