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Ready-Made Gaming Social Media Templates from MonsterONE

Platforms for keeping in touch are relevant for any field. It is significant for a gamer. The online industry is currently at its peak in popularity. Many of its representatives run streams, blogs, and promos, utilizing gaming social media templates, to increase the rating of their account. This field of activity has its differences in visual and speech style. This new niche is where you get fans and earn extra money.

Gaming Social Media Templates Meaning 

Visual content is the most critical component of blogging. If you have a brand or present your own life, and streams, you need to take care of attractive and harmonious graphics on your page. You can contact an SMM specialist or start working on this task yourself. But agree that sometimes there is no time or additional funds for this. Therefore, we recommend using ready-made gaming templates. So you will focus on new ideas, marketing strategies, and your business. This layout is an element that looks like a specific frame in which you insert a photo of yourself or your service. Thus, as a result, you get a stylized image that improves the visuals of your profile, preserves the colors and fonts, and emphasizes the concept.

Social Networks for Gaming Industry

It is not true that guys do not like to communicate. These are the most people on the Internet. Playing together and having a team is much more fun. That is why there are many networks in the entertainment industry.

  1. Reddit: It is the most famous platform for communication in the online entertainment field. There is a concept of subreddits here. So you create and manage it. Everyone has a moderator, and the quality depends on it.
  2. Steam: This platform provides the ability to download applications, but above all, it is a network. There is a community here for every app. You follow streams, participate in chat, create characters, share screenshots, and write tutorials.
  3. Twitch: It is a revolution in platform development for the entertainment industry. So it is a video site where you stream sessions in real-time. And each stream has an online chat, similar to YouTube. You find friends, chat, send emojis, and upload your items.
  4. Xfire: The functionality of the program is extensive. The client can find servers for entertainment, communicate with friends in text and voice formats, download updates, publish them on the Internet, etc. Once installed, Xfire scans your PC for entertainment apps, tracks your activity, and posts information to websites. Features complement the blog, forum, the clan system, and also introduce contests.

How to Choose Social Media Templates

Before deciding on a choice, we recommend reviewing the critical graphic elements that affect the success of your profile.

  1. Stick to minimalism: Newbies think that many elements will create an unforgettable visual. But in fact, it overloads the appearance; and it is difficult to work with such graphics. It is better to use several colors and basic details. It will create a complete picture.
  2. Determine the technical features of the image size: If you've created a great cover for Facebook, it won't work for YouTube or Instagram because they have different sizes.
  3. Pay attention to the brand: Your graphics are an extension of your company's corporate identity or profile. Also, pay attention to the cyberpunk style. It is very relevant to the entertainment industry. Try to make it unique, but pay attention to the niche.
  4. Select the text: For your subscriber to read your post, you should draw attention to it with a good picture. Transfer the title to the image and use a catchy phrase and a nice font.

Kinds of Gaming Social Media Templates

We have divided the layouts into several thematic groups by purpose so that it is easier to navigate in the search for the necessary option. All have specifications regarding the size. Consider it if you want to use one skin for multiple purposes or platforms.

Images of posts

This category mostly has a square format. Pay attention to the Instagram profile. When you view the account, you see the first nine photos. They have the same size. If you upload pictures in a rectangular shape, the system will automatically crop them. Consider it if you have text or a frame. Make sure that all information is displayed correctly.


The functionality of stories is present in many online platforms: Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. All of them rhyme with the 9:16 format. If the image is smaller, then leave a space on the canvas. It spoils the visual or cuts off some of the information.


It is an interactive story or post. It includes pictures, backgrounds, fonts, graphics, charts, animations, buttons, etc. It is currently one of the most effective methods for engaging your audience with your brand. You conduct interesting surveys, quizzes, and riddles; and thus collect the information you need for your business strategy.

Cover and banners

Ready-made pictures are sometimes needed to draw attention to offers, discounts, or giveaways. You need to choose a good background with the possibility of inserting a service or product image and a bright font. Such files should be technically adaptable since you can use them on the site, as part of a picture, or for other purposes.

