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Best Mobile WordPress Themes To Grab The Attention

The constant growth in the number of smartphone users is no longer surprising. Many facts gave the impetus for this trend. Among the most significant were the releases of convenient and multifunctional devices and the development of high-speed Internet coverage for phones. That is why you need to look closely at the products in the collection above today. Their targeting of the audience among smartphone users allows you to pump up the business and, as a result, get more profit. Therefore, choose the best mobile WordPress themes on MonsterONE. With us, you get more than a ready-made design.

Who Needs Mobile WordPress Themes

Such layouts look great on small devices. Now, you can reach an audience not only among PC and laptop owners. Cool templates are perfect for the following types of activities:

  • Online stores.
  • Manufacturers.
  • Organizers of events.
  • Construction companies.
  • Hospitals.
  • Drug suppliers.
  • Medical workers.
  • Consulting.
  • Banks and insurance companies.
  • Delivery services.
  • Assistance in moving.
  • Online games.
  • IT-companies.

The spheres are different. One common desire of all the businesses mentioned above is to reach the maximum potential audience. Our goods perfectly cope with this task!

Advantages Of Mobile WordPress Themes

There is no doubt about the usefulness of the finished design. After all, its main tasks are the following:

  • Saving time.
  • Excellent result.
  • Small spending of money with maximum benefit.

Thus, cooperating with MonsterOne is a profitable solution. A separate plus is an unlimited number of downloads. After all, depending on the tariff, you load as many goods as you like from the assortment specified in the payment plan.

Separate advantages of the designs are the presence of many functions and improvements, which the site receives immediately after installation. Read more about some features below. Learn what the essence of each is and will be able to decide on its necessity.


This point is another plus on the way to expanding the potential audience. Installing the layout on the site gives the pages the flexibility that allows them to adjust to any screen size. Thus, the appearance of the sections remains attractive, and viewing information is convenient.


This separate layout for the section allows you to present the company's news in a beautiful and presentable way. Publish any materials useful for readers. Depending on your type of business, it may describe choosing an insurance company rate, determining clothing sizes, or how to properly order food for a pet.

Google map

It's a proven point that the more contacts indicated on the site, the more trust you gain from visitors. This thought especially applies to the address of the official office and the presence of a city telephone number. Therefore, show the location on the map and demonstrate that you are keeping the firm's office from clients.

Dropdown Menu

The element plays a significant role for the external species. After all, it is well visible immediately after opening the site. Therefore, when viewing the demo, please pay attention to the element details as far as they fit in style and color.


Want to show projects to more people? Upload pictures to the section so visitors can appreciate your skill.

Drag and Drop Content

The technology is helpful for those businesses where you need to add many images to sections. Editing code takes a lot of time. The feature allows you to speed up the process. After all, to add a photo now, you must drag it to the right place on the page in editing mode. Voila. All changes are saved instantly.


This set of tools helps you to create stunning templates that meet modern requirements. It's beneficial not only for developers but also for buyers of layouts. After all, using them is convenient and straightforward.


Do you have a niche business? Select this feature. The feature talks about the appearance's universality, which suits many businesses. Connoisseurs of the most laconic and clean design will also like such designs.

Retina Ready

Let the images look fantastic on gadget screens with increased pixel density. Upload a template with this feature to help the site adapt to similar devices.

Admin panel

The dashboard is a great place to store customer order data and track delivery. Also, the function is suitable for adjusting databases of potential audiences.

Sample content

The authors of the layouts added text to the blocks. See them after installation. Please replace them with new information for selecting goods or services. The feature helps you quickly find fine blocks to change the data with your own.


This point is a complex of innovations that make the site more technological. For example, elegant, intelligent search in an online store or the download speed becomes faster.

Background video

Want to impress the viewer as much as possible? Add a promo to show different collections of clothes and shoes, demonstrate everyday work in the office, or a visual guide to find a car insurance rate.


Another way to diversify the background is to fix a picture there. As a result, text scrolls faster, and the background image is slower. Such an effect renders unforgettable viewing impressions, especially if you choose beautiful photos.

Video About Installing WordPress Templates

Watch the guide to learn how to use similar goods. There is a lot of helpful material for other CMS on the channel. Subscribe!

Mobile WordPress Themes FAQ

How to choose a suitable template for a website?

Firstly, the demo helps you learn all the pros and cons of the appearance. If there are more advantages, then the product is worth downloading. Secondly, it's necessary to read the list of characteristics. It can be different in each layout.

How to download mobile WordPress themes?

Receive the graphics in just a couple of minutes. If you are already a club member, click the Download button. For unregistered users, you must decide on the tariff and categories of goods you want. Discover conditions via the link, pay, and download unlimitedly!

Is it possible to edit mobile WordPress themes?

Yes, you get many different settings. Create a unique look for your project.

How to set up designs from MonsterOne?

Read the instructions received by email after clicking the Download button. There are manuals for all the most popular applications. We also offer our installation and editing services via the link. Don't hesitate to seek help from professionals.

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