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RTL WordPress Themes

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Elementor Website Builder 15
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Advanced Theme Options 21
Dropdown Menu 20
Admin Panel 18
JQuery 16
Gallery 16
Sample content 16
Bootstrap 15
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HTML 5 14
Drag and Drop Content 14
Multipurpose 13
Google map 12
Portfolio 12
Right to left language support 12
Website Builder 12
Lazy Load effect 11
Performance Optimization 10
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Best RTL WordPress Themes For Every Language

Are you located or selling goods in a country with different literacy traditions? Would you like to be able to select languages and write from the right side first? Then, buy a template for a site with such a feature. Please note that not all versions of MonsterOne support right-to-left spelling. Therefore, the products above are your choice. Please note they have the RTL WordPress themes tag. Now the business has become easier because you correctly decorated sections. Goods help make pages' appearance impressive and stunning. Watch the demo on MonsterOne and choose immediately!

Who Needs RTL WordPress Themes

First, there are certain countries where it's customary to write words in a particular order. These include some Arabic languages, Hebrew, and others. Accordingly, business owners want a beautiful design for their projects. But people also need to upload texts in the correct order. Our products above provide you with both.

Secondly, the templates look great. At the same time, they have an improved function in adapting to different languages. You might like the layout even if you don't need the feature. Therefore, take a closer look at the demo and then conclude.

Thirdly, marketers should update the design every couple of years. These things happen due to standard changes in fashion for the site's appearance. If you follow the trend, you always look like a progressive company that keeps up with the times.

Benefits Of RTL Theme WordPress

The appearance and the functions that our graphics have are essential. MonsterOne is a vast library, and we have something for every visitor. We have groups of goods by type of business, color, and features. Let's learn more about modern technologies. Knowing data and meaning, choose the most suitable layout for you.

Dropdown Menu

The block attracts a lot of visitor's attention. It gives a personal style to the website as jewelry to the bride's dress. Therefore, while familiarizing yourself with the demo, choose how the block looks and whether it fits the general style of your company.

People who are used to reading information from right to left are comfortable viewing such a block. It's also adaptable to the needs of Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

What is an element valuable for an online store:

  • Increasing readability in Arab countries, the Middle East, and South Asia.
  • A convenient, easy-to-use, and logical structure simplifies the ordering of the assortment in multi-brand stores.
  • It serves as decoration for website design.
  • Supports the company's brand book with the help of color and style.

See examples in the demo and choose a layout with the best menu!

Sample content

WordPress themes RTL may also have auto-filled text blocks. It is different from the content that you will use regularly. This part is only an example of where you need to add descriptions so as not to skip text blocks and preserve the structure of the layout.

Reasons to buy such layouts for online stores and other businesses:

  • It helps to fill with content.
  • It gives an idea of how the page may look. Your descriptions will most likely be aligned to the right. Such an approach requires a unique structure of the pages and the distribution of pictures concerning the texts.


The universal template is suitable for many types of activities. This option helps you if the products are niche. Also, these RTL WordPress themes' strict, stylish, and restrained appearance conquers even sellers of clothes, food, jewelry, gadgets, and other common goods.

Reasons to have precisely such an appearance:

  • Universality for all nationalities of the world is possible with the help of a concise style.
  • The restrained, strict, and ultra-modern design has been relevant for several years and shows the excellent experience of many companies.
  • Versatility allows you to sell even niche items. For example, the layout is handy for sellers of Arabic aromatic oils and perfumes, religious and ceremonial items of local production in the countries of South Asia, national costumes, etc.
  • The restrained color scheme is especially relevant for bright and multi-colored products. They look great on a gray or white background. We are talking about souvenirs, figurines, decorations, home decor, fabrics, national costumes, etc.

Emphasize your individuality with the help of colorful photos, which look great against the background of the restrained and laconic appearance of pages.

Drag and Drop Content

The technology speeds up the process of filling sections with pictures. You don't need to edit the site code to achieve the desired result. Just drag the photo to the page in editing mode, and new visitors will instantly see the changes.

Why is the helpful feature:

  • It simplifies adding pictures. Download your excellent products from the countries of Persia, Israel, and the Arab Emirates in just a couple of seconds.
  • It speeds up project launch. Quickly show ready-made pages with favorite goods for residents of South Asia and the East.
  • The task of adding a photo can be delegatable to a specialist without programming experience. After all, to upload a photo, he doesn't need to edit the website code or do other complex actions.

Note that the list may be longer. Also, each product has its advantages. Therefore, the feature may not be in the description. Read the goods' description and find what features your chosen template has.

TOP Templates Worthy Of Attention

Please review this material to learn what quality graphics look like and their advantages. Subscribe to the channel. Find many exciting videos from experts.

RTL WordPress Themes FAQ

How to choose RTL WordPress themes?

Get a huge number of options to choose from on MonsterOne. However, it is optional to read about all of them. This process takes many days. Familiarize yourself with options from different web studios by watching a demo. Determine which design best suits your product. Please read the description to make sure all critical technologies are available. Pay attention to compatibility with your CMS. After that, make a decision and download it.

How to download RTL WordPress themes?

If you still need to join our vast library, decide on the tariff at the link. Find out what each option includes. Pay for the first month and immediately start searching for the desired graphics.

Can I edit the template for the website?

Yes, editing is possible. This step is a necessary process. Adjust the external display according to the company's brand and enjoy consistently excellent quality.

How to edit a layout from MonsterOne?

The documentation you received after downloading is a detailed instruction. It has manuals for the most common settings. Follow the instructions from the web developers. In addition, use the service from our specialists at the link.

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