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Best WordPress Band Themes For Singers

Sometimes, groups and soloists go a long way to fame. At the same time, even the most talented performers with outstanding vocal data can only do so with a proper advertising and PR campaign. When it comes to online promotion, creating a website is necessary. The external appearance of the web resource must correspond to the style and manner of performing songs. Also, visitors should be comfortable viewing the information and listening to new tracks. Buy cool, powerful, and thematic WordPress band themes. Diversify even the most outdated and boring website. Layouts from MonsterOne have a vast selection of quality products. Immediately become a member of the library of outstanding and high-quality graphics! Download everything you need for creative business without restrictions!

What Is WordPress Music Band Theme

Monster One items are graphics created by the most talented web developers. Install the design using your CMS and see how the web resource changes. It plays with new colors, beautiful blocks appear, and many possibilities for its editing.

Why is it profitable to download similar products:

  • Save your time. Such goods from scratch take weeks and sometimes even months.
  • Save your budget. Only some novice artists can afford a cool promo or PR action. It requires a lot of money. However, everyone may buy an excellent design in a modern style. Membership in our library implies downloading other additional tools for development. For example, visitors see plugins, graphics, clips, social media covers, icons, and more. You don't need to buy each product separately because you pay a monthly rate and download unlimited!
  • It gives the buyer quick results. All you need is to install the layout in your CMS and adjust it! Thanks to detailed instructions from the web developer, you can change the appearance yourself. After all, the admin panel you choose to manage the website is considered one of the easiest in the world!

Try to study the products in more detail. Read our material and select the best options!

Who Needs WordPress Band Themes

Every business tries to achieve success. The above collection has a particular potential audience. First of all, these are creative individuals working in music creation. These can be vocal ensembles, groups, solo performers, backing vocalists, musicians, etc. In this case, finding a layout that profitably promotes a person, a personality, and a talented professional is essential.

Secondly, the templates are also ideal for businesses that support this industry. Among MonsterOne's clients are recording studios, sellers of guitars, drums, and flutes, as well as DJs. Therefore, our music band WordPress theme becomes a more universal option with an expanded range of users.

Thirdly, templates are popular in different genres. It doesn't matter what style you work in. Sometimes, it can even be a mix. After all, creativity implies an extraordinary approach. Therefore, you see a large selection on MonsterOne. Pop, jazz, or a rock band WordPress theme are among the goods available. Thanks to the ability to edit the design, you may also give the appearance a unique characteristic feature. For example, energetic and incendiary metal songs immediately come to mind after loading a picture with guitars. And if you add a photo of a saxophone in the background, people already hear the sweet melodies of slow jazz in their heads.

Advantages Of WordPress Band Themes

Each item has its unique appearance. Let's recalculate all the meaningful design points:

  • Uniqueness. You never find analogs and completely identical works from other web studios.
  • Editability. Produce a unique project.
  • A special style. Some layouts look universal. However, other works from talented authors have a highlight that displays your type of activity with the help of graphics.

The following technical parameters completely change your website.


People listen to songs and read news directly from their smartphones. Installing a template with this feature makes the web resource adaptable to different sizes of gadgets. All blocks adjust to the desired parameters, and the pages look amazingly convenient.


Please talk about new concert performances, tours in different countries, and the release of the long-awaited album in a beautiful and stylish section.


Publish impressive photo reports from the best concert halls.

Sample content

Pictures play the same role in attracting the audience as texts. This feature helps fill the blocks with information, where the author has added arbitrary descriptions so buyers find them faster.

Retina Ready

Apple gadgets have screens with increased pixel density. However, other manufacturers began to add such components to their devices. At the same time, the pictures on the site look like blurry space. Adapt your sections with the help of this feature to devices with individual screens.


Creative works get a spectacular presentation to the public.

Dropdown Menu

Today, this element is one of the most important. The block is the most noticeable because it is at the top.

Google map

Often, well-known groups have an office or a representative. Show the location of addresses and let sponsors or partners find the route to you faster.

Admin Panel

Want to sell your songs and give access to downloads? Then, all orders should be visible in a convenient dashboard.


The universal design suits if you have an original type of business or want a more restrained and concise website to fill it with bright and catchy texts and pictures.

Drag and Drop Content

Unique technology allows you to add photos of performers or artists without editing the code. You need to pinch the image and move it to the usual place on the page. Do all the editing in the CMS, and the updates immediately become visible to visitors!


This feature is an opportunity to upload pictures to the background.


Function turns an ordinary web resource into a full-fledged online store to sell instrumentals, poems, and songs.

Background video

Add a short promo to the page and get full excitement from the viewer.

Lazy Load effect

If the sections have many images and are loaded slowly, the function will help!

Discover many more features in the description. The author tells for which businesses his template is best suited. Read and start choosing!

WordPress Band Themes FAQ

Is there support and updates for MonsterOne templates?

Yes, services are provided to our clients by web developers.

What is a better WordPress band theme, free or paid?

In our library, you pay according to the tariff plan, which gives you unlimited downloads of the assortment of your choice. In essence, this is the purchase of a service, but on a large scale. Paid products differ from free items in more stylish and modern graphics, the use of many technologies to advance your project, and fewer downloads. Therefore, purchase options are more valuable. They have updates and support.

How to edit WordPress band themes?

Read the instructions from the web developer. There is essential information on how to do each setting correctly. On MonsterOne, many services help you launch projects quickly. See them on the link.

How to become an author and upload your designs?

Register via the link and upload new works to your account. After moderation, they become available to our visitors.

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