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Create Stunning Marketplaces With Beautiful WordPress Themes

Creating a website is an important step in business development and is guaranteed to increase the company's audience and profits. In the modern world, people prefer to do routine things with the help of gadgets: ordering products and searching for data or services. Numerous companies already have their Internet resources. Therefore, it is essential to stand out from them. This task may be completed by using unique interfaces with a convenient navigation system and a unique, memorable appearance. Beautiful WordPress themes are here to help! These templates were developed keeping in mind the visual preferences and user habits of potential clients.

Why Beautiful Business WordPress Pages Are Great Decisions for Commerce

The assets include a pool of useful tools for working with a marketplace or blog. Also, the patterns are designed in accordance with UI trends and allow your company to stand out from competitors. Let's look at a few reasons why this is an ideal solution:

  1. The CMS has a simplified interaction logic. The intuitive interface includes a convenient navigation system and adding information to the resource. For beginners, this is a great platform with basic content management principles.
  2. The patterns are designed according to the direction. Professional designers have taken advantage of current trends and created these elegant samples according to basic user experience scenarios. The navigation system is clear and visually pleasing, which has a positive effect on conversion and behavioral factors. Thoughtful design builds the right impression of the company.
  3. Many people find it more convenient to make purchases from their smartphone while on the road from work or while performing routine tasks. The templates are adapted to all types of devices, maintaining the aesthetic appearance and all the tools as on the desktop version. This method guarantees to develop the company and increase profits.
  4. A website can become an excellent advertising tool. Templates include optimized SEO, which involves pages staying on the first lines in searches for keywords, product names, and services. Need to get advice with SEO optimization to upgrade the rating and get targeted traffic? Our experienced specialists are ready to help you! The process is completely under your control; you are able to make changes during the work. The project is built within 5-7 days.

Ready-to-use layouts meet all the needs of modern business and online trading. If you have the necessities of any assistance of your choice, our highly focused, specialized technical support is ready to provide advice around the clock.

Which Business Areas Beautiful Agency WordPress Themes are Suit for

Before choosing a template, you must analyze your company's target audience. These patterns are suitable for both small and large companies selling premium merchandise. They were developed to be remembered by the user and create an idea of the result of purchasing goods or services. An exciting interface will not leave your customers indifferent, and the aesthetically designed website will make them want to return.

Let's check the commerce fields for which these assets are suitable:

  • beauty and health;
  • cosmetics and care goods;
  • sport and healthy lifestyle;
  • spas and beauty salons;
  • modeling agencies and blogs

This is a partial list of areas for which these templates can be used. Preparing a website for launch is simple and does not take much time. Upload your goods and services, add your brand identity, and get ready to welcome customers!

Beneficial Features of Beautiful Creative WordPress Themes for Developers

Creating a marketplace is a complex task that requires the attention of numerous experienced specialists. Let's look at the main advantages:

  1. These unique assets are adapted to run on any type of device. By building a website on the software, you don't have to worry about your audience with smartphones and tablets. The interface remains attractive, fitting elements perfectly into the screen resolution. All resolutions and display orientation types are supported. The sites work great in any browser and retain full functionality even with an unstable Internet connection.
  2. There is an official database of plugins and themes developed for templates. Easily tailor the resource to your audience's demands. There are many extensions for a variety of tasks. Tools to protect the site from hacking, spam, and viruses, to improve the performance of the resource, and the speed of promotion in search engines can be installed and will make the interaction process between clients or the site owner with the resource more complete.
  3. SEO focus provides CMS-based sites with high-quality promotion. It is possible to promote within the framework of contextual advertising through third-party resources using plugins, displaying the results in the first lines when searching in browsers. Optimizing content tools, placing meta tags, introducing keywords, and implementing markup are included.
  4. Visual content is not tied to the layout. Change color palettes, banner composition, logos, and fonts. The marking remains correct according to the specified grid, and the functionality of all modified elements is preserved.
  5. The engine is open source. This saves time and resources for programmers as a result of functionality expansion. Find and insert code into the desired part. At the same time, sites built on this program code have a high level of protection against hacking and personal data leaks.

Assets based on this software contain a pool of universal settings. Choose the desired one and launch pages quickly and seamlessly.

How to Export Beautiful Pro WordPress Themes MySQL Database to the Server

The server is designed to store site and user data, respond to requests and provide requested data, and process and execute scripts. Check out this quick guide to learn how to export MySQL database to a server:

  1. Log in to the account on the server and open the Control Panel. Scroll down to the Databases section and push the MySQL icon.
  2. Existing databases are collected in a pop-up window. Select the required item from the list and click the phpMyAdmin button in the right column.
  3. Log in to the phpMyAdmin panel and press the GO button.
  4. Click the option name. In the top menu, open the Export tab.
  5. Select all tables and the export file format (SQL format is recommended).
  6. In the Options section, select the fields "Disable foreign key checks" and necessary parameters from the Structure window.
  7. In the lower right corner, press the GO button to start exporting. Save the backup file to your computer.
  8. The backup was built successfully. You can now continue working in the engine or click Quit.

The unloading process is simple and hassle-free; basic technical knowledge is enough to handle it.


One of the most significant indicators of convenience is the ability to purchase everything you need in one place. In this video, you will learn how one subscription will help you get a complete kit for creating a project.


I already have a website, but I want to change it to the same engine as beautiful WordPress themes, is it possible?

All the advantages of this software really justify this desire! We are glad that you are interested and are ready to help. The development team transforms up to 5 pages and integrates the plugins and extensions to provide you with the best visual drag-and-drop site functionality. In addition, you can follow the process.

Does TemplateMonster provide any discount if I purchase several beautiful WordPress themes?

This option is available with the MonsterONE subscription. Get access to more than two hundred thousand unique items and upload an unlimited number of projects. Each of them will have a lifetime license. Even when your subscription ends, you will retain the right to use it.
For people working on creating digital items, this is also a great time-saving method. No need to pay for each project separately; download them in accordance with the selected tariff plan.

Are services for filling beautiful WordPress themes with original visual content provided?

When you purchase an asset, you also receive source materials. Personalization will make your company more recognizable. Not every company has the opportunity to make its own unique content, but it cannot be avoided when creating a website.

Can I purchase hosting for beautiful WordPress themes?

One of the advantages of this engine is that most hosting providers support it. So, you can select any hosting that suits your preferences.

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