Profile caps

These are relevant items for Facebook or YouTube. Some online platforms can insert a nice background image, which usually has the format of a horizontal rectangle. It emphasizes the mood and emotion of your profile. You add graphic elements, animations, and fonts to the picture.

Gaming Social Media Templates from MonsterONE

If you want unlimited downloads of gaming social media templates, you should choose the MonsterONE subscription plan. It has three main packages that include different assortments from the TemplateMonster marketplace. It will be helpful for developers, designers, SMM specialists, and users.


This package has an expiration date of one month or one year. This includes:

  • Graphic & Design assets (PSD files, logos, corporate identity themes, illustrations, icons, fonts, etc.)
  • Presentation layouts (PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides)
  • Video & Audio Assets (stock video, After Effects themes, motion graphics, sound effects)
  • 3D Models (VR / AR, animation, and other 3D projects)
  • 1-year Product Support
  • 1-year General Assistance
  • Unlimited Projects


This plan is ideal for those who dabble in website development and design. You choose a term of use for a year or life. This package has the following items:

  • Graphic & Design Assets
  • Presentation layouts
  • WordPress, CMS, and HTML Themes (HTML and leading CMSs, such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
  • E-commerce Themes (WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, and others)
  • Plugins
  • Video & Audio Assets
  • 3D Models
  • 1-year Product Support
  • 1-year General Assistance
  • Unlimited Projects

Any plans have no restrictions on the use of items after download.

With the help of tags, you find the necessary option to promote your profile.

  • Promotion: The designs have different formats but keep the cyberpunk style. They are bright, have stylish fonts, and have futuristic elements. The author displays the main inscription to draw the reader's attention to important information. You also insert your photo or product. 
  • Banner: Such options are multi-purpose and have different formats. You choose a rectangular, square, horizontal, or vertical shape. It depends on the purpose of use: site, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Software for Gaming Social Media Templates Editing (200)

There are many softwares for editing graphics. If you want to use templates for platforms, you edit them according to your needs. In this case, it is better to use a vector, as you can scale it without losing quality. MonsterONE products have PDF, PSD, and PNG extensions. Choose the following programs:

Adobe Illustrator

It is an editor designed to create vector images for various purposes: logos, icons, layouts, etc. It includes the following set of core features:

  • Preparation of the skin for printing
  • Layout and text editing
  • Image tracing
  • Creation of primitive and complex geometry
  • Applying effects: shadows, deformations, contours, etc
  • Drawing with a pen or brush, as well as creating them from scratch
  • Work with color and gradient
  • Creating presentations

Adobe Photoshop

It is a multifunctional editor that designers use to work with photos and videos. It has such functionality:

  • Improving the quality of pictures
  • Elimination of color transfer defects
  • Deletion of a multi-layered image
  • Montage of pictures in a collage
  • Restoration of old paintings
  • Retouch photos
  • Tools for processing fonts, filters, and effects
  • Processing 2D and 3D models, adding textures and shapes
  • Work with standard formats of raster and vector 
  • Painting black and white pictures

How to Edit Gaming Social Media Templates Video

The TemplateMonster team has prepared a video for you about steps for increasing the number of followers on networks. Follow this link and enjoy.

Gaming Social Media Templates FAQ

How to get a gaming social media template from MonsterONE?

Choose the CREATIVE or ALL-IN-ONE plan. Enter your account details and billing details. Pay the subscription and go through the verification stage. Determine which design suits you best. Upload it to your account. You receive a link to install the product on your computer.

Why do you need gaming social media templates?

Utilizing specific post layouts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allows readers to quickly find relevant information amidst a stream of other posts. Additionally, adopting a distinctive style, like Ace, makes an account easily recognizable and encourages interaction from followers. By sticking to a consistent design concept through layouts, it becomes easier to create engaging sections and maintain a visually appealing account, even when lacking time or resources for new photo content.

How to customize gaming social media templates?

We recommend choosing editors that can customize vectors: Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

How to integrate a gaming social media template into profile?

Select the required layout. Make the necessary changes to your content in the graphic editor: add text, pictures, animations, effects, etc. Check the technical requirements for the post, banner, story, advertisement size, etc. Upload the result using a platform or software.

5 Best Gaming Social Media Templates 2024

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