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Discover Unlimited Access to The Best WordPress Block Themes with MonsterONE

These days, having an online presence is one of the pillars of a successful business. Many entrepreneurs are rapidly moving their companies online and trying to establish contact with clients. A website is the best tool for presenting services, conducting marketing campaigns, and reaching a worldwide audience. Moreover, in modern realities, a well-thought-out resource is an ideal business card with which business owners create a positive impression of the team. With this trend and the increasing need to launch online platforms, web design agencies have a lot of work to do. Are you also in this industry and want to provide your customers with the best products at an affordable price? Use WordPress block themes from MonsterONE as a professional resource and enjoy an optimized workflow!

The bottom line is that layouts are a real treasure for anyone who wants to simplify and speed up building a site and get excellent results. Thanks to their fully developed appearance, functionality, and structure, they are the ideal base for a future project with all the bells and whistles. So, when working on a website, you don’t have to worry about constructing a menu or a blog module since all the details are at your fingertips. The main detail is that with a MonsterONE subscription, you get unlimited access to the best assets in just one payment. Do you want to learn all the intricacies of dealing with membership and benefit block based WordPress themes? Let's go!

Key Points About MonsterONE Membership

Modern customers crave the best results at an affordable price in the shortest possible time. It is a real challenge for web agencies because their specialists should create masterpieces and adjust them to all their wishes. How to optimize your studio’s workflow, speed up order fulfillment, and take them to the next level? In this case, you need professional materials, including templates, graphics, icons, and logos. Should you buy all the assets separately and spend money on a special license, build all the elements from scratch, or find a more cost-effective option? Discover the most profitable solution with MonsterONE.

TemplateMonster, taking into account all the wishes of customers, presents this service and offers the best products at a competitive price. MonsterONE works according to a subscription algorithm, like Netflix or Spotify. You pay a one-time, annual, or monthly fee and get access to thousands of professional assets. Thus, by joining a membership, you have unlimited WordPress block themes for all your projects. 

Check out all the benefits here:

  • Extensive assortment. The most modern IT solutions for more than $500,000 are at your service! Do you need an online clothing store or a mockup for the Gutenberg editor? Browse the site to find the perfect solution for you!
  • Affordable price. With a membership, you receive premium assets with unlimited access. 
  • 24/7 support. The best specialists are with you at all stages. Use the live chat to contact reliable experts for reliable advice.

WordPress Block Themes - What Are They?

WordPress is one of the most popular and powerful CMSs. Since its release in 2003, the platform has become a favorite of users and has united a large community of developers and newcomers. The secret of the system's popularity lies in its versatility. Thanks to its functionality, user-friendly interface, and flexibility, the system allows you to implement different goals and projects of any scale. Are you dealing with a personal blog, news portal, or online store? Armed with tools, you bring your ideas to life in the best possible way! One of the advantages is the presence of different page builders for working with content. They revolutionize the approach to site building and customization and make it accessible to IT newcomers.

Gutenberg is a block builder. Layouts from the collection are compatible with it. Thanks to this collaboration, you customize the mockup without delving into the code: with the block theme WordPress, everything is much simpler. With them, you have a professional basis for your future project. It includes excellent design, powerful functionality, and easy navigation. So, you don’t have to bother developing from scratch and fiddling with elements. You simply use elements, customize them, implement your ideas, and enjoy high-quality results. Do you need a blog module, product catalog, or team members page? Just a few clicks - an excellent project is in front of you!

The highlight is the versatility and flexibility of the mockups. Fully customizable, they are suitable for different projects and users of any skill level. Are you new to IT and looking for a layout for your marketing agency, or a professional looking for professional tools? With the best products, you will find what you need. Try it and see for yourself!

Briefly about Gutenberg for Editing WordPress Block Themes

WordPress made a real splash by releasing the innovative Gutenberg editor, distinguished by its flexibility and ease. The builder's approach makes it easy to create visually appealing assets with an intuitive interface and many widgets. It makes dealing with the builder accessible to users with any level of IT and coding skills, from industry professionals to beginners without proper experience. In addition, the Gutenberg community creates solutions for quickly launching a website, including WordPress block themes and various plugins. So, thanks to its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, the editor is the best solution for launching your top-notch projects without effort, wasting time, and puzzles. See more features here:

  • smooth editing - use a block-based approach to add and manipulate various content elements such as text, images, media, and more in individual sections;
  • drag-and-drop feature - make the necessary adjustments and customize parts simply by dragging and dropping them to their desired locations;
  • multimedia integration - introduce visually appealing and engaging content with multimedia elements like images, videos, and audio;
  • simplified content embedding - add materials from various external sources such as social media platforms, YouTube, and more, seamlessly integrating diverse content types into their posts or pages;
  • revision history - editor allows you to view the history of recent changes and track changes and development progress;
  • compatibility - WordPress block themes are compatible with the builder and have the best features and characteristics.

