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Medium style WordPress Themes

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WordPress 65
WordPress Themes 65
Medium style 65
Elementor Website Builder 57
Gutenberg Editor 8
Cherry Framework 5 4
WPBakery Page Builder 3
Visual Composer 2
Beaver Builder 1
WordPress Customizer API 1
Responsive 61
Blog 56
Admin Panel 55
Website Builder 50
Retina Ready 48
Sample content 47
Advanced Theme Options 44
Dropdown Menu 43
Google map 38
Performance Optimization 37
Gallery 24
Drag and Drop Content 23
Mobile Layout Included 20
Multipurpose 19
Portfolio 19
One click installation 19
HTML 5 15
Bootstrap 12
Parallax 12
JQuery 11
Tabs 9
Forum 9
Ajax 8
Online Store/Shop 8
eCommerce 8
MegaMenu 6
Lazy Load effect 5
One Page Templates 5
Background video 5
Themes Bundle 5
HTML plus JS 3
Quickstart Package 3
Static 2
Right to left language support 2
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 2
Sliced PSD 1
Canvas Animation 1
Dropshipping 1
One Click Checkout 1
MailChimp 56
Ecwid 41
Revolution Slider 18
WooCommerce 15
Polylang 13
LearnPress 9
Booked 5
6.5.x 6
6.4.x 25
6.3.x 24
6.2.x 25
6.1.x 26
6.0.x 30
5.9.x 23
5.8.x 24
5.7.x 21
5.6.x 47
5.5.x 20
5.4.x 24
5.3.x 6
5.2.x 6
5.1.x 6
5.0.x 2
5.0 8
4.9.x 4
4.7.x 1
4.6.x 1
4.5.x 1
4.4.x 1
8.7.x 6
8.6.x 8
8.5.x 10
8.4.x 11
8.3.x 11
8.2.x 11
8.1.x 11
8.0.x 11
7.9.x 9
7.8.x 8
7.7.x 8
7.6.x 8
7.5.x 8
7.4.x 7
7.3.x 7
7.2.x 5
7.1.x 5
7.0.x 4
6.9.x 1
6.8.x 2
6.7.x 2
6.6.x 3
6.5.x 4
6.4.x 4
6.3.x 3
6.2.x 2
6.1.x 2
6.0.x 2
5.9.x 2
5.8.x 1
5.7.x 1
4.2.x 8
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Best Medium Style WordPress Themes To Tell Your Story

We are happy to present exceptional designs that can affect your business. Their strict, precise, and restrained appearance allows the company to publish posts, text content, and bloggers to develop. Your CMS has almost unlimited features for creating projects of varying complexity. At the same time, our collection of medium style WordPress themes, with the help of a particular look, emphasizes the essential thoughts you are trying to convey to the audience. Therefore, if you plan to upload a lot of text content and need to learn how to present it correctly, consult our library for a suitable template!

Who Needs Medium Style WordPress Themes

First, MonsterOne offers visitors different layouts to make the site unique. A beautiful design is helpful for any activity.

Secondly, the above collection will best decorate a blog, a news resource, email services, online magazines and newspapers, and social networks for communication.

Thirdly, the examples of goods above are perfectly compatible with any firm that aims to inform the public. These may be charitable organizations, famous people who want to share their observations, or state institutions. Our most frequent clients are types of activity where textual content prevails over graphic content.

Advantages Of Medium Style WordPress Themes

Having a unique appearance is excellent. After all, it was precisely for the sake of the new design you came to MonsterOne. However, we are happy to announce the layouts have extended functionality and many features. New technologies and programs made creating a multi-functional product worthy of attention possible. Please see some of the benefits below. The information will help you in your search. List the features you want and look for them in the description.


Page layouts are flexible and, therefore, able to adapt to gadgets of any size. This point allows you to cover a larger audience, including users of smartphones and tablets.

Admin Panel

Get a simple and convenient dashboard! Enter data about your potential clients or audience. Save the database so it may be developed later with the help of different advertising channels.


This part is one of the most essential for your business. How you submit articles depends on the percentage of readers who read them.

Retina Ready

It's another feature that allows adaptation to devices with increased pixel density. Among such gadgets are Apple and Samsung smartphones and laptops. More manufacturers are putting similar technological screens. Therefore, your sections must be adapted to them if you want to maintain the quality of the pictures.

Sample content

Your primary work consists of adding articles and other information. Examples of uploaded short descriptions from the web developer help to find areas in the layout where you must upload new texts (articles, reviews, descriptions, titles, etc.)

Dropdown Menu

Stylish and modern, it simplifies the search for information on the site. Also, the block is an essential decorative part of the site. After all, it's at the bottom of the page in the most visible place.

Google Maps

Do you want your business people to take you seriously? Show you are open to live communication. Specify the location of the office in the contact section. Let people see that the company has an offline zone where you can meet with a live representative.


Despite the relevance of the texts in your profession, photos beautify the page's appearance. Therefore, a layout for this section helps you present the images beautifully to the viewer.

Interesting Video About A Site For A Small Business

Want to know secrets and tips? Rely on the opinion of professionals. Watch the material, and be sure to subscribe!

Medium Style WordPress Themes FAQ

How to choose medium style WordPress themes?

Learning such goods in as much detail as possible is better before choosing. Look at the demo from different angles. Evaluate the appearance and structure of sections, animation, and other visual special effects. Then, read the description, check the compatibility with your version of CMS, buy the tariff, and download.

Can I edit templates from MonsterOne?

You may and should do it. After all, you undoubtedly have your wishes regarding the font and other settings.

How to edit medium style WordPress themes?

Take the instructions you received by email after downloading the product. Open the settings and try to select it. Then, try to edit. If you cannot do it or need help, order additional services from us on the website by following the link.

Is there support for graphics from MonsterOne?

Yes. The company managers who created the product provide services quickly and qualitatively.

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