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Instagram WordPress Themes

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Best Instagram WordPress Themes For Businesses

MonsterOne is the source of many graphics that keep up with the times. As new technology appears on the horizon, our library tries to load mock-ups with it as quickly as possible. The modern world cannot exist without social networks. Many businesses develop and grow with the help of this communication channel. Some companies even start their activity exclusively by creating their page. Today, we present Instagram WordPress themes that transform your understanding and work strategy with this media. Yes, Facebook and Twitter are essential for many firms. Print editions are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. People search for information precisely in the news feeds of social networks. Therefore, take the time to look at the products above to find out their personalities, and be sure to download the most incredible graphics on MonsterOne.

What Are Instagram WordPress Themes

A template is a file with designs for each section of your site. In the collection above, you see modern appearance examples for different types of activity. The demo shows more feminine and delicate looks for selling underwear, jewelry, or cosmetics. There is also a bright and accented appearance for creating a universal resume for different professions. We also remember restrained options with a cold color scheme, perfect for men's clothing sellers, eco-goods, etc. The list will increase.

The layouts for the site give the following pros:

  • They quickly put all the information in order and organized the structure. The logically and consistently submitted data sometimes affects the number of orders.
  • They make the pages more modern.
  • It gives the buyer many opportunities to edit the appearance.
  • Templates provide the company with a beautiful design that people like.
  • The website receives more technology and functions after installation.

The distinguishing feature of all products above is active integration with social networks. Therefore, if the business lacks this audience, please join our library and download the colorful and stunning layouts above. In addition, you can also upload a lot of helpful graphics for Facebook content by the link.

Who Needs Instagram WordPress Themes

Templates are popular among many companies. At the same time, sometimes, the sphere of activity or categories of goods and services differ significantly. Among the buyers of the above goods and those who want to get bigger coverage of the potential audience with the help of social networks are the following:

  • Online stores for women's goods.
  • Interior decor.
  • Underwear.
  • Clothing and accessories.
  • Dishes and kitchen utensils.
  • Makeup and perfumes.
  • Skin and body care.
  • Sports shoes.
  • Clothing and food for animals.
  • Goods for babies.

People make such inexpensive purchases very often. Therefore, business owners want to expand and advertise their excellent creams, books, vases, pots, and food using Facebook or messengers.

Advantages Of Instagram WordPress themes

Like other layouts in our library, the ones presented above have several improvements. These features significantly help the business to develop and make the site more adaptable to the realities and requirements of the modern world. Below, we'll describe several essential advantages that you should look for in the description of templates.


The feature covers users of all types of gadgets - all thanks to the flexibility of the pages, which look excellent and perfect on a large computer or a small smartphone. Pay special attention to this feature.

Dropdown Menu

The block is quite visible and located at the top of the website. Therefore, its appearance plays a significant role. It changes the element's design and how it will match the logo.


Write interesting articles about your business. Add keywords to the text to get to the top of Google. Such an approach will help to advance faster.


Beautiful pictures show the goods from a favorable angle. The layout of this section helps make the presentation of ready-made projects or new collections of clothes even more impressive.


A calm color scheme, clean design, and simple lines make such a layout universal. In addition to ready-made options for Instagram, buyers get even more chances to be liked by the audience. After all, when buying such a template, everything is focused on the offered product.

Admin Panel

The dashboard helps you save your order data. Show your salespeople how to fill out reports; employees are happy to do the job. After all, using a simple admin panel is a pleasure.


The feature gives you many valuable additions to the online store. For example, buyers can get an intelligent search for goods on the site, wish lists, faster loading speed of sections, and more.

Google map

The block can be helpful to show the office's location or offline store. This way, people immediately understand whether you are far or close to their home.

Retina Ready

Now, the images look great on gadgets with screens with increased pixel density. Expand your audience to users of Apple gadgets.

Interesting Video About Adding Instagram Feed to WordPress Page

Learn how to move helpful content from your social network. Watch more materials on the channel and subscribe!

Instagram WordPress themes FAQ

How to choose Instagram WordPress themes?

Look at the demo and ensure that all the details of the external appearance suit you. Remember also about editability. Therefore, correct the details after installation if they need to look better. If global editing is required, searching for a stupid layout is easier. At the end, read the characteristics. Now, decide on the most suitable variant!

How to download a template on MonsterOne?

First, you need to become a member of our library. If you still need to register, view the tariffs on the link and choose the appropriate one. Immediately after payment, you can download the accessible assortment. Remember, we don't limit you to the number of graphics, so download unlimited!

Is there support for Instagram WordPress themes?

The author of the product provides the service. Take advantage of the support for one year for free!

How to set up MonsterOne templates?

Just read the documentation from the web developer. The manual provides detailed instructions on changing colors, aligning text, adding dashes, etc. Order the service on our website using the link if you want to devote time to other tasks.

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