The Best Mockups - Key Features & Benefits

MonsterONE presents to your attention the best templates with powerful functionality and attractive design. The trick is that only premium options are collected here that have passed strict control of experts to offer you the best quality. Thanks to this approach, they have high performance and are an ideal basis for your resource. Assets work without bugs under any conditions and do not force clients to wait for a long time to load.

Moreover, thanks to a convenient editor and different designs, products are a universal solution for any business. Do you want to start a construction company, architectural office, or other project? Arm yourself with a layout, a convenient editor, and your ideas, and enjoy the perfect result! Another advantage is unlimited access, thanks to the MonsterONE membership. With a subscription, you don't need to worry about the license: you use the products for several projects, sell the finished result, and carry out various manipulations without additional payments. 

The following features help you achieve your goals in the best possible way:


The current trend of surfing the Internet via smartphones on the go requires sites to adapt to different screen sizes. The WordPress block themes take this request into account and have a fully responsive appearance, where all details look correct on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


Thanks to high-quality SEO settings, your site is in the top search results. It guarantees high traffic and allows you to increase sales.

Performance optimization

All elements and pages operate like a well-coordinated mechanism and do not cause bugs. They guarantee fast loading times and a pleasant customer experience with your company.

Dropdown menu

The layouts have a clean interface and quick navigation thanks to a convenient menu in the form of dropdown lists. This way, you place all the categories and provide quick access.

Blog module

Post engaging articles about your business to connect with your audience and make your resource an informative platform.

Handy visual editor

You customize all the elements of WordPress block themes, implement your ideas, and enjoy the excellent result. Do you want to change the color or add functionality? All in your hands! Moreover, thanks to compatibility with plugins, you implement the necessary features without interacting with the code.


Many templates are compatible with WooCommerce and have full functionality for an online store. So, you have all the tools, including a catalog and payment systems for convenient customer shopping.

Web forms

Thanks to the builder, you add contacts, newsletters, sign-in & sign-up forms and make the site more functional. It is an excellent opportunity to communicate with clients and conduct effective marketing campaigns.

Regular updates

The authors work on their assets and suggest improvements for them. So, you always have innovative solutions free of charge.

24/7 reliable support

If you have problems with the WordPress theme block, you solve them by contacting the TemplateMonster team or the authors.

How to Get WordPress Block Themes with ONE Membership?

Are you convinced of the value of templates and want to join the MonsterONE community? It is an excellent solution that will save you large sums in the future and bring perfect results! Moreover, with this offer, you do not have to invest sky-high amounts since, in addition to the affordable price, there is a flexible system of discounts. Follow the simple steps to join the subscription as soon as possible and find the top layouts for your purposes:

Select package

Let's start with the fact that you should decide on a pricing plan. ONE offers three tariffs with different content, validity period, and price. It is worth considering that regardless of the package, you receive reliable support, regular updates, and unlimited access. Check out all the packages to choose the one that best suits your criteria:

  • Creative. Are you a web designer, SMM specialist, or blogger looking for the best materials at hand for your presentations, videos, or storytelling? Then this pack is a real lifesaver for you! It provides access to more than 146,000 professional assets, including photos, videos, logos, audio, 3D models, etc. All of these products are available for purchase on an annual or monthly basis. Please note that with this pack, you do not get access to the WordPress theme block and other templates, so if you are looking for options for building web resources, pay attention to the following plans.
  • All-in-One. This plan offers a more expanded and improved assortment. So, in addition to graphics and video, you get templates and plugins for different CMSs. It is the best solution for web developers dealing with sites on various topics on many platforms. The package is available for annual and lifetime subscriptions. Pay attention to the lifetime option if you connect your career with web design. With it, you get unlimited access to over $500,000 worth of assets!
  • All-in-One Pro. This innovative package is available for an annual subscription and offers the latest features for your business. In addition to graphics and templates, you get access to Weblium and Draftium and super cool features for them, including AI text writing, domain settings, etc. Moreover, you have a 35% discount on unique products from TemplateMonster as a gift.


