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What Are Profile Icons, and Why Are They so Relevant?

Icons are a useful tool for capturing the attention of users. Being simple and concise but at the same time expressive, they help the client navigate the site in a matter of minutes, saving the user time searching for the desired section on the page. That is why graphical symbols are an important component of a website. But they also have other benefits. Let's take a closer look at the functions of the profile icons.

Purposes and Functions of Profile Icons

Any website cannot exist without icons. Being so small but so significant, they are an irreplaceable component. Let's move on to some of the advantages of these graphical symbols and find out how they can be useful in developing and improving your web page or blog.


Giving icons to important website functions helps draw users' attention to them. Interactive icons highlight key buttons, such as "ask a question" or "download."


Icons are one way to simplify page navigation. Moreover, they allow users worldwide to use the website without knowing the language. However, do not forget that extra icons only interfere with users, confusing them and forcing them to wander around the web page looking for the desired section.


Icons can also make your site look concise and attractive. In addition, they can be animated, which makes a site look more unique and memorable. You can download such icons or animate them yourself.

Site Services

Besides, icons help the user immediately understand the list of services provided by the website.

Where to Place Profile Icons

As we found out, profile icons have a broad range of functions. Therefore they are also widely applicable. Let's see where you can place them.

Social Media

Profile icons are especially relevant for designing pages on social networks. It can be either a personal blog, a business account, or an online store.

CV & Portfolio

Graphical symbols can also structure the information in a business document and make it more readable. An employer, first of all, pays attention to a beautifully designed and eye-catching resume. Such a simple trick gives you a slight advantage over other candidates. 

Presentations & Webinars

Icons are also a useful tool for designing presentations and webinars since the key feature of any slideshow is precisely the minimum text content. After all, the basic recommendation for creating any presentation is to replace text with images as far as possible.

Organization Apps for Students and Workers

Profile icons are also relevant for designing mobile applications made to organize your lifestyle, work, study, and increase productivity. Such applications are now in great demand, especially among students and office workers. These include electronic planners, to-do lists, note-taking apps, calendars, habit trackers, schedules, etc.


Each game has its official website or fan club page that publishes game news and updates. So you can also use profile icons for gaming websites and blogs.

Users often have questions about the icon formats, how they differ and which one to choose. Let's figure it out.

Icon Formats

Let's take a look at some of the most frequently used formats. Among them are:

  • PSD;
  • AI;
  • PNG;
  • SVG;
  • JPG.

What Format to Choose?

If you want to download and add a ready-made icon to the site, choose ICO, PNG, and SVG formats. The most suitable is the vector format. Its advantage is that it scales to any size without losing quality.

The AI and PSD formats are suitable for those users who have experience using graphic editors and want to customize the icon.

What Are Different Types of Icons?

There are the following types of icons:

Filled Icons/Glyphs

Glyphs are usually solid. You can scale them to whatever size you want and customize them with different colors and shadow effects.

Duotone Icons

Duotone icons can add some extra visual interest to your website and make it look more impressive.

Outline Icons

Outlined icons are created by vector strokes and are empty inside, making them look stylish and minimalistic.

Colored Shapes Icons

They can either have a solid color or gradient color scheme. It makes them look less formal and more creative.

Skeuomorphic Icons

This icon style emulates the way users interact with real-world objects. The main feature of this type of icon is its realism.

Let's move on to the profile icons sources.

Where Can I Get Profile Icons?

Creating icons from scratch can be quite complex and costly. It is where ready-made icon sets come to the rescue. They will help to significantly save your time and money on the design of your website, blog, or any other Internet resource. 

The advantage of MonsterONE is the ability to get a subscription that allows you to download an unlimited number of digital products you need. In addition, a wide variety of icons on any subject are ready to be used and edited if you want to add uniqueness to the purchased digital product. MonsterONE has over 7000 different sets to choose from, including people icons from the TemplateMonster icon collection, so you're sure to find something that suits you.

If you do not need to purchase a long-term subscription to MonsterONE, you can use TemplateMonster for a one-time purchase of a single digital product.

Profile Icons FAQ

What Is the Best Icon Size?

The desired image size is 16x16 pixels for use as a website icon. You can create a site icon with dimensions of 32x32 and 48x48 pixels.

How Do I Create and Edit an Icon?

You can use online platforms or graphic editors to create and edit icons. The most convenient and multifunctional solution is Adobe Illustrator.

How to Convert PNG to Icons?

You can quickly and easily convert your images to icon formats using free online platforms such as ICOConvert, Icoconverter, Iconj, etc.
In addition, some converters create a set of icons with different resolutions from one image and allow you to save ready icons in cloud storage, such as Google Drive.

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