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The Role of Social Networks in Our Life

Many modern people cannot imagine their lives and the world in general without social networks. We are used to starting and ending our day by checking the news feed. Social networks have become an integral part of many users' lives. They certainly have pros and cons, but their great impact on our society and daily life is hard to deny.

People use social media for a variety of purposes because they are very multifunctional. Someone, for example, uses them only for entertainment purposes and to communicate with friends, while others use them for business purposes, such as maintaining a business account, searching for educational materials, correspondence with colleagues or potential employees, etc.

Why do we need social media icons, and where can we place them? Let's find out by taking a closer look at the features of social networks.

Purposes and Functions of Social Media Icons


Communication and search for new friends, acquaintances, and sometimes even partners is an important aspect of our life, without which we cannot exist. And quite often, this happens precisely in social networks.

Many people in the modern world prefer online communication to live one, and the same goes for dating since it is much less time and energy-consuming. In addition, many also feel much more comfortable and relaxed being on the other side of the screen. Thus, social networks make the process of finding new friends and social interaction much easier.

Many users want their accounts to look aesthetically pleasing and attractive. And social media icons will help you design your profile and make it classy.

Blogs on Various Interests and Hobbies

Many social media accounts contain content based on different hobbies and interests. These can be blogs on absolutely any topic that interests you, from books to crocheting and gardening. These so-called hobby clubs often contain useful and interesting materials.

However, it is important for users that the account is not only informative but also organized and stylish. 

Business Development

Among social media accounts, there are a huge number of business accounts, as well as pages of people who offer some kind of services. It can be either a profile of an online clothing store or an account of a pastry chef or tattoo artist..

As you can see, the list is endless, and the range of services that can be promoted on the Internet is huge. Each business, as a rule, has its own pages on various social networks.

It is very important to have an attractive and memorable business account to promote and sell your products or services successfully. With some business icons, your account will look minimalistic and eye-catching.

Useful Source of Materials and Information 

You can also find many pages on social networks full of audio, video materials, documents, books, and other useful things. It is where people often share information and materials with each other. It can be, for example, accounts created for students or foreign language learners. Users of such online pages can share educational materials or knowledge with others and vice versa to search for something.

Some minimalistic icon set would be a perfect solution for designing such an account. It will help make the page well-ordered and organized, which is one of the most important criteria, especially for education blogs. 

Entertainment and Leisure

Last but not least, entertainment and relaxation. When you feel like relaxing and unwinding after a productive yet tiring day or week at work, you often turn to social media for entertainment content. And that's okay because сonsuming such content in moderation is completely harmless.

Even an account with entertainment content should be well-designed. Social media icons make your account look cool and also organize your content.

Icon Styles

There are the following icon styles:

  • Filled icons/glyphs;
  • Duotone icons;
  • Outline icons;
  • Colored shapes icons;
  • Skeuomorphic icons;
  • Flat icons.

There are other styles as well, but the above-listed types are the most common.

Icon Formats

Let's take a look at some of the most frequently used formats. Among them are:

• PSD;

• AI;

• PNG;

• SVG;

• JPG.

Where Can I Get Social Media Icons?

Creating icons from scratch can take a lot of time and effort. In this case, ready-made icon sets come to the rescue. They save you time and money on the design of your blog or social media page.

You can get social media graphics on MonsterONE. Moreover, by subscribing to MonsterONE, you get the opportunity to download an unlimited number of digital products you need. In addition, the marketplace offers you a wide variety of icons for any theme, ready to use and edit. With such a large selection, you are sure to find what you like.If you do not need a long-term subscription, you can also use TemplateMonster for a one-time purchase of a digital product. There you can also find more than 200 top-notch social media icons for every taste.

Social Media Icons FAQ

How do I Create and Edit an Icon?

You can use online services or graphic editors to create and edit icons.
Graphic editors, namely Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, are way more multifunctional.

How to Convert PNG to Icons?

To quickly and easily convert images to icon formats, you can use free online platforms such as Icoconverter, ICOConvert, Iconj, etc.

What Icon Format to Choose?

If you just want to download and add a ready-made icon to your website, choose PNG, ICO, or SVG formats. Vector format is the most suitable. Its advantage is that it scales to any size without any quality loss.
The AI and PSD formats are suitable for experienced graphic editor users who want to customize the icon.

What is the Best Icon Size?

The desired site icon size is 16x16 pixels. You can also create a site icon with dimensions of 32x32 and 48x48 pixels.

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