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Newspaper WordPress Themes

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Dropdown Menu 36
Retina Ready 33
Admin Panel 32
Drag and Drop Content 29
Advanced Theme Options 29
Google map 28
Gallery 27
Multipurpose 26
Sample content 26
Mobile Layout Included 24
Performance Optimization 23
Website Builder 23
JQuery 19
Bootstrap 18
Ajax 15
HTML 5 14
Tabs 14
Portfolio 13
One click installation 13
MegaMenu 12
eCommerce 10
Lazy Load effect 9
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Background video 8
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Newspaper WordPress Themes: Create an Awesome Online Presence

Do you want to add that magazine-like look to your website? Explore the realm of newspaper WordPress themes offered by MonsterONE. These templates are perfect for you if you are looking for traditional styles, contemporary aesthetics, and a taste of journalistic sophistication. Regardless of whether you run a news site, a blog, or simply wish to imitate the traditional feel of a newspaper, there is a design that can bring your online pages to life.

Why Choose a Magazine WordPress Template?

They have many neat benefits that simplify your life. Above all, they are very cheap, which is a good thing. They are subscription-based and thus quite cheap, particularly when you want a professional appearance for your webpage. Also, most of these provide many design features. So, you are getting a good deal for your cash.

Now is about time. Site-building is often a big problem. But these layouts save a lot of time. You can build a good-looking website quickly with ready-made designs and simple choices to change it.

And user-friendliness? The focus is on making things easy and uncomplicated for newbies. Indeed, you don't have to be a computer expert to understand them. Templates include drag-and-drop tools, so you can move things around easily on a page. Moreover, they commonly have useful plugins and extensions that make controlling your content very easy.

Lastly, all the premium items include product support and general assistance. So, if you have a problem, the group of skilled people is ready to come in and help right away. Plus, premiums are usually updated regularly. That is very valuable in the world of technology. In particular, updates bring in improved safety, fresh characteristics, and solutions for errors that could occur.

So, in short, WP themes for newspapers are cheap, save your time, and make creating a website very easy. If you want a site that looks professional and is easy to build, this collection is what you need!

Who Benefits From Newspaper WordPress Themes?

This selection is for everyone in news, blogging, or websites with lots of content. That way, they are a big help for news companies, bloggers, reporters, and anyone trying to share information in an easy-to-understand way.

They are strong with news-related features, such as columns, article layouts, and recent post widgets. This makes it very simple to display content. Moreover, they have fun elements, such as useful plugins for sharing on social media and advertisements.

So, who benefits? Usually, people who want to share information in a polished and professional way. It's similar to having a special magic stick to make your content look nice and reach more people.

Features of the Best WordPress Newspaper Themes

Let's look at the web design features in detail!


First off, they're responsive. That means your site looks great on any device—phones, tablets, laptops, and more. No more weird, long pages on a mobile phone.

Multiple Layout Options

Then there's the layout. These templates are made to highlight the content, like a leader. You get tidy boxes, bars, sliders, and category sections. It's similar to having a cool shopfront for your online newspaper.

Search Engine Friendly

SEO-friendly is another biggie. Themes usually include pre-written, clean W3C code or can work with SEO plugins, which makes Google enjoy your pages. Improved search engine rankings mean more people will see your stories.


The blog is the heart and spirit of any e-newspaper. It's the place where you put your articles, news stories, or anything else you want to tell others. Imagine it as your journal.


Fancy term, right? It means your site looks clean and clear on high-quality screens. So there is nothing fuzzy here, just very clear content for your readers.

Drop-Down Menu

Ah, drop-down lists! It's a secret way to move around your website. Click, and voila! Online visitors have many choices hidden nicely until they click or hover over a menu. Super useful for keeping your things tidy.

Admin Panel

The dashboard is your VIP pass. It's where you decide everything, from the design to the colors and tools. In short, it's the central hub for your website.

Sample Content

It is a lifesaver, seriously! It's similar to getting an initial set for your website. You can look at it, change it, or partially use it directly if you're in a hurry. In other words, it's there to help you start quickly.


Common-use themes can be used for an online magazine, a blog, or even something else entirely. Indeed, they are flexible.

Google Maps

Finally, here comes map integration! Do you want to show your readers where things are happening? Pop in a map. If it's about places for events or anything to do with location, it's a fun way to show your audience interactively.

How to Choose the Best Newspaper Themes for WordPress

Picking a web design is like deciding on the best pizza topping—there are many choices, but you want the one that matches your flavor.

  1. Start by considering your subject. You want a template that goes well with your content. If you like sports, clothes, or gadgets, MonsterONE offers choices for different interests.
  2. Now, let's discuss the website builder. All of them work well with the old WordPress editor or the new Gutenberg block editor. Also, there are Elementor, Cherry Framework, and WPBakery. So ensure that the demo you prefer matches your favorite method of editing.
  3. Features are key! Search for things like lazy loading, SEO-readiness, performance optimization, and more. Some might have more features like managing ads, a review system built-in, or special layouts for various types of articles.
  4. Plugin compatibility is crucial too. WP templates by MonsterONE work well with well-known plugins like Mailchimp, WPML, WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, and others. Therefore, always check twice to be sure your favorite tools are compatible with the layout you like.
  5. Oh, and don't ignore the CMS version! Most templates should be current with the latest changes. But for safety, check if the one you want fits with the version you are using.

Budgeting for Your Website's Construction

Get ready for this exciting journey of site-building! We are going to tell you what it requires to create a presence on the web. This includes choosing the domain name and hosting, making it look good and work well, writing content that jazzes things up, and then keeping everything running smoothly. Get comfortable and find out about web-based costs. It's going to be fun!

Advanced Newspaper WordPress Themes: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy for beginners to understand newspaper WordPress themes?

Yes, they are very easy to understand and can be used even by newcomers to WordPress. They usually have user-friendly builders and guides to help you start quickly.

What type of support is provided for newspaper WordPress themes?

MonsterONE gives you general assistance for life (All-in-One plans) and support with products for a full year. Have a query or face an issue? They've got your back.

Are there any extra costs?

No, when you buy a product through the marketplace, it's all-inclusive. There are no hidden extra costs. Just pay once and enjoy your fantastic project.

Can I use these samples for more than one site?

For sure! There are 300,000+ items with one subscription at your disposal. This means you are free to use them everywhere without having to worry (until your license is active).

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