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Best Property WordPress Themes For Rental And Building Company

Is your business related to the sale or rental of housing, improvement of conditions, or repair? Then, appreciate the selection of products above. Such a design creates real magic with your site. After all, the sections get a new look immediately after the installation. At the same time, the appearance of the pages becomes stunning and convenient for viewing. People would like to repeatedly review information about a construction firm or real estate agency. The audience watches and starts choosing the interior and exterior. All this is possible with our fantastic property WordPress themes. Need to decide on the tariff you want to purchase on MonsterOne? Be sure to select the option allowing you to download the design for the website!

Who Needs Property Listing WordPress Themes

The list of potential audiences is quite extensive. Among the members of our club are companies and advertising agencies. The last ones buy ready-made templates to create stunning projects for their clients. This cooperation is very beneficial when you can download unlimited graphics within your chosen tariff framework. Therefore, marketing, advertising, and PR firms often use MonsterOne.

Contractors also become members of our club. Let's define an approximate list of the potential audiences that benefit from the above designs:

  • Sale and rent of real estate.
  • Construction firms.
  • Interior designers.
  • Furniture and decor.
  • Sellers of construction materials.
  • Rental of a crane, excavator, and other equipment.
  • Repair crews.
  • Developers.

Do you offer real estate or options for improving it? Use the goods above. They'll help improve your site!

Advantages Of Property WordPress Themes

After watching a few demos of the products above, you see the appearance, what blocks the web developers have added to the pages, and how you may present your housing business to the public. However, there is also a list of features in the filter on the left. What is this? It's improvements to help you appeal to the audience even more, make your brand recognizable, and increase the number of views on different devices. We have defined several functions below. Read them, please, and determine which characteristics are most valuable to you.


Almost all layouts on MonsterOne are adaptive for different devices. This addition allows you to offer services to smartphone and tablet users actively.

What advantages do users receive:

  • Increase in visitors from smartphones.
  • People may comfortably read the exciting descriptions of the house and learn about the bedrooms and bathrooms. A person copy and paste your phone number from the Contact page on the website, and call immediately.

The page's appearance may change when visitors open it on different devices. For example, the callback form or contact with the real estate sales manager becomes more visible. In this way, it's easier for potential buyers to contact and ask questions about the terms of installments or to schedule a time to view the home.


A separate layout for this section helps you tell important company news or give advice on how to choose an apartment. Write articles about repairs, which finishing materials are best to select, matching colors, and other important nuances of interior design.

Use the beautiful section and our property rental WordPress theme in two convenient ways:

  • Development of SEO promotion.
  • Writing interesting materials for people.

In the first case, it's better to consult with specialists. The SEO manager will tell you what words to include in the texts and what makes the article valuable from the point of view of Google and similar systems.

The second option is to write materials that competitors don't have. For example, discuss the advantages of planning your apartments, how to use light in rooms, and where to install lamps. Then, readers see how amazingly cozy the interior can be. They may want to see a flat and ask for a meeting.


The feature allows you to sell goods online. This function is essential for manufacturers or online stores of furniture, decorative materials, goods for the garden, and other important little things.

You'll also find products with a built-in online store on our site. However, these two features are similar but different. eCommerce gives you more opportunities to attract a new audience and those looking for apartments or office space. With the help of extensions, you can integrate with other trading platforms and offer your decorative items, the services of a notary, or a lawyer helping with the division of jointly acquired real estate.

At the same time, the function is equally valuable for sellers of goods and services. Some people like to order and pay online to save time. Give the potential audience an opportunity, and start selling your apartments today!

Retina Ready

Many gadgets today are equipped with a unique screen with increased pixel density. Expensive smartphones and tablets have such a spare part in the device. Accordingly, the potential audience that buys such goods is solvent. These are the kind of people you need. Adapt your website to similar types of screens. Buy a property management WordPress theme with this feature.

What advantages do you get:

  • Coverage of the solvent audience. People with an average and above-average income often buy Apple gadgets. Such an audience may afford to order expensive furniture or purchase a house by the sea. They are what you need!
  • Expansion of the potential audience. Gadget users won't be able to explore a site that isn't adapted fully. After all, the pictures are hidden. The photo gives the visitor a clear example of the future interior, where a new house stands, or the beauty of built-in furniture.


Property WordPress themes have such pluses as professionalism, high quality, and well-thought-out structure. There are also universal options many members of the MonsterOne club may like. Look for this feature to get a simple and stylish appearance.

What are the main features of this look:

  • Laconic design. Restraint plays a significant role because it brings your interior to the fore.
  • A maximum of three or four colors. Are you selling small cottages on the coast? Try options in the style of a marine theme. Do you offer expensive apartments in the center of the capital? It's better to download a layout in gray or neutral beige shades.
  • Straight lines and laconicism. Modern design stays in fashion for a long time. After all, a similar appearance sells well and is still in trend.
  • Neutral and adaptive layout. Many businesses will find it attractive — all thanks to the availability of standard blocks that every business should have. Adding pictures with a furnished exterior, elegant room decoration, and a developed infrastructure to your pages immediately attracts attention to your offer and the company.

The main thing is to follow your style and look for a similar one among our products. It's possible to create a unique and extraordinary brand with our templates.

See the product description to learn more about their features.

Video Manual For Quick Installation Of The Template

Follow the tips, and do everything yourself. Subscribe to the channel. This link helps you find helpful information about creating a cool online project.

Property WordPress Themes FAQ

How to choose a suitable layout?

Please watch the demo. After all, this is the only way to discover how your site will change. Also, read the description and realize other advantages of the design.

Is it possible to redact designs from MonsterOne?

Configure the goods above as you see fit. Edit to achieve the desired result.

How to configure property WordPress themes?

Receive the product after clicking the download buttons. The archive also contains essential documentation. The installation processes are described in these manuals. Follow the instructions or order the service from our specialists using the link.

Is there support for property WordPress themes?

Yes. It is the author's responsibility to resolve any functional errors that may occur. If you subscribe to the Lifetime or Annual subscription package, you will receive lifetime or 1-year support.

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