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Big Titles for Epic Trailers with 3 Styles After Effects Template

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Short description:

Big Titles for Epic Trailers with 3 Styles


The template is organized into three folders:


- 1 Edit: This folder contains editable compositions, including the Top-level '- Edit' comp that you can drag into your master composition. Then you can select this composition as a layer, the Properties Panel will show the Editable Properties with Essential Graphics.

- 2 Assets: This folder contains the required assets for the template, but they're not necessary for editing.

- 3 Render: This folder contains the Top-level '- Edit' composition that's ready for export and pre-composed with the Essential Properties. Click the '- Edit' composition to access the Properties Panel and edit the template.

Note: Essential Properties in After Effects eliminate the need to duplicate compositions in the project panel for property changes. Simply duplicate them in the timeline or drag into the master composition and edit it with the properties panel. 

The template's editable properties include:


Style: Choose between 3 visual styles

Text Controls: Adjust text input and properties from the properties panel. 

Color: Adjust colors of the text, particles, lighting effects, and background. 

Adjusting Timing & Speed:


- Stretch the composition to speed up the animation.

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