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WordPress School Themes

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WordPress 165
WordPress Themes 165
School 165
Elementor Website Builder 134
Gutenberg Editor 18
Cherry Framework 5 11
WPBakery Page Builder 7
Visual Composer 6
WordPress Customizer API 6
Responsive 149
Blog 127
Dropdown Menu 118
Google map 118
Advanced Theme Options 116
Admin Panel 111
Sample content 96
Website Builder 96
Gallery 93
Drag and Drop Content 89
Retina Ready 87
Mobile Layout Included 82
Performance Optimization 75
Bootstrap 69
JQuery 65
Portfolio 63
Multipurpose 56
HTML 5 53
One click installation 49
Parallax 44
Ajax 43
Background video 35
Lazy Load effect 34
Tabs 33
Forum 32
eCommerce 28
HTML plus JS 25
Completely JS 22
MegaMenu 22
One Page Templates 18
Online Store/Shop 13
Canvas Animation 12
Right to left language support 12
Quickstart Package 10
Power Page Builder 7
Static 6
Themes Bundle 6
CV 5
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 5
j2store 5
Dropshipping 2
Sliced PSD 1
Novi Builder 1
One Click Checkout 1
MailChimp 117
Revolution Slider 76
WooCommerce 71
Ecwid 70
Booked 46
LearnPress 46
Polylang 34
6.5.x 11
6.4.x 73
6.3.x 93
6.2.x 105
6.1.x 106
6.0.x 108
5.9.x 85
5.8.x 77
5.7.x 77
5.6.x 91
5.5.x 60
5.4.x 49
5.3.x 17
5.2.x 11
5.1.x 9
5.0.x 5
5.0 5
4.9.x 11
4.8.x 1
4.7.x 6
4.6.x 3
8.7.x 5
8.6.x 15
8.5.x 19
8.4.x 24
8.3.x 28
8.2.x 31
8.1.x 28
8.0.x 39
7.9.x 34
7.8.x 30
7.7.x 31
7.6.x 34
7.5.x 25
7.4.x 23
7.3.x 21
7.2.x 20
7.1.x 17
7.0.x 19
6.9.x 13
6.8.x 16
6.7.x 10
6.6.x 8
6.5.x 11
6.4.x 8
6.3.x 10
6.2.x 8
6.1.x 10
6.0.x 8
5.9.x 7
5.8.x 7
5.7.x 6
5.6.x 8
5.5.x 7
5.4.x 5
5.3.x 4
5.2.x 4
5.1.x 3
5.0.x 3
4.9.x 2
4.8.x 2
4.7.x 2
4.6.x 1
4.5.x 1
4.4.x 1
4.3.x 1
4.2.x 11
4.1.x 1
4.0.x 1
3.5.x 1
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WordPress School Themes

Anyone can create websites in the modern world. And for this, you don’t need to be a programmer and code the site from scratch. And you don’t need to be a designer either. Of course, if you have these skills, you can make your site unique and adjusted to your requirements. On the other hand, there are much easier ways to create an educational site. In particular, using WordPress School Themes, this CMS is heavily adapted to various users’ needs, including beginners.

Why would you need WordPress School Themes?

  • They are easy to learn and operate. Templates for other systems are much more challenging to master. WordPress School Themes work as balanced solutions that combine powerful functionality with beautiful design concepts and extreme ease of use. Their simplicity is also enhanced by the massive community of people specialized in working with the WP platform. It’s unnecessary to have excellent skills to work with WordPress themes, mainly to install and configure them and work with their content. Rest assured that WordPress School Themes are precisely the solutions you’ve been looking for so long to get rid of the need to use web developers’ services.
  • The flexibility of design. If you opt for WordPress School Themes, you will get tremendous freedom of choice and simplicity because you would create hundreds of different sites using each of the themes. It means that the likelihood of getting a unique website that will not be similar to others will be significantly higher. The same story is with plugins installed on a finished site and allows you to expand its functionality. For example, you can add beautiful slideshows, integrate online payments, or add a form to collect new subscribers.
  • Versatility. This point is inextricably linked with the previous one. Of course, the topics could be combined, but we would like to draw your attention to this particular advantage. Despite its initial focus on blogs, the WordPress platform had long turned into a flexible system over the years of its existence. On its basis, you can create a blog and a magazine and a corporate website, forum, portfolio, social network, and even an online store. And, of course, a school website. Moreover, on a single website, you can combine several functions at your discretion. There are many themes for such applications. It’s just advisable to immediately clarify their compatibility with specific plugins if you use any.
  • SEO and security. Right after the installation, WordPress School Themes will allow you to experience what SEO optimization is. First, the themes are designed with truly high-quality code that can be customized. And every premium WP theme is created following all the requirements and web development trends. The built-in SEO options are quite extensive, although you can complement them with free and paid plugins like All-In-One SEO. You can add several keywords and see the frequency of using the same words and phrases. The WordPress system itself is regularly updated, so you will always receive notifications when entering your admin panel. Updates help improve the security of the site, but you should also use additional solutions for that. To enhance the security of your WordPress theme, you can use a vast number of specialized plugins. For example, premium plugins protect your site from spam, viruses, and hacking, which will be especially important when your site’s audience begins to grow.

