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Discover Unlimited WordPress Portfolio Themes with MonsterONE Membership

These days, having an online presence opens up a world of benefits for entrepreneurs. It applies to running a business, providing services, generating leads, and attracting employers. A user-friendly website helps improve all these processes and get the best results. How does it work? Imagine you are a beginner web designer or photographer looking for collaboration opportunities. In this case, an impressive online portfolio is the best tool for winning career opportunities and moving up the career ladder. It allows you to present your skills and back them up with examples of projects, reach a worldwide audience, and increase your income several times. Despite all the advantages, many job seekers refuse to launch their website due to a lack of budget or skills and entrust this task to web studios. It presents a real challenge to web developers, who must implement all client's requests at the highest level. Are you also dealing with this problem and looking for ways to optimize your workflow? WordPress portfolio themes from MonsterONE are a real treasure trove for you!

The fact is that the themes are of high quality, attractive appearance, and powerful functionality. They provide an ideal basis for future developments and save time. With mockups, you don't have to worry about developing from scratch since you have ready-made material. Moreover, the assets are customizable. So, you realize all your ideas thanks to a convenient page builder. The main advantage is that you get a whole collection of mockups for unlimited downloading thanks to the capabilities of the MonsterONE subscription. What are the benefits of membership, and why do many clients prefer the best WordPress portfolio themes? It's time to understand all the intricacies!

Briefly about MonsterONE Membership

Nowadays, web studios are held in high esteem and have a flow of clients. Their routine is creating presentations, logos, 3D models, and websites. However, to maintain a high position in the market, you need to do a lot of work. Modern customers strive to receive only the best quality in the shortest possible time, so they carefully choose companies to place an order. So, to win their attention, the development team has to make every effort and implement all requests perfectly. Do you want to relieve your professionals and are looking for ways to optimize your workflow? Here, as in any business, you need professional materials at hand. Just as a furniture maker needs high-quality wood, a web designer requires excellent layouts for his masterpieces. Where can I get supplies without breaking the bank and spending hours on development? MonsterONE offers the most cost-effective and convenient solution.

This subscription is a gift from TemplateMonster for web studios. The team considered all the requests and created this innovative service. The bottom line is that MonsterONE works according to a subscription algorithm, like Netflix or Spotify. It provides unlimited access to more than 348,500 professional-quality digital items. The algorithm is as straightforward as possible: you pay a monthly, annual, or lifetime subscription and enjoy excellent digital solutions without restrictions. It saves your budget significantly since you do not have to buy each layout separately and pay for a license. With MonsterONE, everything is much more accessible and convenient! Judge for yourself: while the average cost of a WordPress template is $70, you have a collection for several times cheaper. 

See more top-notch benefits here and appreciate their value:

Affordable price

Membership considers all the needs and does not offer sky-high prices. Thanks to a flexible system of discounts and a loyal pricing policy, even startup studios can afford to sign up for a subscription. In addition, the service has three pricing plans with different content, duration, and cost. Thus, everyone finds the best option according to their needs and capabilities.

Extensive range

We have professional services worth over $500,000 at your service. There are logos, graphics, presentations, videos, 3D models, website templates, plugins, and more. They help you build a project of any design and scale and enjoy the perfect result.

Regular updates

WordPress portfolio themes always have a trendy appearance and functionality. It is the merit of the authors who are constantly working on their creations and offering updates for them. So, you have modern solutions without additional investments.

Reliable support

The MonsterONE team accompanies you at all stages of cooperation. Are you choosing the right package and weighing the pros and cons? Contact pre-sales specialists for reliable advice. Are you experiencing difficulties with the downloaded layout? The support team is always ready to fix problems as quickly as possible.

WordPress Portfolio Themes - What Are They?

WordPress is one of the most popular and requested CMS. The secret of the platform is that it combines powerful functionality, convenient tools, and ease of use. It provides a comprehensive toolkit for your future developments and allows you to launch a project of any scale, from small startups to resources. Do you need to develop a one-page portfolio to present your expertise, or are you working on a large electronics marketplace? Armed with top features, you create an excellent resource with all the bells and whistles. Another advantage of WordPress is its ease of use and flexibility. It is an undeniable merit of page builders, including Elementor and Gutenberg. They revolutionize how you work with content and allow you to build blocks and elements without interacting with code. 

WordPress portfolio themes from the MonsterONE collections are compatible with this system. It is a real lifesaver for developers, which allows you to speed up the process of creating projects and makes it simple and enjoyable. The fact is that they provide a ready-made basis for a future resource with an excellent appearance, powerful functionality, and easy navigation. They save time and allow you to handle all tasks smoothly. Do you need to implement a blog module or add eCommerce functionality? All the tools are at your disposal to realize your goals. Moreover, the mockups are customizable and adapt to your changes. 

