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WordPress Pets & Animals Themes

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Pets WordPress Themes for Animal Lovers

With a wide variety of website templates available on the market, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. But TemplateMonster gathered the best themes for any project related to animals. In this post, we will discuss the key features of animals WordPress themes and how to save money with an exclusive subscription we created especially for you. 

Here you will find all you need, including products with a responsive layout and easy to use admin panel. Besides, our items come with a drop-down menu and Google maps integration. Consider our marketplace, and we guarantee great results! 

Best Pets WordPress Themes Options

If you want to make a single purchase, you can do it on our platform. Selecting this option, you can download one item you need. This offer is an excellent solution for educational platforms or personal web pages. But if you want to use our site’s advantages to the full extent and squeeze the maximum out of it, ONE |Membership is the best choice for you. Erase the limits and choose any theme from our collection. Besides, this offer also covers any other products available on MonsterONE. Make your business or commercial project top-notch.

To use the second option, you should subscribe to ONE membership. In turn, it provides you with three packages. Each has its pros and may offer you the best deals, helping to get the licensed items and save money. Imagine how cost-effective it could be if a single asset price varies from $70 to $90, while you have a chance to install any product you need with no borders.

ONE Subscription and its Tariffs 

There is so much you can get with our exclusive subscription! Only within the WordPress tab you will be able to gain access to multiple products, including modern WordPress themes, professional WooCommerce themes, useful Elementor kits, and various WordPress plugins. Besides these advantages, you get unlimited permission to use other items available in our marketplace. 

So, what subscription types do we offer?

  1. The Сreative package. It costs only $6.80 per month and $82 per year, allowing you to use audio and video files, all graphic fonts, and presentation templates an infinite number of times throughout a year.
  2. All-in-one package. For $14.90 per month and $179 per year, you get all the advantages listed above plus the additional ones, including WordPress and E-commerce samples.
  3. All-in-one Unlimited package. Its cost is $599/LIFETIME. Our most complete offer allows you to use our benefits and receive all the options mentioned above. Pay once and get the best.

If you still have any questions, we are always happy to answer them. Visit our website, and we will solve your issues together.

ONE Subscription Advantages

The primary purpose of our team is to provide every user with the best premium-quality web assets. Besides, we always try to improve our services and surprise our customers with cost-effective budget-oriented offers. If you have a business with multiple projects, our membership will help you boost their efficiency and cover all their needs, providing you with the following benefits:

  • By choosing ONE subscription, you may save up to 50%. Moreover, you obtain licensed products, the quality of which is proved with thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Purchasing for our services is 100% secure. We use only trusted payment methods (Visa or MasterСard, and PayPal).
  • We regularly update our product range. Conducting non-stop quality control of our web assets, our professional specialists check files for any damages or changes to guarantee you only top-notch services.
  • Under ONE subscription, you can download our products without any borders. The access to our range for your business and commercial purposes is unlimited for you.
  • If any problems arise, you can always contact us through the General Assistance chat, available for you 24/7. Our technical team will be happy to assist you with any issues concerning MonsterONE’s work.
  • In case your problem requires specific technical assistance, you can turn to our advanced support service.

We are proud to be customer-oriented, as your positive feedback is our most significant award. But if you have any issues with our subscription and decided to cancel it,  you can perform this action anytime. Moreover, if it happens within the first 14 days of your Membership, you can request a refund. Remember that all the rights for products and services we provide belong to MonsterONE only. Visit our web page to know more.

Pets WordPress Themes FAQ

Should I choose free or premium pets WordPress themes?

With premium-quality assets, you get top-notch design and professional tech assistance. With free items, you’re risking to face issues and there will be no one to turn to. Moreover, free products usually do not have all the features to build a professional and trustworthy project. Once you select ONE, you get access to unlimited downloads of thousands of web assets to boost your project and drive people into your website.

How to edit pets WordPress themes?

Customization of our products does not require any advanced technical skills. Moreover, we offer many useful and powerful services to make your life easier. Our team can do all, from installing a template to configuring hosting and search engine optimization of the website.

How to download pets WordPress themes?

1. Insert your login to your ONE page. 2. Press Get Started and select WordPress. 3. Select the Download button. 4. Start easy customization.

What are the key features of pets' WordPress themes?

The benefits of our assets are numerous. To name but a few: easy installation process; user-friendly page builder; optimized code; SEO-friendly design; reliable tech support; constant updates, etc.

Animals WordPress Themes FAQ

Discover the 11 best WordPress themes, among which you will also find a perfect option for free WordPress themes for animals. Get your project to the next level with our top-notch web assets. Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned!

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