WordPress School Themes Main Features

  • Premium design. It is the main advantage of WordPress School Themes. Their interface not only looks fantastic and rich but also works smoothly. You can check it yourself through the demo preview function before purchasing. By the way, with WordPress, you will have a wide selection of premium themes for various uses except educational. It is one of the main features of this platform. Be sure to check the demo on the mobile device to make sure that it’s responsive.
  • Functionality. Another WordPress School Themes’ feature is the support for many plugins, add-ons, and extensions. A modern educational website needs to have a full set of functions for promotion, SEO optimization, speeding up the work, and simplifying site-building. Some of the themes not only support but also include many premium plugins. In particular, plugins for web development and slider plugins. It means you don’t have to pay extra for them. For most of our themes, the developers also provide ready-made demo versions for various uses with different layouts. This feature will help you speed up the entire process, giving you more time to promote. With all this, it’s essential to maintain a balance between functionality and speed. For those who only need basic features and for whom page load speed is in the first place, it’s better to choose a theme with a minimal set of features and a simple, elegant design. It, at the same time, will be compatible with numerous plugins.
  • Regular updates, detailed documentation, and low cost. What are the best website templates? Those that are regularly updated have detailed documentation, including graphic design, and an affordable price. Regular updates are essential in terms of security supporting a large number of new features and capabilities. Our developers approach the updating process responsibly and always delight their users with new features. To make it easier for you, we’ve prepared a selection of the best WordPress School Themes based on which you can create a high-quality educational website. All of them are included in the list of top-rated and best-selling themes on TM.

Subscription And All Its Features

We have collected the best in a single subscription. One includes a collection of templates for OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify, Joomla, and Magento. The subscription also provides unlimited access to an array of WordPress and WooCommerce templates to suit any purpose and project. One includes a wide selection of HTML5 templates, themes for landing pages, email newsletters, and other purposes. The number of templates is continually growing and is updated with new high-quality products, each of them is checked and tested carefully before being added to the marketplace storefront. We are continuously working on expanding the range of products and working closely with our customers. Recently we’ve added graphics, icons, fonts, presentations, and pictures not to need to use other services. And this year, we’ve also added new types of audio, video, and 3D graphics products. Everyone who has a subscription can download products without any restrictions and additional payments, come and download new products at any time.

WordPress School Themes FAQ

How to make a good WordPress School site?

There are four steps:
1. Buy domain and hosting.
2. Install WordPress.
3. Choose and buy a theme.
4. Install the theme and customize it.

Are there discounts and offers for partners?

We regularly negotiate with other famous companies and try to choose favorable conditions and deals for our community. So, any user can get discounts on hosting and services.

How to choose a platform for a school website?

There are many CMS platforms out there, but the most popular are also the best. The most famous in the world, which powers more than 30% of all existing sites and 50% of sites built on CMS, is WordPress. Drupal and Joomla have their peculiarities, but WordPress is more than ahead of them due to work and development simplicity. The statistics confirm it. Although only WordPress offers the ability to create a free website on free hosting. Besides, mastering Drupal and Joomla principles is not as easy as it is with WordPress. You will either have to hire a specialist or take courses or spend time on self-study. WordPress is also adapted initially for beginners. It’s focused on building websites. With it, any projects and ideas will be within your reach.

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