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Social Media Beauty Templates for Professional Industry

In today's world, it is difficult to imagine life without networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We are on the border of the real and virtual worlds, where the cult of videos, photos, messengers, reposts, followers, etc. reigns. There is a marketing system that has one of the most effective advertising mechanisms. All brands try to win the audience with their product with a perfect visual effect on their profiles. Every network already has advertising tools and even graphic editors. TemplateMonster and its subscription project MonsterONE offer to get acquainted with social media beauty templates.

What Is Social Media Beauty Template

How many social platforms do you use, and how many do you know? Of course, these are Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and many others. They are improving the design and functionality of the interface, and users are finding new methods of encouraging the audience. To have a lot of followers and fans, you need to be online every day, follow the audience's musical and visual interests, and incorporate them into the content every day. It is especially critical if you have a service, a product, or you are a celebrity. But how to save time on the design of posts, stories, images, icons, and logos? For this, there are specific layouts that you operate multiple times for different content elements. They have such resources and images optimized for different sizes of social media elements. In this case, they are ideal for personalizing any content you publish. Most of these layouts include vector graphics, which means you can scale the graphics without losing the quality of the result. It will make it easier to adapt to your needs.

Kinds of Social Media Templates

All skins to improve the visual appearance of your content and profile are divided by purpose into several groups. After all, you operate the same element for different purposes. We suggest checking the following types of social media beauty templates.

Images of posts

You operate such options to attract your viewer's attention to read impressive information in your post. It usually has a main image where you insert your photo, also some relevant text with the title of your theme. It has a stylized format with good fonts and well-chosen colors.


It can be a beautiful background, gradient, animation, etc. You insert multiple photos or videos into the layout. Also, this format can include melody and text.


This type usually consists of graphs, scales, quizzes, etc. It is rare to find a skin with photos. Usually, it is a background with text and shapes.

Complete visual profile

It is a custom graphic that you operate for inspiration, color palettes, and ideas.

Cover and banners

This option is universal for many networks: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Fiverr, and others. It is how you present your video material or services on freelance platforms. It is an indispensable graphic image that perfectly combines your photo or your works, the name of the service, and a short description of your offer.

Profile caps

You will need this most often for YouTube and Facebook, where there is a background image for the page header. It has pictures and many small graphic elements or a minimalistic background. You can also often see names with nice fonts.

Reasons to Use Social Media Templates for Beauty Business

In the modern world of information space, the term Clip consciousness is often by ear. It is what you watch yourself when you scroll through your Instagram feed and quickly view photos. Is it possible to convey all the necessary information to your follower or potential client with just text or your image? Hardly.

Do you work in cosmetology, make-up, dermatology, or sell care and decorative cosmetics? You need to show the results before and after procedures, present new lipsticks and shadows, share the benefits of serums, etc. But how can you create enjoyable content for the viewer? How to offer the product and talk about its advantages? If you want to attract the reader to your profile, you should have an attractive visual design and an appropriate title that will interest the follower. It includes a custom design for social platforms. Why is it critical to use this element for your business?

  • Readers will easily find the necessary information with the help of an interactive image;
  • Your style, posts, and stories are easy to recognize among the stream of competitors;
  • You save money on an SMM specialist and time on constantly creating new designs;
  • It is easier to organize columns, polls, and quizzes and attract followers;
  • It saves content and your resources for its creation.

Social Media Beauty Templates from MonsterONE

Subscription is helpful for designers, developers, and users of online technologies. You download items for free and operate them for different projects. Subscriptions differ in terms of content and use among three main types.


This plan has monthly and annual rates. It is an ideal opportunity for any designer, as it has graphic layouts that you can edit using various programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, etc. It depends on the file you are using. So you get:


This package is the best choice for developers and designers. You save time on creating websites, stores, etc. All skins are editable as you get all resource files. The assortment of the plan includes:

  • Graphic & Design Assets
  • Presentation items
  • WordPress, CMS, and HTML Themes
  • E-commerce Themes
  • Plugins
  • Video & Audio Assets
  • 3D Models
  • 1-year Product Support
  • 1-year General Assistance
  • Unlimited Projects


This plan includes all the items that ALL-IN-ONE has for a year, but you get free access for life.

If you need to operate social media beauty templates, use the CREATIVE package. To navigate among many items, we recommend choosing the appropriate tags.

  • Banner: Here you choose the necessary cover or banner for your network page and YouTube channel: Tips Videos YouTube Thumbnails, Retro Style Instagram, Modern Beauty Barbershop LinkedIn Cover Photo, Cosmetics sale beauty products, etc.
  • Instagram post: If you want to draw the reader's attention to the description of your service or product, then pay attention to the layouts for posts: Spa and Beauty wellness, Fitness Gym, School Admission Black Background, etc.
  • Discount: It is critical to announce special offers clearly so that as many customers as possible see them. In this case, you earn a lot of money in a short period, as well as attract more subscribers and potential customers. Check out the following items: Beauty Salon and Spa Social, Skyap - Urban Instagram Post, Nature Skin Care Products Sale Banner, etc.

How to Edit Social Media Beauty Template

You can hire an SMM specialist to customize or edit the visual content on your profile. But the TemplateMonster team has prepared tutorials for you about it. So follow the link and enjoy watching.

Social Media Beauty Templates FAQ

How to choose social media beauty templates?

You should pay attention to the technical indicators of the item.
- The image size should be square 1080 by 1080 pixels, or 1920 by 1920. In the profile, the picture will be of this shape. If you have a portrait format of 1080 by 1350 or 1920 by 2400 pixels, then the photo card in the account will automatically adjust to a square.
- You should be able to edit the layout. Add your signature elements, change the color, or choose the font you want.
- Pay attention to the variability and multifunctionality of the item. Save the result, share it on different platforms, and add animations for interactivity and uniqueness.

How to get a social media beauty template from MonsterONE?

Choose the CREATIVE or ALL-IN-ONE package. Register an account. Go to the collection and select a product. Download it and operate it for your business.

Is it possible to edit social media beauty templates from MonsterONE?

Yes, you can edit all images and their elements.

What software can you use for social media beauty templates?

Use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Spark, etc.

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