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Why Icons Matter 

Icons do not lose their relevance, being an integral part of various websites, mobile applications, presentations, etc. These tiny elements are so multifunctional and varied in their theme and style that it is hard to underestimate their role. Due to the existing diversity, you can find icons on absolutely any topic you need. Plus, you can even choose the style you like. Being small but so significant, they can greatly improve your web resource. Let's find out exactly how. 

Functions and Features of Icons 

Facilitate User Navigation on the Site

Icons can serve as a kind of pointers on the website, helping users navigate the content more easily and quickly, thereby saving them time. 

Draw the Visitor's Attention to Certain Sections of the Web Page

One of the functions of icons is to draw the user's attention to one or another section of the site, which also makes it more user-friendly. 

Ability to Animate Them

In addition, icons can be animated, which will make them even more stylish, and the site more memorable and engaging. 

Ability to Customize Them

You can also edit ready-made icons to make them more unique and original. 

Highlight Important Information

Icons often highlight key points from a lot of background information. 


Another advantage of icons is that they are globally understandable to users, no matter what language they speak.

Structure the Content

Last but not least is the ability of icons to structure the content of a page by breaking it into sections and paragraphs. 

Text Icon Types

Among the many types of text icons, the following can be distinguished:

  • Calendar Icons;
  • Office Icons;
  • Book Icons;
  • Education & Science Icons;
  • Journalist Reporter Icons;
  • Check List Icons;
  • Road Signs Icons;
  • File Formats Icons;
  • Mobile Apps Icons;
  • Business & Ecommerce Icons;
  • Basic Elements Icons;
  • Health & Medical Icons;
  • Design Thinking & Web Design Development Icons;
  • Gardening Icons;
  • Universal Icons.

Thanks to such a variety, you are sure to find icons for any of your purposes.

Where to Place Text Icons

Let's see where we can use text icons.


Almost any site contains icons. Without them, your Internet resource will look unfinished. 

Resume & CV

It's a good idea to add icons to your resume, as they make it stand out from other candidates' profiles. So you will get remembered by a potential employer. 

Mobile Apps  

Using icons can significantly improve the usability of a mobile application. 

Leaflets & Flyers 

Since icons create an accent, they can very subtly draw attention to certain information contained on a flyer or leaflet page. 

Social Media

Any social network page will look much more attractive and organized with stylish icons.


Icons can also structure your slideshow well, allowing you and your audience to navigate the content better and emphasize key points of the presentation. 

Icon Formats

There are the following icon formats:

  • PSD;
  • PNG;
  • JPG;
  • AI;
  • SVG;
  • EPS.

As for icons, the most suitable is the vector format, namely SVG, due to the possibility of its editing and scaling without quality loss. 

Icon Styles

There are the following icon styles:

  • Filled icons/glyphs;
  • Duotone icons;
  • Line icons;
  • Isometric icons;
  • Doodle icons;
  • Gradient icons;
  • Colored shapes icons;
  • Skeuomorphic icons;
  • Flat icons.

Most styles, except for skeuomorphic, have one thing in common - minimalistic design. Minimalistic icons look neat and aesthetically pleasing.

Where to Get Text Icons

Developing icons for a website is more complicated than it might seem at first glance. But in this case, there is an excellent solution that will greatly facilitate the process of designing the site. You can download ready-made icons and place them on the site right away or customize them before that. Customization is making any changes to increase the uniqueness of a digital product. Luckily, the pre-made icon sets are fully editable and ready to use.

You can find these icons on the large and trusted MonsterONE marketplace, which offers a wide range of digital products, including stylish icons, cool illustrations, memorable logo templates, and much more. With such an amazing selection, you are sure to find your perfect option. In addition, you can also purchase a subscription, which allows you to download unlimited top-notch digital products, which is another advantage of the platform.In addition, for a one-time purchase of a product, you can use the TemplateMonster platform, which offers an equally impressive assortment of digital products, including trendy icon sets.

Text Icons FAQ

What Program to Use to Create or Edit an Icon?

You can use free online platforms to create or edit icons, but it is preferable to use more functional graphic editors like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. They are more suitable for advanced users, but fortunately, there are now many tutorials to help you master the program on your own.

What Program to Use to Create an Animation?

You can use programs like Animate or After Effect to animate an image. They are multifunctional, so they are suitable for creating complex animations. However, they are not easy to learn. To create simpler animations, you can use the Adobe Photoshop graphics editor.

What Icon Size to Choose?

The most optimal size for a website icon is 16x16 pixels. Dimensions such as 32x32 and 48x48 pixels are also acceptable.

How to Convert PNG to Icons?

To convert image format to icon format, use free online platforms. There are a lot of such online services, and some of them even allow creating a set of icons with different resolutions from one image and saving ready icons in cloud storage, such as Google Drive. Among them are ConvertFiles, Convertio, Zamzar, and others.

Download Unlimited Text Icons with MonsterONE

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