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IT Social Media Templates To Improve Your Profile

Do you provide website development, programming, and plugin creation services, or do you have a technology school? You have a great opportunity to find more customers using networks. You can create a brand and promote activity. Try IT social media templates to save time and costs. Also, you can develop a unique and harmonious visual of the account. In this article, we talk about ready-made layouts for this purpose.

What is an IT Social Media Template?

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitch have millions of users. And the amount of content generated is surprising. If you would like to be always in trend, you should post news, images, stories, etc. It requires a lot of resources: photograph the content, make a design, write a post, run an advertisement, etc. To save time, we recommend using ready-made layouts. They are easy to edit and adapt to style and needs. A ready-made skin is like a frame for your post, story, advertisement, etc. Usually, it is in .png format, meaning there is a transparent background. It allows you to insert an additional photo or other visual elements.

IT Social Media Templates from MonsterOne Subscription

If you want to download different designs for free and use them without any time limit, then a MonsterOne subscription is for you. To choose IT Social Media Templates, you sign up for any plan. We will advise you which one will be the most profitable for business.


This option has a monthly and annual period of use. It means that you will be able to download items during this time. The plan includes all elements related to graphics. If you are a designer or SMM specialist or run a blog, it is the best choice for you without extra costs.

  • Graphic & Design assets (PSD files, logos, corporate identity themes, illustrations, icons, fonts, etc.)
  • Presentation layouts (PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides)
  • Video & Audio Assets (stock video, After Effects themes, motion graphics, sound effects)
  • 3D Models (VR / AR, animation, games, and other 3D projects)
  • 1-year Product Support
  • 1-year General Assistance
  • Unlimited Projects


This plan will be the best choice for developers because it includes many ready-made website skins.

  • Graphic & Design Assets
  • Presentation layouts
  • WordPress, CMS, and HTML Themes (HTML and leading CMSs, such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
  • E-commerce Themes (WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, and others)
  • Plugins
  • Video & Audio Assets
  • 3D Models
  • 1-year Product Support
  • 1-year General Assistance
  • Unlimited Projects

To find the necessary topic, use the tags on the left panel: Marketing, Food, Tasty food, Restaurant theme, Food, and drink, Instagram, Agency, Digital, Discount, Maintenance, etc.

Pay attention to the type of layout with size-appropriate specifications. It is critical because you can use some items for stories and others for posts.

  • Promotion: Such elements have universal sizes, and the design corresponds to the theme of the advertisement, offer, or call-to-action. They are bright, have animated components, and have a bright font, and you can insert the necessary photo with the product or service.
  • Banner: Such skins will suit you if you have a channel on YouTube or Facebook. You can use this as your profile cover. In this case, the account will visually differ from your competitors and convey emotion and association with your brand.

Five Ways to Improve IT Social Networks

Visual content is the most critical influence element on the audience for networks. You should share high-quality and bright graphics. So these will emphasize your brand to get an audience and follow-up visits. Pay attention to these five steps that help you create the best visual among the competition.

  1. Choose minimalist designs: You and the team should define the brand colors. We recommend using two or three. A post, story, or banner should have clear text and images. You should not overload the visual with various elements to not distract from the main point.
  2. Technical requirements: Pay attention to the size of the image. If you want to create a post, choose the square format. 9:16 is suitable for stories. And if you need to design a cover or a banner, you can choose the universal required size.
  3. Add branded elements: If you have a logo or specific graphic signs that distinguish you from others, then be sure to add them to the content. It can also be conceptual themes, effects, melody, style, etc.
  4. Highlight important text: The title of the post should be readable. The follower sees it in the image, goes to the text, and gets to know your product, service, etc. It is necessary to pay attention to the secondary message as well. Do not write long and complex sentences. It is better to include the most critical details in the information and use emojis if they are relevant to the content.
  5. Call-to-action: It is a message that forces the reader to take action: call, leave contacts, buy now, win a prize, etc. In this way, you speed up the conversion rate of the sale, and you can also track the conversions of the links you leave.

How to Edit IT Social Media Template Video

Do you want to learn more about how marketing works? We have prepared a video about it for you. You will also learn how to create the perfect layout for your profile. Follow this link and enjoy watching.

IT Social Media Template Frequent Questions

How to choose it social media template?

Choose PNG, PDF, or PSD format. The background should be transparent so that you can insert a product image or photo. Pay attention to the possibility of customizing the layout. You can select colors that match the brand, or the skin should be able to change the palette. You should determine the size of the post, banner, cover, or story; and select an item with the appropriate format. All fonts and frames have contrasting colors, so the critical information stands out against the background.

What reasons to use it social media template?

Ready-made layouts help to preserve the unique and unified style of the composition of the profile. Also, you save time on the development of design and ideas, as well as on the creation of photo content. If you operate ready themes, it is cheaper than using the services of an SMM specialist and designer. Also, you edit the template to suit your needs, thus making it unique. It is possible to use one item for several purposes if you correctly change the format of the final result. The number of views and visits to the account is guaranteed to increase because you present information in a structured and understandable way.

What kinds of IT social media templates can you find?

The first of them are images of posts. You use it as an image for a blog post or other text. Usually, it has a square format. Then take a glance at history items. This product has the appropriate dimensions for a rectangle (please note the technical requirements of Instagram, Facebook, etc.). Poll type of content to increase followers' involvement in actions in the account. It is a game or quiz format. It should have a background, images, animations, and space for text. Cover and banners kind are ideal for advertising and informing potential customers about the service. You operate this design on freelance platforms. Profile caps are a perfect option if you have a Facebook or YouTube channel. You decorate the appearance of the profile.

How to get it social media template from MonsterONE?

Choose the plan you need to download items for free. For example, CREATIVE or ALL-IN-ONE will suit you. After paying for the package, register on the MonsterOne website and download any product.

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