After choosing a plan, click Join Now to proceed to payment. At this stage, provide your contact information and select a convenient payment method, such as PayPal or Debit/Credit Card. Please wait until your subscription is activated to gain access to the range of products.

Choose the perfect template

With access to the collection, you have unlimited possibilities. How to choose the best asset among the entire assortment? To do this, define your goals and desired results. What kind of project do you want to launch with themes, and who is its target audience? Decide on your wishes and look for a layout according to your criteria. Next, follow these steps:

  • State your preferences in the sidebar. Set the necessary features, tags, colors, and compatibility options to see all the scripts for you.
  • Study the material about the layout. Try the demo, read the description, and check out the reviews.
  • Contact pre-sales experts if you have additional questions or doubts.
  • Download the layout for free and proceed to customization. 
  • If you are not satisfied with the look or functionality of the mockup, do not despair. Browse the collection and discover other unique options thanks to the membership capabilities. Enjoy unlimited access and start your masterpieces.

Steps to Create a Successful Website with WordPress Block Themes 

There is no doubt that a template is the best assistant in launching your ideal project. However, it is not enough to get a worthwhile project that will be on par with and above its competitors. Combine many technologies and strategies and complement them with your unique ideas and tenacity. Building a powerful corporate style, filling the site with content, conducting marketing campaigns, and communicating with the audience fall on your shoulders and are the top points for implementation. Where to start and how to overcome this challenge? Here are some tips for you:

Work on the design

Thanks to the convenient block editor, you may change the layout, add widgets, or replace images. Take full advantage of this opportunity and bring all your ideas to life! At this stage, choose the colors you want for the background and stick to them on all pages. Also, work on clean typography to make the text readable and modern. Avoid too catchy accents so as not to bore the client.

Personalize your WordPress block themes

Add your company logo, enter the name, and implement corporate features. This approach helps make your brand recognizable and gathers a community of users around it.

Provide convenient functionality

Work on convenient functionality to make the client’s experience with your company pleasant and bug-free. Set up a blog module for articles, ensure full responsiveness of details, and engage in performance optimization. Add forms, including login and registration, to make many processes on your site easier. Also, a great feature is the introduction of live chat to ensure communication with clients 24/7.

Fill the resource with the content

Take care of filling your resource to make it exciting for customers. Keep an active blog, add photos and descriptions of services and products, and showcase your projects and skills using a portfolio. Update information regularly to stay on trend and meet all customer requests. Implement systems of discounts, gift coupons, and other goodies to please new and regular customers.

Start promotion

Use popular advertising channels, including Google Ads or social networks, to popularize your business. Also, set up SEO to get organic traffic and be at the top of search engines. Try a newsletter campaign to remind customers about upcoming sales or discounts. Develop and improve yourself all the time to be at the top. Good luck!

Free VS MonsterONE Assets

WordPress block themes from ONE have many differences from free products. First of all, it rocks quality. The platform contains only premium solutions with high performance and the best features for the job. Moreover, all layouts have a unique design with which you embody your goals and create masterpieces. Another feature that benefits the subscription is reliable support. By becoming a member of the ONE community, you receive reliable assistance from the best specialists. Thus, by giving preference to MonsterONE you have the following benefits:

  • unique design and functionality;
  • performance optimization;
  • reliable support;
  • affordable price.

There is no doubt that this is an excellent investment that will boost your career!

Launching A Website for A Small Business

Have you created a small startup and want to present it online? With the help of ready-made templates, your diligence, and a few tips, you will achieve excellent results! Do you want to study this topic more deeply and set the vector? Follow the link to learn the intricacies of building a website for a small business, the main steps, and secrets. Enjoy watching!

WordPress Block Themes FAQ

What are WordPress block themes?

These are ready-made templates that are the ideal basis for your website. They have an excellent appearance, modern functionality, and a convenient editor for customization. With such features, you launch your resource and enjoy the result.

Can I edit WordPress block themes?

Yes. All assets are fully customizable, so you may easily change colors and add pictures. Moreover, if you want to introduce new functionality, use plugins and improve mockups without interacting with the code.

How to get WordPress block themes with MonsterONE?

Everything is straightforward:
- Determine your requirements and choose the appropriate pricing plan.
- Make a payment through a convenient system.
- Wait for the subscription to activate and download the necessary assets.

What if I have problems with WordPress block themes?

Don't worry. Contact the authors or TemplateMonster support team to correct the issue.

The All-in-One Membership

Get top-notch themes, high-quality extensions and professional support in MonsterONE

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