The highlight of the collection is the portfolio module. It lets you present your skills, experience, and expertise to employers. At the same time, all information looks modern, well-structured, and harmonious. Moreover, there is a convenient gallery for photos or videos of your projects that prove your expertise. This excellent tool provides a powerful booster to career development and allows client engagement. Try it and see for yourself!

The Best WordPress Portfolio Themes - Features & Benefits

There is a stereotype among developers that ready-made assets are of low quality and do not correspond to the latest web design trends. The templates from the collection break this stereotype and demonstrate the best characteristics for your websites. They combine an attractive and modern appearance, powerful functionality, and excellent quality, armed with which you launch a masterpiece. It is worth noting that all WordPress portfolio themes are fully optimized. Thanks to the coordinated operation of all blocks, they work like a powerful mechanism and do not cause bugs. This way, you and your customers enjoy fast loading of content and access information in a few seconds.

Another feature is the versatility of mockups. They are ideal for any resource and help to realize all your plans. So, thanks to the variety of designs and features, you find the best option and fulfill customer requests at the highest level.

Check out all the benefit templates here and see how cool they are:

Modern and impressive appearance

The best professionals have worked on the layouts to implement all the latest trends and provide you with a stylish design. In addition, the templates have a well-thought-out structure and concept that allow you to convey the ideas and values of an exclusive brand. So, you have an attractive base and make a few customizations to perfect it.

Responsive layout

Modern users use their smartphones and tablets to order services on the go. That is why websites must adapt to any screen size and look correct. The layouts keep up with this trend and have a responsive design perfect for any device.

Dropdown menu

WordPress portfolio themes have easy navigation and a clean interface thanks to a convenient menu in the form of a dropdown sheet. It allows you to place all categories and pages within a few clicks while maintaining the concept of minimalism and avoiding page clutter. Thus, users enjoy easy navigation and an attractive appearance.


Your resource occupies top positions in search results and receives organic traffic thanks to professional SEO settings. It allows you to promote your portfolio through search engines and generate active leads at a fast pace.

Blog module

Fascinating articles about your activities are the key to the hearts of customers. They allow you to tell all the intricacies of your field, highlight fascinating topics, and engage your audience. Do you do photography or provide coaching services? Write articles on topics related to your activities to gain trust and build long-term relationships with employers.


The portfolio block is the highlight of each mockup from the collection. It helps to present your expertise and the best projects to prove your skills. It is the best tool to help you develop your career.

Web forms

Portfolio WordPress themes are compatible with a convenient web form builder. It helps make your resources even more functional and convenient. Do you want to establish communication with visitors and receive feedback about your cooperation? Add a contact form for communication. Are you looking for ways to run regular marketing campaigns for promotion? The newsletter block copes with this task perfectly, which also helps in lead generation. In addition, you can implement login and registration functionality to make it easier to work with clients and save their data.

Google Maps

Add your location so customers reach you along a convenient route without traffic jams.


MonsterONE contains only premium assets. They are significantly superior to free themes and provide exclusive features. Thus, premium WordPress portfolio themes have a unique appearance with all the bells and whistles and powerful functionality. Moreover, they are legal and do not violate copyrights. Therefore, you deal with them without any problems and enjoy the process.


Many mockups are compatible with WooCommerce and provide an extensive toolkit for launching an online store. They allow you to add a shopping cart, product review, wishlist, different payment systems, and many more goodies for a pleasant shopping experience.

Lazy load effect

Website speed plays a crucial role in its success and traffic. Therefore, your priority is ensuring your project operates smoothly and is bug-free. What if the resource has a lot of content? It is where the lazy load effect comes to the rescue. It provides gradual loading, where content appears as the user scrolls the pages. This approach is the best option to improve the overall performance.

Regular updates

The MonsterONE team works tirelessly on collections to enrich them with new digital solutions. This way, subscription members always have top-notch assets at hand. In addition, the theme authors regularly improve their products and release updates for them. It allows you to enjoy trending assets without additional investment.

24/7 reliable support

The best specialists accompany you throughout the entire cooperation. Are you choosing a package and have questions about content or duration? Contact pre-sales experts via live chat to get reliable advice. Are you experiencing difficulty when customizing a theme? The support team rushes to the rescue to clarify the details and fix problems.

Choosing The Best Pricing Plan & WordPress Portfolio Themes - Efficient Tips

Have you appreciated the membership's benefits and want to start your career with ready-made assets? It is an excellent solution that will save you a tidy sum and your precious time. Thanks to the affordable price, flexible discount policy, and variety of offers, you will find an excellent option that meets all your requirements and requests. How may you decide on a package and what subtleties to pay attention to? Arm yourself with a few simple tips to cope with the challenge simply and successfully:

Build a plan

Build a plan to move forward with a clear vision. At this stage, define your ideas, transform them into goals, and visualize the desired results. What digital solutions are you planning to deal with, duration of the tariff you want to get, and what is your budget? Decide on all the points to move on.

