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Best Clean WordPress Themes For A Modern Firm

There are many styles of web design. Minimalism has an unchanging popularity that has lasted for several years and is in great demand. It's simple to perceive, has a pleasant appearance, and can present the product and service effectively. That's why more clean WordPress themes are appearing on the market, which may coolly update the website. With such layouts, even an old web resource gets the necessary modernity, dynamism, and maximum presentability. Forget about the massive amount of graphics, distractions, and other unnecessary things. MonsterOne has something to offer different businesses. Therefore, join our vast library and download only high-quality pictures and designs!

What Are Classic Clean WordPress Themes

The product itself is a template for the site. Its first and most important goal is to update the page's appearance. Immediately after installation, our clients see significant changes.

There are also several main advantages, thanks to which the items are so popular and receive more downloads:

  • Excellent and quick result. Installation takes one day, including placing an order on MonsterOne. You must wait for the email with the layout and instructions and start the process. Settings may take longer. After all, the duration depends on your knowledge and skills in editing the site and working in your content management system. Want to get results even faster? Excellent, we suggest using our remarkable installation and configuration services. Discover the link for all the details.
  • Huge assortment. Visitors see dozens of works from different web studios only on this site. Among such a variety, there is the appearance of the website you are searching for. There is no need to search the Internet for other graphics libraries and stock services. All the best examples of works by authors are on MonsterOne.
  • Low price. Some visitors don't believe it when seeing the cost of the basic tariff. After all, this is like buying two cups of coffee! Also, expand the list of assortment you may receive without limit. Our club members have access to discounts on the well-known TemplateMonster marketplace. Our companies often hold joint actions. Therefore, you get even more content and designs!

Please note all the goods collected above have one common feature - style. It would help if you learned more about it to understand how the appearance fits your business and services. Therefore, read the paragraph below and conclude.

Features Of Restrained Style In Web Design

First, you need to understand what exactly is characteristic and what the finished site looks like.

So, there are some facts by which you immediately recognize this style.

A variety of colors

Usually, an image of a black-and-white version with a sprinkling of bright details appears in the imagination. However, after discovering the examples, people see that color schemes can sometimes be unpredictable.

Strict structure

Even if there is a lot of information in the sections, for example, a news portal, staying on pages is still comfortable. Each block is located in the same way as in the previous one. Therefore, there's no need to get used to another structure when switching to a product or reading an article.

Clear fonts

Readable options are a lot. However, it's necessary to limit the quantity. For example, place a maximum of two options. Play better with color, boldness, italics, and other improvements.

Number of colors

Web designers are creative people. And they, like us, love beauty and variety. However, for the website, such an approach only harms sales and repels people. The two primary colors are relatively rigid restrictions. Sometimes, you need to break it to add charm or to emphasize attention. The background should be calm and restrained, and the bright details must be small.

Uniform image style

Of course, content is the client's responsibility. We advise you to think about picture options. Choose not only the look but also think about the color palette. The images should fit correctly into the ready-made site design.

Clear lines

The external looks are ideal without exaggeration. The authors of our goods did an excellent job of developing each layout — no mistakes, irregularities, or hacks.

These are the main signs by which you recognize the style. Now, you have a better understanding of how clean WordPress themes look. Let's move on to the technical part and find out what else template authors can offer clients.

Advantages Of Super Clean WordPress Themes

Technical characteristics are essential when choosing a layout as its appearance. Therefore, we describe below what features MonsterOne members get when downloading the product.


Only adaptive pages for different devices give you complete coverage of the potential audience. People open websites from any device that is at hand. The blocks must be adjustable to the size of the gadget and be beautiful and readable.


Presentably and conveniently designed sections attract more attention to the articles. Let people read with pleasure valuable materials about the rules of choosing an ATV, clothing size, new toys, and sports nutrition.

Dropdown Menu

The block is the most visible to any visitor. All because of the location in the very center. Therefore, pay special attention when searching for a layout with a convenient and colorful menu.


How else will the potential audience like the company if not with the help of pictures? Publish photo reports from recent events and shoots of a new collection of furniture, shoes, and decorated jewelry.

Google map

By showing where your office is, you gain the support and attention of a potential audience. Businesses with many contacts receive more orders and regular customers.

Drag and Drop Content

Only some members of our library have the skills to edit website code. Therefore, the technology becomes useful when filling the content. It's possible to post pictures without special knowledge of programming. Quickly move the photo from the gadget to the right place on the page. Do this action in editing mode. See all the changes at once.


Some businesses get new customers only thanks to their extensive experience and work they are proud of. Show the best premieres of interior design, tell for which famous person or company you created a project, and new clients will appear immediately.

Retina Ready

Personal screens with increased pixel density are not capable of displaying ordinary non-adaptive images. It's good there are ready-made, clean, responsive WordPress themes, which, after installation, make your photos look great.

Admin Panel

The dashboard for managing orders is convenient, simple, and easy to use. Any seller without experience learns how to register new orders easily with an excellent admin.


The minimalistic and restrained appearance of the layout perfectly copes with the presentation of any business. It's worth adding pictures and choosing a fitting description so that visitors immediately understand what your company does.

Sample content

There is one area for improvement when adding text to a minimalist website template. Some blocks are not immediately visible. Buyers may skip the particular part with descriptions. As a result, the section looks empty and lifeless. Try layouts with features of auto-filled blocks and quickly find places where you need to add data about your product.


The technology of uploading a picture to the site's background is widespread and continues to be in demand. Select the graphic of interest from the link and download it for your project.

Background video

Fantastic promos are also an excellent tool. At the same time, you use different plots and periodically change the materials. Our visitors may find cool and neutral options at the link. Also, upload your promos or recent photoshoots.

Lazy Load effect

This technology is helpful to speed up a heavy website. The images are not loading all at once but, in turn, as the visitor scrolls down or flips through the slider. The feature helps to speed up the operation of your web resource.

Helpful Video About Trademark Templates

The free version is a great chance to save money. Also, remember you may always find a unique paid option for the logo.

Clean WordPress Themes FAQ

Who needs clean WordPress themes?

A similar direction of appearance is considered universal. Therefore, owners can easily use it for any project. However, in our library, there are additional filters for selecting thematic templates by business direction. Accept the tags and see what the authors offer for online stores, car service centers, pet stores, charities, etc.

How to choose clean WordPress themes?

First, watch the demo and learn all the template's details. Secondly, read the description and find information about the features. Some of them you consider irreplaceable, and based on the received data, you'll choose. Remember, the number of downloads within the framework of the selected tariff is unlimited. Therefore, there is an opportunity to return to creating a suitable layout at any time.

Do I need to update themes clean WordPress?

No, all the work web developers do ultimately.

Is there support for templates?

Yes, the authors help with any questions buyers cannot receive from the manuals. Feel free to write according to the support schedule, which you may find in the product description.

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