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Stunning Hotel Social Media Templates - Download for Free on MonsterONE

The hotel business is a popular area teeming with new projects and unique offers. That is why entrepreneurs should quickly find modern ways to overcome competitors and take a leading position. One of these solutions is promotion through social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. The largest companies are active on their pages to ensure customer communication and introduce them to the best deals. Are you an SMM or content make-up team and receive frequent requests to fill the Instagram profiles with captivating posts and stories about the hotels or cottages? In that case, discover a tool to streamline your workflow: hotel social media templates.

Let's say you are a digital agency that processes and fulfills hundreds of orders. Building a website, maintaining a social media account, launching an advertising campaign - all these tasks lie on the fragile shoulders of your specialists. How to speed up their work and make it many times better? Of course, provide them with professional materials, including illustrations, logos, templates, etc. Buy each item separately or get everything at once for a free download with a subscription? The choice is obvious! If you are of the same opinion, then MonsterONE is at your service. With it, you pay once for a membership and have unlimited access to the best digital assets for your new projects. 

Want to learn more about this deal and social media themes? It's about time!

What Is Special about MonsterONE?

Most companies are still looking for the perfect platform that provides a wealth of solutions for their business at an affordable price. Considering all customers' requests, TemplateMonster offers an innovative service: MonsterONE membership. It is a special deal with more than 301,600 professional assets that cover all the needs of web studios, bloggers, and content makers. Need hotel social media templates or real estate website themes? All of these products are available for free download.

How does it work? Everything is straightforward: you join a subscription on one of the three plans and receive all the assets from the selected package. It's much more cost-effective than buying each template separately, as you don't have to pay extra for a commercial license and other items. What other benefits do you receive with ONE? Here are a few of them:

  • Affordable price. Membership does not offer sky-high prices so that every customer can join a subscription without breaking the bank. The price starts from $7.4 per month. It is equal to drinking coffee in a cafe or using public transport. Unlike these two, ONE will be an invaluable investment in your career and will allow you to generate income.
  • A large assortment. This platform is a real treasure trove of professional assets and items. Here are website themes for various CMSs, plugins, logos, presentations, etc. For example, Monstroid2, one of the most popular and multifunctional templates, is also available with ONE subscription!
  • Regular updates. The range of the platform is regularly expanded and updated with new products. It means that you open professional and modern items at no additional cost.

MonsterONE Pricing Plans - Brief Overview

Let's start with the fact that ONE offers three tariffs with different content, duration, and features. They suit different budgets and needs. For example, start-up companies may not overpay for solutions they do not need since there is a special package for them. Which plan to choose if you want to download travel themes? The answer is simple: any of the available! These graphics are in all plans, so look at your other requirements and intentions.

What are the features of each of the pricing plans? Let's take a look:

  • Creative: Monthly & Annual. If you're a graphic designer looking for the latest and greatest design assets, the Creative pack is perfect for you. For just $7.40 a month with an annual license, you'll gain access to a massive library of logos, fonts, icons, illustrations, and more. Solutions for your promotional & advertising posts on Instagram or other platforms are here too!
  • All-in-One: Annual & Lifetime. If you are working on grandiose projects, you need a powerful toolkit to bring all your ideas to life. All-in-One is a real treasure in this case. With it, you access even more assets, including website themes and plugins. What's more, it includes the ultimate deal, a Lifetime subscription. Thus, for just a one-time payment of $529, you'll gain lifetime access to all the assets on the platform.
  • All-in-One Pro: Annual. If you are looking for something new and unique, meet the innovative package from MonsterONE. It is an advanced version of the previous offer, which on top of all items, includes access to Weblium and Draftium with other cool features. Also, you have a discount on exclusives from TemplateMonster.

Why Do Users Appreciate Hotel Social Media Templates?

These days, social media has become a powerful marketing engine that does a great job promoting a business. What is the reason for its effectiveness?

First, modern users spend most of their time on social networks. They enter their requests and look for the best shops, services, or hotels here. It means that the Instagram page significantly increases the recognition of your company and allows customers to get to know it. Moreover, a profile betrays credibility and helps you to develop a brand style. For example, by checking the number of subscribers, likes, and comments, clients can judge the number and activity of the hotel's clients.

And what is the role of social media layouts? Everything is simple! They allow you to construct unique & professional posts that grab clients' attention. Do you need to notify about discounts, give a gift to regular customers or provide a free weekend at the hotel? Download themes from the collection and do everything at the highest level! There is no doubt such posts or stories will turn out to be bright, eye-catching, and stand out in the feed. These templates have the following features:

  • modern design;
  • high quality;
  • fully customizable;
  • different options for colors and fonts;
  • commercial license;
  • reliable technical support;
  • unlimited free download.

How to Download Hotel & Apartments Social Media Themes for Free?

Are you excited about the possibilities of media layouts and want to receive the whole collection? It is the best choice because they help you to generate eye-catching ads, interactive stories, and engaging posts. The best part is that you have all these products for free download just by joining a membership. Do it in a few steps with short instructions. Follow these tips and enjoy the perfect results:

  • First, define your goals and intentions. Are you going to work with graphics and social media or launch entire websites with all the bells and whistles? Also, determine how long you plan to be in this business. All these details are needed to make a clear plan and move on.
  • Considering your tasks, choose the most suitable pricing plan. For example, the Creative pack is for you if you need travel agency logos and icons. If you are a large-scale web studio dealing with web resources, then it is better to choose All-in-One. In terms of duration, a lifetime is the most cost-effective option that provides unlimited access to all items.
  • Proceed to pay for your subscription. You may pay by card or PayPal. After activating the membership, you have unlimited access to solutions from your tariff.
  • How to choose the most appropriate item for your post or another project? In this case, it is crucial to determine the goals and the desired result. What kind of design do you need, and what is the brand style? After you decide on these issues, find a suitable layout and learn all the details. Read the description, try the demo, or view the image up close. 
  • If you are sure of your choice, download the template and build your stunning project. Repeat these steps completely free to download new themes.

10 Free Fonts For Your Creative Projects with Hotel Social Media Templates

Clean typography is one of the key elements that affect the readability of the text and the overall appeal of the entire project. Serif fonts, classic options, or something new - what to choose for a new post on Instagram? If you are looking for new ideas, this collection is for you. The video contains the best free fonts to decorate your designs in the best way. Follow the link and choose the perfect option!

Hotel Social Media Templates FAQ

What are hotel social media templates?

These are ready-made themes for designing posts, stories, and other social media elements. They allow you to announce discounts or showcase new rooms in your hotel most attractively.

May I change hotel social media templates?

Sure. Layouts are fully customizable, so you set the colors, fonts, and other details.

How to download hotel social media templates?

Everything is simple! Join the subscription and get access to download all themes.

How many hotel social media templates may I download from ONE?

As many as you need. Membership does not set limits, so you download unlimited items while the subscription is active.

The All-in-One Membership

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