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City Icons

Icons have grown in popularity in recent years as a result of their potential to improve user experience and make content accessible globally, particularly to people who speak other languages or have disabilities.

Icons' adaptability allows them to match any type of content and format, both printed and digital, making them a viable content element.

Icons, despite their apparent simplicity and ease of use, require expertise and experience with particular designing software in order to be designed from scratch.

However, if you don't have any design skills, nowadays there are some other solutions you can explore and take advantage of.

For example, on MonsterONE, you can find a wide array of city icon sets for any of your projects.

The benefits of using icons

Because of the advantages they provide, icons are often favored over traditional visuals. Icons may improve the navigational and interaction experience of users, in addition to boosting the aesthetic appeal of your content.

We've selected a handful of the most important ones below to assist you in better grasping these benefits.

Icons are understood worldwide

One of the initial benefits of icons is that they are universally recognized. This implies that people from different cultures or languages can comprehend the meaning icons are attempting to express without more explanation.

This enables you to make your content more broadly available, increasing visibility and interaction.

Use icons to break walls of text

Nobody enjoys looking at or reading walls of text with no breaks. This is why practically everyone uses subheadings or graphics to break up their content into little bits of phrases. In this case, you can utilize icons as a divisor, providing your users an initial touch of what the content would be about without having to read a single word of text.

You can use icons to emphasize crucial concepts

Icons may be used for more than just divisors. They can also assist you to underline essential points in your writing. As an example, while promoting the characteristics of your product or service, you may utilize icons to emphasize that notion.

Emphasizing these concepts will be crucial, and it will have an indirect influence on users' decision-making processes.

You can summarize complex concepts and ideas with icons

Explaining things using words may be difficult and time-consuming, resulting in a long paragraph of text that no one will likely read. You may prevent such situations by utilizing icons to describe your ideas.

Icons can enhance the navigation

Icons may also be used as navigational aids to direct people to certain pages or areas of your website. For example, if you utilize a phone icon, viewers will be led to the contact page, which has all of your contact forms and information.

City icons types

City icons may be used for a wide range of applications. Hundreds of city icon sets are available on MonsterONE, including:

  • Taxi service;
  • Gas station;
  • Traffic light;
  • Traffic sign;
  • Parking sign;
  • Location;
  • Map;
  • Direction;
  • Etc.

City icons: key features

City icons have a number of benefits that make them a better option than standard visuals. We've compiled a list of the most important ones below.


Icons are vector files that may be resized and scaled up or down indefinitely while maintaining their great quality.

As a result, they're the ideal visual element for any type of document or asset you wish to create or improve.

Lightweight size

Icons are all small in size, so they won't be too heavy or slow down your website's performance, compromising the user experience.

As a consequence, you may use as many icons as you like without having to worry about how they'll affect your digital assets.


Icons are all editable and customizable, even if they come with a default design. You'll be able to alter their colors, forms, style, and more effortlessly and swiftly utilizing particular, suitable designing tools.

This means you may enjoy professional work while still being able to tailor it to your own needs and tastes.

Possibility of animating them

You may also apply motion and transition effects to your icons to make them more dynamic. Make them animate when the mouse is hovered over them, for example.

Where to place icons

Icons, as previously said, are versatile components that may be readily placed anywhere on any form of material. We've included some categories of material on which you may install icons below to give you some ideas.


Presentations are frequently required in order to get additional clients or business partners. These must be both functional and appealing in order to be effective.

Because images are so popular these days, and images aren't always appropriate to explain the thoughts you want to convey visually, using symbols to summarize concepts or emphasize some of the more significant ones has become common practice.

Websites and mobile apps

In recent years, icons have grown increasingly popular on websites and mobile applications, and consumers expect to see them when browsing and engaging with your site or app. On menus, footers, and headers, icons are frequently used with text to assist visitors to understand hyperlinks and functionality.

Social media posts

Because symbols successfully express messages, people are starting to employ them in social media posts. Many individuals, for example, utilize icons in carousel posts, listings, and other contexts.

Сity Icons FAQ

How many city icons can I download with a MonsterONE subscription?

You may download as many city icons as you like with a MonsterONE subscription. Mass downloading, on the other hand, is strongly discouraged.

Are city icons editable?

Yes, all city icons on MonsterONE may be edited. Adobe Illustrator (AI), one of the best apps for designing and manipulating icons used by professional web designers, may be used to alter them.

How can I convert PNG to icons?

You may use one of the following free online converters to convert PNG to icons:
- ICOconvert;
- Convertio;
- Zamzar;
- CloudConvert.

What's the best icon size?

The appropriate icon size may be determined by the intended use. You may need to choose a different size depending on where the icons will appear, such as in an app or on a web page. However, you can use the following common icon sizes:
- 16x16;
- 32x32;
- 64x64;
- 128x128;
- 256x256;
- 514x514.

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