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Artist WordPress Themes

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Impressive Artist WordPress Themes To Demonstrate The Creative Vision

Want to promote your creativity and reach as many people as possible? Creating a website is the most straightforward option that costs little money. You need to have ready-made works to present them to an interested potential audience. Cool designs for the website are also required. In this collection, we offer you unique artist WordPress themes that change your understanding of an excellent portfolio. The best web developers provide you with original color schemes, compatibility with many creative directions, impressive visualization of works, and correct structure. Please become a member of our exciting MonsterOne library and get unlimited downloads!

Who Needs Artist WordPress Themes

If you are a beginner and a talented person, you need to find an incredible sponsor or act independently within a reasonable budget. Our products are suitable for both options. After all, sometimes you don't need huge budgets to create a fabulous online store or website.

The collection above contains bright examples of designs that are suitable for the following areas.


The templates are initially for these businesses. You have plenty of space and options to upload pictures. The cleanliness, conciseness, and restrained style of layouts allow you to place an essential emphasis on your creations.


It's not about posting songs for paid downloads. Groups, soloists, and backing vocalists can impressively present themselves as a person even without the aid of audio. It would help if you conveyed the unique atmosphere of the genre in which you work. Our music artist WordPress theme perfectly copes with this task.


Creating a particular image for a client is a creative task. At the same time, you need to have many skills - choose the right clothes, come up with a role, and do the hair and makeup. If you can prepare an impressive look, share your examples of work with the help of a site where there are many opportunities to upload a portfolio. The makeup artist WordPress theme has space for displaying the gallery, bright accents in the design, and an original approach. That's why pay attention to this collection of layouts!


Your job isn't to visualize people, nature, or objects. However, a properly designed web resource also helps develop this area. It's better to choose a template option with a reasonable balance between the placement of text and pictures. It's essential to draw attention to the writing activity and show the rich life of a poet, novelist, or documentarian.

Our customers also include bloggers, photographers, models, and many other professionals. The list of clients is quite extensive, thanks to the unique structure of the layout, which is perfect for demonstrating visual content.

Advantages Of Artist WordPress Themes

With the appearance, everything becomes clear immediately if you watch the demo. However, to study the technical characteristics, we advise you to read the material below. So learn about essential advantages and make your list of priority features. There are many benefits of our templates.


Add adaptability to each page of the site. Perfectly adjust to any screen size, thereby expanding the potential audience.


You can not only show but also tell about your creative path. People may find the prehistory of writing some pictures fascinating.


An essential part of your project. Due to its spectacularity and lack of distractions, the artist portfolio WordPress theme is the perfect start to your career.


The complete list of works you can show with the help of this beautiful section. Bright and unforgettable appearance allows you to present the experience even more stunningly.

Drag and Drop Content

Upload a lot of pictures. Use templates with this technology if you don't know how to edit the website code. Just drag the image from the laptop onto the page.

Retina Ready

Want to sell your works expensively? It's necessary to cover users of expensive gadgets with increased pixel-density screens. The feature helps to adapt to such devices.

Google map

Have an office? Be sure to show your location and hold a personal meeting! People appreciate such improvements of the Contact block.

Sample content

The primary attention is on the photos. But you also need to add a description. The authors marked the info blocks and uploaded simple texts there. Try the best template from MonsterOne, delete common data, and write your version.

Dropdown Menu

The block gives a unique charm and logically connects with other elements of the external appearance. It is simple and beautiful. Visitors search for the desired section quickly.

Admin Panel

You must have a separate dashboard if you are planning to sell online. So, place orders in it. Use the feature to grow sales and customer experience. No data will disappear.


Selling incredibly unique items? Use the universal design. It's easily adaptable to any business.


The effect adds depth and makes the appearance stunning. Look for pictures with different textures and subjects by clicking on the link.

Lazy Load effect

You need to upload only high-quality images to the sections. They weigh a lot. The feature helps to cope with the significant weight of the site and speed up its work.

Background video

Upload promos from recent exhibitions, speeches, or announcements of important cultural events to the background of the site. See how cool and modern your project may become!


Get all the functionality to support online sales. It also includes the integration with new marketplaces.


The appearance has no moving elements. Nothing distracts the user's attention now.

Canvas Animation

Want dynamics? Then, a little animation will come in handy.

Buy a membership from MonsterOne! Our library contains many graphics that help improve any project!

Artist WordPress Themes FAQ

How to choose a perfect website look?

Watch the demo and read the description. It's essential to familiarize yourself with more than five works. Better choose different companies of web developers. Then, it'll be possible to compare the idea and professionalism and make the right decision.

What are the differences between paid and free WordPress themes for painting artists?

Find many options on the Internet without requiring payment. However, remember that where you don't need to put in any amount, disappointment usually awaits. For example, paid products are constantly updateable. Web developers offer support, add valuable features, and other bonuses, and the appearance of such templates looks more modern and high-quality, thanks to the active use of the latest technologies.

Can I edit the layout?

Yes, the appearance can be changed using a large number of settings.

How to configure artist WordPress themes?

Each member of our library receives an email with the layout and instructions for it. That's another plus compared to free options. Find out in detail how to make each setting and try to perform the actions yourself!

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