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The Role of Mobile Phones in Our Life

Mobile phones have become an essential item. With the development of technology and gadgets, mobile phones have become more functional, and their importance has increased accordingly. Hence, it’s hard to underestimate the role of phones in our lives. Most of us are so accustomed to the possibilities that the phone gives us that we take them for granted, but it would be difficult for us to exist in the modern world without them.

Initially, the main function of the phone was to maintain communication at a distance, that is, making phone calls. However, a modern smartphone has many additional features that we all actively use on a daily basis. Among them are listed below. 

Cellular & SMS 

As stated earlier, this is the main and original function of phones. 


Messengers have gradually replaced calls and SMS as a convenient way to keep in touch. 


Smartphones are replacing cameras for many, as modern mobile phones allow their owners to take equally high-quality pictures. 


One of the most important functions of the phone is the availability of Internet access. If you are interested in some question, you can instantly find out the answer to it, thanks to your smartphone. Isn't it convenient? 


Thanks to pocket e-mail, we can exchange work information or receive newsletters. 


In addition, smartphones have also supplanted such portable devices as MP3 players.


Usually, navigation programs are already installed by manufacturers, even in the most inexpensive smartphones. 

Time & Date 

The smartphone also performs the functions of a pocket watch and a calendar. 


Sometimes this additional function comes in very handy. 


We use the calculator not only to solve mathematical problems, we often do calculations in everyday life, including maintaining a family budget. 

Voice Recorder

Another useful feature of the smartphone is the presence of a voice recorder. 

Various Apps

This item is less specific, unlike the above. It can include both time-organizing apps, for example, a habit tracker, and entertaining apps, including games. 

Thus, smartphones make our life much easier in some aspects, being a universal pocket tool. 

Icon Functions & Features

Icons never lose their relevance, being an integral part of various sites, mobile applications, etc. These graphic elements are so multifunctional and diverse that it is difficult to underestimate them. Thanks to such a variety, you are sure to find the icons you like. Being so tiny yet so significant, they can greatly improve the look of any web page. Let's find out how by taking a closer look at their features.


One of the main tasks of icons is, of course, to provide convenient navigation of a website or mobile application. Icons make it easier for users to find the information they need, thereby saving them time, which is very important.

Structuring Content 

The next important feature is the ability of icons to organize the flow of information by structuring all the content and breaking it into different sections and sub-items. Disorganization confuses users and makes them wander around the site vainly, looking for the information they need, making the site or application inconvenient. Order, on the contrary, improves usability.

Creating an Accent 

In addition, icons can highlight key points that you would like users to focus on. Thus, they are also a tool for creating accents and drawing attention to a piece of particular information. 

Stylish Appearance 

The last but not least important aspect is the design. Stylish minimalistic icons can significantly improve the site's appearance, adding some elegance and aesthetics to it.

System Customization 

Also, if you want your home screen to stand out, you can change your app icons to custom ones. Make your device more unique by installing attractive icons on it. 

Mobile Icons Types

The types of mobile icons include:

  • Internet Safety & Security Icons;
  • Battery Icons;
  • Multimedia Icons;
  • iOS Icon Sets;
  • Layout Icon Sets;
  • Phone & Calling Icons;
  • Cloud Icons;
  • Computer & Files Icons;
  • Device Responsive Icons;
  • Basic Ui Icons;
  • File & Folder Icons;
  • Emoji Icon Sets;
  • Smartphone Icons;
  • Mobile Function Icons;
  • Contact Us Icons;
  • Digital Device & Technology Icons;
  • Home Appliance Icons;
  • Mobile Applications Icon Sets; 
  • Web Icons.

Icon Formats

There are such icon formats:

  • EPS;
  • SVG;
  • AI;
  • PNG;
  • CDR;
  • TXT;
  • ICO;
  • JPG;
  • PSD.

Where to Get Mobile Icons

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Mobile Icons FAQ

How to Create an Animation?

To create simple animations, you can use Adobe Photoshop, but it is better to use programs such as Adobe After Effects or Animate for more complex ones.

How to Create or Edit an Icon?

If you want to create icons yourself from scratch or customize downloaded ones, you can use such a multifunctional graphic editor as Adobe Illustrator. However, mastering the program and its tools can take some time. Various tutorial videos can help you with this.

How to Convert PNG to ICO?

To quickly convert an image format to an icon format, you can use free online services such as ICOConvert, Icoconverter, Iconj, etc. Some of them also allow you to save a set of icons of different sizes to cloud storage.

What Icon Format to Choose?

In the case of icons, it is preferable to choose vector formats like SVG and Al since the vector is easy to edit and can be scaled without any quality loss.

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