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What are Icons Used For?

The web design industry is changing and growing, and new trends continue to appear, but icons always remain relevant. Their appearance is changing under the influence of the latest tendencies, but they are still very significant. In the process of creating a website or mobile application, icons are indispensable components. Despite their small size, they are extremely versatile elements that can advantageously emphasize all the most important information among the main content of your web resource. But that's not all of their benefits. These tiny graphic symbols can greatly improve the usability of a website or app. Let's take a closer look at the icons' functions and find out how they can make your website or application much better.

Icon Features


The good thing about graphic symbols is that their meaning is often easy to guess. They are clear and do not require any explanation, thanks to which a person who speaks absolutely any language can easily navigate the web page, understanding the approximate meaning of its main functions. Thus, the web resource becomes available to more users.


In addition to the above point, it should be added that icons also simplify the user's navigation process since the first thing we notice is visual images and only then text. It means that the icons draw the user's attention, speeding up the process of finding the information they need.


Stylish icons can greatly enhance the look of the web page and add accents where needed.

Customization Possibility

Although the icons are ready to use, you can customize them if you'd like to add some uniqueness. In addition, you can animate icons, which will make your site even more remarkable, memorable and enjoyable to use.

Types of People Icons

People icons are among the most diverse. Because they include everything related to people and their activities and various spheres of human life. Take a look at some of their types:

  • People & Professions Icons;
  • Health Care & Medical Icons;
  • Human Anatomy Icons;
  • Legal Services & Jurisprudence Icons;
  • School and Education Icons;
  • Mobile Application Icons;
  • Management & Human Resources Icons;
  • Resume Icons;
  • Office Work Icons;
  • Customer Engagement Icons;
  • Family Icons;
  • Love & Marriage Icons.

And these are far from all varieties since people icons mean all the components of our life and all spheres of human activity.

Where to Place People Icons

Looking at the types of icons, it becomes approximately clear where they can be used, but let's find out in more detail.


As we already know, people icons are very versatile and diverse, so they are suitable for many purposes and site topics, such as medical, educational, etc.


You can use people icons to structure your presentation.

Social Media

You can also use people icons as your Instagram stories highlight covers.

Landing Pages

Landing Page is the face of your site, so it is so important to approach its design responsibly.

Resume & CV

People Icons can be a great solution to decorate your resume or CV.

Business Cards & Flyers

In addition, icons will make your business card or flyer more stylish and eye-catching.

Icon Formats 

There are such icon formats:

  • PNG;
  • EPS;
  • PDF;
  • SVG;
  • AI;
  • PSD.

How to Create or Customize Icons?

To create or edit icons, you can use free online services or more functional graphic editors. The second option is more suitable for advanced users and web designers who know how to work with such programs. 

Fortunately, there are many tutorials created to help beginners understand the program on their own and acquire basic web development skills. However, this process may be quite time and energy-consuming.

Some of the most popular graphic editors are Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Let's take a look at both of them.

Advantages of Adobe Illustrator

The main features of the editor include:

  • Huge variety of image and text tools;
  • Ability to create 3D special effects;
  • Ability to trace an image;
  • Compatibility with different operating systems.

Advantages of Corel Draw

The benefits of the program include:

  • Less demanding;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Easier to learn;
  • Lots of drawing tools.

Both editors are good, so everyone decides for themselves which one suits them better.

Where to Get People Icons

Discover a huge range of cool digital products on the MonsterOne marketplace. Among such a selection, you will definitely find your perfect option. 

The platform offers a wide assortment of ready-made icon sets for every taste and theme. And that's not all. Here you'll also find top-notch presentation templates, unique logo templates, memorable resume templates, and much more. In addition, the advantage of the marketplace is the availability of a subscription, by getting which you will get access to unlimited downloads of cool web solutions. In case you would like to purchase a single digital product, you can use TemplateMonster, a marketplace with an equally impressive range of digital products, including over 8,000 stylish icon sets. You are sure to be satisfied with the choice and find what you like.

People Icons FAQ

What is the Difference between Vector and Raster Formats?

Their main difference is that the raster format consists of pixels, while the vector format consists of lines and geometric shapes. The raster format is characterized by greater realism of the image, so it is more suitable for working with photographs, and the vector format is perfect for creating logos, icons and designing websites and landing pages since its advantage is the ability to easily edit and scale the image without any loss of quality.

What is Image Tracing?

Tracing is the process of converting a raster image into a vector.

What icon Size is the Most Suitable?

Acceptable sizes are 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 64x64, but 16x16 is the most optimal.

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