Select a pricing plan

MonsterONE collects all customer needs and offers three tariffs. They have different content, duration, and price. Thus, everyone chooses the best option according to their preferences. At the same time, regardless of the package, all assets are of high quality, premium features, and reliable support from specialists. How to choose the most suitable plan? Find out more details about pricing plans to determine the top option for you:

  • Creative. These days, running social media, a personal blog, or creating content requires a lot of effort. Are you a content maker looking for the best consumables for your development? This tariff is a real treasure for you! It includes more than 146,000 professional assets for various purposes. Please note that the pack does not provide access to WordPress portfolio themes and plugins. Therefore, consider the following suggestions if you plan to work with websites.
  • All-in-One. This package is the best solution if you are looking for ways to improve team performance and simplify all processes. In addition to graphics, videos, and 3D models, it provides unlimited access to templates and plugins. It includes options for different CMSs, so you implement any projects and orders of your clients. The main bonus is that the plan is available for lifetime subscriptions. It is an excellent solution for those who want to connect their activities with website building and are looking for a lifetime supply of quality materials.
  • All-in-One Pro. This innovative pack has already won the hearts of many customers. The point is that, along with all the products of the other packages, it provides access to Weblium and Draftium and the top-notch chips for them. At your disposal are AI text writing, hosting, domain, and 35% discounts on products from TemplateMonster.

Make a payment

Have you appreciated all the benefits and choose the best solution? It's time to proceed to payment! Click Join Now to fill out the contact data field and select the perfect payment method, such as PayPal or Debit/Credit Card. Wait for membership activation to gain access to download mockups.

Find the best WordPress portfolio themes 

MonsterONE opens up thousands of opportunities and prospects. However, the next challenge is against you: finding better layouts for your projects. It is a complex stage at which you should determine the most suitable mockup to realize all your wishes and requests. How may you cope with this task? A few top tips are what you need:

  • Create a plan for your future project. Define your goals and desired results. What kind of project do you want to launch with themes, and who is its target audience? What platform are you planning to use, and what tools do you need? Decide on your wishes and look for a layout according to your criteria.
  • State your preferences in the sidebar to filter the collection. Set the features, tags, colors, and compatibility options to see all the products that match your wishes. This approach allows you to save time and see top products.
  • Study the material about the layout. Try the demo, read the description, and check out the reviews to be sure of all the details. Contact pre-sales experts if you have additional questions or doubts. Managers are online 24/7 and ready to provide you with reliable advice in any matter. Also, discuss the options with your colleagues to find the right solutions.
  • Download the layout for free and proceed to customization. If you are not satisfied with the look or functionality of the mockup, do not despair. Browse the collection and discover other unique options thanks to the membership capabilities. Enjoy unlimited access and start your masterpieces.

Building A Website for A Small Business

Starting any project, even the smallest one, requires effort and skill. It is difficult, given that all the details must look perfect for the future resource to bring success and be a powerful tool for career advancement. Are you looking for some tips on launching a website? TemplateMonster took care of everything and released a reliable video tutorial. Follow the link to find out all the details. Enjoy watching!

WordPress Portfolio Themes FAQ

What are WordPress portfolio themes?

These are ready-made templates for launching full-fledged productions without developing from scratch. They have an excellent design, easy navigation, and modern functionality. In addition, with MonsterONE, you get unlimited access to mockups and use them as a basis for your developments.

May I edit WordPress portfolio themes?

Yes. Assets are fully customizable and adapt to your changes. It makes them a versatile option for any purpose and company. Moreover, using plugins, you introduce new exclusive functionality without diving into the code.

Do I need hosting for WordPress portfolio themes?

Yes. Use a reliable hosting provider to ensure bug-free and smooth operation. Among the proven options are HostPapa and Bluehost. Check recommended hosting providers here.

How may I start a resource with WordPress portfolio themes?

Arm yourself with a few tips to launch your ideal website with all the bells and whistles:
- Appearance is the first thing users pay attention to, so your task is to work on an attractive design. Choose the winning color combination and stick to it on all pages. Also, find excellent fonts to make the text easy to read and harmonious. Finally, introduce custom elements such as a logo and name to convey the corporate identity.
- Provide convenient functionality. Add innovative features that will make the experience with your resource enjoyable and bug-free. It applies to the blog module, web forms, live chat, etc.
- Fill the resource with exclusive content and update it regularly to meet customer needs.
- Use different promotion channels, including SEO, Google Ads, social networks, etc. to attract visitors and generate leads. Good luck!

The All-in-One Membership

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