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The Importance of Leisure in Our Life

Free time is very important for a person's physical and moral condition, as well as his development. It is good when you have free time from work or study, which you can devote to your interests and hobbies. Rest literally keeps us from going crazy. Psychologists have found that people who try to diversify their leisure time are usually happier and healthier. 

Entertainment is essential as it helps people reduce stress, forget about workload and other responsibilities, and enjoy life's pleasant aspects. In addition, it is difficult to underestimate the role of leisure in our lives, as it allows us to enjoy communication, meet new people of interest and make friends. 

However, do not forget that an excessive amount of free time can lead to boredom. Conversely, its lack leads to exhaustion, stress, and even loss of interest in life, which is why it is so important to maintain a balance. 

Recreation Types

Recreation is divided into two main types, including active and passive. It’s easy to guess the difference between them, and everyone chooses the activities that they like best.

Passive recreation includes sleeping, reading, and watching movies, for example. It also has a positive effect on a person, helping them restore their strength, but at the same time learn something new.

Many also prefer outdoor activities, which usually require active physical work of the whole body and its muscles. These are most often various sports games. 

Types of Game Icons 

Game icons vary depending on the games that are meant since games can be sports, board, computer, and even gambling, including card games. Thus, among the types of game icons are the following: 

  • Games Icons;
  • Web Icons;
  • Internet Safety & Security Icons;
  • Sports Games Icons;
  • Gambling & Casino Icons;
  • Sport & Fitness Icons;
  • Heavy Athletics Icons;
  • Emoji Icons;
  • Sports Icons;
  • Fantasy Equipment & Avatars Icons;
  • Tourism & Travel Icons;
  • Military & Weapons Icons;
  • Video Games & Consoles Icons.

Types and Advantages of Sports Games

There are also a wide variety of sports games, including badminton, basketball, volleyball, handball, football, tennis, etc.

In addition to the fact that during the game, health is strengthened, body tone increases, and coordination of movements improves, a person also, being part of a team and interacting with each of its members, learns teamwork and thinks over the game strategy, simultaneously developing important skills, including social, logical and of course game skills.

Besides, a good game is a source of positive and good mood. Thus, while playing sports games, you not only keep yourself in shape but also get useful skills and positive emotions. 

Positive Impact of Computer Games  

People's opinions regarding computer games and their negative or positive impacts vary. We often hear about the negative effect of video games, but there is also a scientifically based opposite opinion about their effect on humans. You may have already heard about the positive aspect of PC gaming. For years, scientists have been trying to prove that video games can be beneficial. They claim that computer games can develop the following abilities: 

  • Fine motor skills;
  • Logical thinking;
  • Memory and attention;
  • Speed of reaction and visual perception of objects;
  • Hand-eye coordination.

Thus, video games, primarily shooters, have an absolutely impressive positive impact on gamers, improving peripheral vision, spatial thinking, and orientation. Research also proves the positive impact of this kind of entertainment on a person's attention, which is good news. 

Where to Place Game Icons 


These can be fan sites and official game pages, as well as websites for gyms, fitness courses, trainers, sports sections, and even an online casino web page. 

Social Media 

Nowadays, almost everyone has their social network pages, whether a personal user profile or a business account. Most companies have accounts on such social networks as Facebook and Instagram.


Stylish icons will make your mobile application more attractive and user-friendly. 

Leaflets & Flyers 

Despite their rather small size, icons are an important tool for attracting attention, as people tend to notice visual images first and only then text. 


With their ability to structure content, icons can make your presentation organized and neat. 

Where to Find Game Icons

The reliable MonsterONE platform brings to your attention a wide range of top-notch trending digital products, including memorable icon sets, creative illustrations, eye-catching landing pages, and much more. With such an impressive selection, you're sure to find what you're looking for. In addition, you can get a subscription that allows you to download unlimited digital products.

You can also use the TemplateMonster marketplace for a one-time purchase of digital products, including ready-made game icon sets. Marketplace offers an equally huge selection of digital products that you will definitely be satisfied with.

Icon Formats 

There are the following icon formats: 

  • CDR;
  • TXT;
  • ICO;
  • JPG;
  • PSD;
  • EPS;
  • SVG;
  • AI;
  • PNG.

Trending Icon Styles 

Some of the most relevant icon styles include: 

  • Flat style;
  • Glyphs;
  • Isometric style;
  • Doodle icons;
  • Coloured shapes icons;
  • Skeuomorphic design;
  • Duotone icons;
  • Line design.

Game Icons FAQ 

How Do I Create and Edit an Icon?

You can use free online platforms and more functional graphic editors such as Adobe Illustrator to create or edit icons.

What Icon Format to Choose?

In the case of icons, it is better to choose a vector format, as it is fully editable and can be scaled without quality loss.

What is the Difference Between Vector and Raster Formats?

A raster format is a collection of dots, namely pixels, while a vector format consists of lines and geometric shapes. Each format has different goals, and both have their pros and cons.

How to Create an Animation?

You can use Adobe Photoshop to animate images. This editor is suitable for creating simple animations. For more complex ones, it is recommended to use such graphic editors as Adobe After Effects and Animate.

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