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What does the Security Concept Include? 

Security is the state of protection of security objects from internal and external threats and the probable harm they cause. Anything can be an object of protection, from a person to an ecosystem.

The types of security include:

  • Computer security;
  • Corporate security;
  • Ecological security;
  • Food security;
  • Home security;
  • Human security;
  • National security.

What is Internet Security for?

With the development of information technology, one of the most important issues for any company has become the provision of Internet security, which means that any information should be under reliable protection.

Information security aims to protect data from any third-party interference that could cause data loss or unauthorized modification. Thus, the main task is to ensure the safety of actions and transactions carried out on the Internet.

On the Internet, you can face threats such as hacking, viruses and malware, and identity theft. No client wants to become a victim of fraud, just like no owner of an online store, bank, or exchanger wants his business to be endangered. The same goes for the owners of any other sites. None of them want their web resources to become the target of hacker attacks. That is why it is so important to protect your Internet resource from possible hacking attempts and ensure the confidentiality of user data.

Which Sites Should Be Especially Protected?

As we know, any site must be protected, but there are web resources, the security of which should be given special attention. Let's find out which ones. 

Banks & Exchanges

When it comes to money, safety is paramount.

Online Stores

When placing orders, users indicate their personal data, which must also be kept strictly confidential.

Social Media

Social networks also store a lot of users' personal information.

As mentioned earlier, security is essential for any sites that contain users' personal information, which must be protected.

Security Icons Types 

Let's look at the types of security icons. Among them are the following:

  • Business Insurance Icons;
  • E-Commerce Icons;
  • Cybersecurity, Hacking & Technology Icons;
  • Web Development Icons;
  • Smartphone Icons;
  • Cyber Crime Icons;
  • Data Analytics and Statistics Icons;
  • Data Sharing Icon;
  • Crime Investigation Icons;
  • Social Messaging & Productivity Icons;
  • Real Estate Icons;
  • SEO Icons;
  • Military Icons;
  • Law & Justice Icons;
  • Cyber Security & Coding Icons.

Icons Features and Functions 


Icons help make the user's flow easier, allowing them to navigate the site better and thus spend less time searching for the information they need. 


They also help highlight the main thing among a large amount of information since the first thing that draws our attention is various visual images.


Besides, visual images carry a certain meaning, which is usually easy to guess. Thus, just by looking at the symbol, you approximately understand what the website section the icon belongs to contains even before you clarify your guess. 


In addition, icons play an equally important role in the design. They can significantly affect the appearance of a web page, changing it both for better and for worse.

Where to Find Security Icons

You can create them yourself; however, it can take time and effort. Luckily, there are many ready-made icon sets that can be quickly and easily downloaded and immediately placed where necessary or pre-customized if you want to add a unique touch or make some changes. You can download icons of any format you need. 

Thanks to the wide range of high-quality digital goods offered by the large and reliable MonsterONE marketplace, you will definitely find the perfect option for you. Here you'll find a huge selection of eye-catching icon sets, memorable logo templates, stylish illustrations, and much more. 

In addition, you can get a subscription that allows you to download an unlimited number of digital products. Isn't it cool?

If you don't need a subscription and want to purchase just one product. In that case, the TemplateMonster marketplace offers an equally cool selection of equally high-quality digital goods and top-notch icon sets, including military icons, painstakingly designed by talented web designers and developers. 

Most Relevant Icon Styles

Flat Icons

For a long time, the flat style does not lose its relevance, thanks to its simple but at the same time stylish and minimalist design. 

Line Icons

Line style is one of those trends that never get old. Line icons are a popular choice due to their versatile style that pairs well with just about any other site design element.

Gradient Icons

The gradient can be an icon element, or the icon can be completely filled with a gradient color. It looks classy and pretty. 

Doodle Icons

A relatively new trend is hand-drawn icons. They are unusual and unique, which is why users like them.  

Duotone Icons

Two-color icons are also popular, primarily for their appearance. Creating a well-matched color pair can greatly enhance the design of a website, making it much more aesthetically pleasing. 


This style is also characterized by minimalism and monochrome. Glyph icons are one-colored and simple symbols.

Isometric Icons

These icons are usually bright and voluminous, making them noticeable and attention-grabbing. 

Skeuomorphic Icons

This style is characterized by volume and realism, thanks to which they are understandable to users. 

Icon Formats

There are such icon formats:

  • AI;
  • SVG;
  • EPS;
  • PSD;
  • PNG;
  • JPG.

Security Icons FAQ

How to Create or Edit an Icon?

It is better to use graphic editors like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to create or edit icons, as they are the most functional.

What Program to Use to Animate the Image?

You can use Photoshop to create simple animations, but Animate or After Effect is better for more complex animations.

How to Convert PNG to Icons?

To convert image format to icon format, you can use free online converters such as ConvertFiles, Convertio, Zamzar, etc.

What Icon Size to Choose?

The desired image size for use as a site icon is 16x16 pixels.

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