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Tourism Main Advantages 

We all love to travel. Travelling has a positive effect on our physical and mental health. But that's not their only advantage.

Travelling allows us to get out of our comfort zone by leaving our familiar surroundings. In this way, they test our adaptive abilities. In addition, planning a trip, finding accommodation, packing, etc., require us to be responsible and foresighted. 

Among the other advantages of travelling, of course, is meeting new people and their culture. Another culture may be significantly different from our own and, at first, seem completely incomprehensible and alien to us, but at the same time, amazing and beautiful. 

Getting to know another culture and nationality, its mentality, way of life, and various traditions expands the horizons and boundaries of our thinking. We can analyze other outlooks on life and customs we were unaware of before. Isn't it great?

Each country has its peculiarities, national holidays, dishes, traditions and festivals. And some of them are extremely interesting. Many experienced tourists specifically select the date of their trip to another country to catch the local celebration or festival. It is called event tourism.

What is Event Tourism

Event tourism is travel dedicated to a special event. The main purpose of such trips is to visit spectacular events and eventful festivals to feel the holiday's exciting atmosphere and get unforgettable impressions.

It is a type of tourism that is gaining popularity. That is why today, many travel agencies offer special event tours.  

In event tourism, there are several thematic types:

  • national festivals and holidays;
  • film and theatre festivals;
  • food festivals;
  • flower festivals;
  • fashion shows;
  • music festivals and music competitions;
  • sports events.

Let's take a quick look at some holidays in other countries that are worth visiting. Some of them not only amaze with their scale but are also exceptionally unique.

Amazing Must-See Festivals

The Sapporo Snow Festival

This Japanese festival is an exhibition of mesmerizing and incredibly beautiful snow figures that takes place in Sapporo. It is held in the first decade of February, and every year the snow festival is visited by many tourists worldwide.

Day of the Dead

This holiday is held annually in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras on November 1 and 2, and despite its gloomy name, this is an amazing warm family holiday.


Every year in mid-November, India celebrates the warm autumn festival of Diwali, symbolizing the victory of good over evil.


You have probably already heard about the famous Oktoberfest. It is the world's largest beer festival, which takes place annually in Munich. The holiday usually starts in the second half of September and lasts about two weeks.

Where to Place Flag Icons


Icons make any website look stylish, elegant, and organized. You can place flag icons on travel agency and language school websites. In addition, they can be added to the web pages of blogs dedicated to living abroad and the culture of certain countries. If we like some country and its language, before we visit or move there, we learn about some features of life in this country and its culture. Also, flag icons can be added to the design of websites of logistics companies. 

Mobile Apps

Icons greatly enhance the usability of any mobile application. 

Social Media

A well-designed social media profile looks aesthetically pleasing. And if this is a business account, then the aesthetic aspect and ordering of the content are especially important. For example, icons can be used as covers for Instagram Stories highlights, which makes navigating your followers through your profile content easier.


Icons can organize the contents of your project, which will help you to host a successful presentation.

Brochures & Leaflets

In addition, adding graphics to flyers or brochures make them more readable, organized, and memorable.    

Why is it so important to use icons? Let's take a look at their main functions and advantages. 

Icon Functions and Benefits


Graphic symbols serve as pointers that guide users through the page, saving them time and effort when looking for the needed information.

Cool Design

The obvious advantage of icons is their appearance. They will become an attractive and elegant component of your website design.

Structuring Content

Graphic symbols structure the content of a web page or presentation by dividing it into sections and subsections.

Attention Gaining Tool

Icons can be used as a tool to highlight some information. Being small graphic images, they draw the attention of the user.


Another advantage of icons is that they do not require any explanation. Their meaning is obvious to the user, making it unnecessary to overload the site page with text. You can just replace the text with some concise visual elements, where possible.

Where to Find Flag Icons

Save time creating a website with ready-made icon sets. You can find them on various platforms, but on the MonsterONE marketplace, you will find an impressive selection of the most relevant and cool digital products for every taste, including eye-catching icon sets, elegant resume templates, and top-notch illustrations, etc. Designers and developers carefully follow all the latest web design trends to bring you the most stylish and trendy digital solutions that will make your website look perfect.

In addition, the platform offers you a subscription, the purchase of which will allow you to download an unlimited number of any digital goods.If you do not need a long-term subscription, we suggest you use the TemplateMonster marketplace, which offers an equally large selection of web products, including about 8,000 stylish icon sets.

Flag Icons FAQ

Is It Possible to Animate Icons?

Yes, it is. To do this, you can use such programs as After Effects and Animate.

What are the File Formats for Icons?

There are such icon formats:
- PNG;
- JPG;
- AI;
- CDR;
- SVG;
- EPS.
- PSD.

What Icon Format to Choose?

It is recommended to use vector formats, as they are scaled and edited without quality loss. Vector formats include CDR, AI, EPS, SVG and PDF.

What File Format is Best for Printing?

The most suitable file format for printing is PNG. However, when printing vector images, it is better to choose PDF.

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