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WordPress Law Themes

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Elementor Website Builder 24
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Beaver Builder 1
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Lawyer 23
Legal 19
Justice 17
Consulting 15
Advocate 14
Agency 13
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Elementor 13
Court 12
Consultant 11
Firm 11
Law firm 10
Responsive 8
Solicitor 7
Support 6
Finance 6
Personal 5
Creative 5
Responsive 31
Blog 29
Website Builder 27
Admin Panel 25
Retina Ready 24
Google map 23
Dropdown Menu 21
Performance Optimization 21
Advanced Theme Options 20
Sample content 19
Bootstrap 16
JQuery 15
Drag and Drop Content 15
Portfolio 13
HTML 5 12
Gallery 11
Parallax 11
Multipurpose 11
Mobile Layout Included 10
Tabs 10
One Page Templates 9
Background video 8
Ajax 6
Online Store/Shop 6
MegaMenu 5
Canvas Animation 4
Right to left language support 4
eCommerce 3
Quickstart Package 3
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HTML plus JS 3
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Completely JS 2
Themes Bundle 2
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Power Page Builder 1
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 1
MailChimp 28
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Revolution Slider 15
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5.2.x 2
5.1.x 1
5.0.x 1
5.0 3
4.2.x-4.9.x 1
4.9.x 4
4.8.x 1
4.7.x 2
4.6.x 1
6.6.x 2
6.5.x 4
6.4.x 1
6.3.x 3
6.2.x 1
6.1.x 3
6.0.x 3
5.9.x 1
5.8.x 2
5.7.x 1
5.6.x 1
5.4.x 1
5.3.x 1
5.2.x 1
5.1.x 1
5.0.x 1
4.9.x 1
4.8.x 1
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4.2.x 7
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What Is WordPress Law Themes

Today, developing websites isn’t an advantage but a necessity for prosperous enterprises. Legal companies are no exception. Running a website is crucial to attract new customers and retain old ones. As direct mirrors of corporations, attorney's internet pages should transmit your organization and clients’ values.

Already realized the importance of web-portal but still think it’s long and tedious work of rock-star engineers? Let us introduce you to WP templates. In simple terms, its unique webpage schemes produced and themed upon your needs. For legal pages, we recommend using WordPress law themes from TemplateMonster’s library. In our collection, you’ll find unique products customizable to any kind of business. 

How to Choose a Template for WordPress Law Firm Themes

Picking the right layout for a future page is a tiresome task. The diversity of web themes on the internet is overwhelming. Hardly any of them satisfy the lawyers’ requirements. To save efforts and money, we uploaded law themes tailored for WP CMS. Apply tags, features, system versions to specify the assets and accelerate your search.

If you prefer making informed decisions, take time to note all features, blocks, and integrations. Do you leverage any third-party apps — MailChimp, Booked, or Ecwid? Once you listed the basic set of features, think about color palettes and design elements. Would you like dark or light solutions? What color goes better with your logo? What works for individuals? Although every item is 100% user-friendly and intended to help buyers finish the sales cycle faster, analyze your target audience’s preferences.

Are you feeling lost in the number of objects? Check the tags section. They're aimed at prioritizing some of your needs. What's your company type -- personal or agency? What plays a greater role — responsiveness or creativity? Don’t worry; you can tackle multiple options, no need to choose between similarly important things.

After setting the necessary filters, you'll see some selected WordPress law firm themes. Activate spidey sense and choose the one that will bring you extra clientele. But don’t be confused by bright and colorful elements; remember that legal apps are clean and easy-to-navigate.

How to Download the WordPress Law Themes

After scanning our library and finding one perfect solution, you can download it. The primary way to enjoy law design samples is to unlock TemplateMonsters' premium subscription.

ONE subscription plan is the way to take most of TemplateMonster. Subscriptions awards not only sounds but every piece of content on the site. The snatchy deal for business and commercial sharks, who tend to use material with maximum efficiency. 

There are 3 types of memberships:

  1. Creative for $82 a year. Presentations, video & audio assets, and unlimited use of materials. Lowest charge rates and flexible plan. Suitable for the start or simple business tasks. Not ideal for e-commerce.
  2. All-in-one package for $ 179. In addition to Creative, it gives eCommerce layouts, plugins, and templates. Altogether, building a powerful tool to launch or pump up any active business. Perfect for e-commerce.
  3. All-in-one lifetime for $ 599. One-time payment to enjoy services of ONE till the end of the life with all features and updates. Get it once, and don't worry about templates, samples, mockups, and presentations. Regular in-store updates, customer support, and all features. Perfect for medium and big companies, approval of e-commerce makes it even better.

Doubting whether you require an All-In-ONE subscription? -- Purchase Creative to adapt to the solution and understand how many cool features you are open to once you can possess every template available at any moment.

Some of the objects in our library are free and accessible for all people. Just create TM's account and enjoy the sketch.

Though we encourage you to exploit our assets to their full extent. We must warn you about certain limitations concerning IP. Redistribution of the products is prohibited. Including all types of distribution, such as:

  • virtual (TV, web, media). No transmitting by any digital way;
  • physical(CD, radio, flash). No transmitting by any physical carrier;
  • not all products are available within the membership;
  • it is obligatory to use our assets only to promote the end-products within the project.

We’re legit assured that you’ll respect our team’s efforts and won’t share purchased products when it can cause harmful consequences.

WordPress Law Themes FAQ

Is it necessary to subscribe to ONE to get WordPress law themes?

If you are a website developer and actively working with multiple customers it will be convenient to buy a subscription to have access to various products. After claiming the ONE, access is granted for every file on the site, which is an excellent solution for simultaneous projects.If you need only one-two templates for your personal website then it is better to purchase them on the marketplace separately.

How can I receive additional services for WordPress law themes?

If you need extra assistance and additional services then we have a list of them on a special page. They are not included in the general MonsterONE package but you can buy them at a nice price. We offer: SEO-optimization; Copywriting; Creating original logotype; Installation of the online store? Templates and everything at once.
You may select the one you like on the website.

How do I start my subscription to get WordPress law firm themes?

Press on the banner at the top of the page to join ONE membership. Once you’ve clicked on the ‘Join’ button, you’ll be redirected to the page with multiple tariff plans. Pick a suitable payment option, subscribe, and get unlimited access to themes.

How do I manually install WordPress law themes?

You have two roads here. 1. Don’t waste hours, buy additional services from TemplateMonster and enjoy ready-to-use websites within days. 2. Download the object and install it via File-Transfer Protocol or the “Upload” section in the admin panel.
If you went with the second option, be ready to spend some days setting everything up and uploading all the content.

The All-in-One Membership

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