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Dropdown Menu 21
Google map 21
Gallery 19
Multipurpose 19
Advanced Theme Options 19
Website Builder 19
Mobile Layout Included 18
Drag and Drop Content 18
Sample content 17
Retina Ready 16
Performance Optimization 14
Portfolio 13
JQuery 12
One click installation 12
Parallax 11
Forum 10
Bootstrap 8
Ajax 8
Tabs 8
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Lazy Load effect 5
MegaMenu 5
Background video 5
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Quickstart Package 5
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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 2
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Completely JS 1
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Ecwid 8
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7.5.x 5
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Be Bold on the Web with WordPress Community Themes

Welcome to MonsterONE, your gateway to a world full of WordPress community themes. Purchasing from such a seasoned market player in the digital asset universe assures you that your social networking website or local portal will be completely current with today's tech trends. And all this is done via sparkling templates. Their outstanding features are not limited to just aesthetic avenues. They also combine social media integration and search engine optimization seamlessly for stronger online visibility. Truly, transforming your web portal into a site containing elements of significant design progress was never simpler!

Advantages of the Best Community WordPress Theme


A social community WordPress theme usually costs less than $100 for the whole website. In contrast, hiring an agency or a designer may cost thousands of dollars for one site.


Enjoy immediate time savings from ready-made designs and components, including personalized fonts, color schemes, sidebars, and media libraries. Such a set helps content creation faster than was ever thought possible.

Professional Look

The designs are sleek and modern. Plus, they are customizable and come with professional-grade features. In addition, these tools enable users to develop a high-quality web presence that fully meets the needs of a specific customer.

Professional Support

Be assured that you can always get dependable help from developers and marketplace experts should any unexpected problems occur in the setup process.

Who and How Benefits from the Best WordPress Community Theme?

The answer is simple: everyone who wants to create a social presence fast. These could include:

  • Small businesses seeking customers’ participation and commentary in comment sections or discussion forums towards a brand or product.
  • Nonprofits seeking an inexpensive platform to manage contributions and communicate with prospective donors or charitable partners.
  • Churches, schools, sports groups, and other smaller organizations that require web hosting yet do not have enough money for it.
  • Politicians looking for other channels of communication besides telephone calls and ways to interact with the electorate online in real-time.
  • Online dating services that are intended to offer users a conducive environment where they can meet and create relationships.
  • Clubs/associations seeking more than just blog posts and clubs.

Key Features of WordPress Community Themes

First off, it is user-friendliness and easy customization. WordPress's admin panel has user-friendly tools as well as a drag-and-drop capability that lets anyone make any changes without much hassle.

Meanwhile, some of the most advanced plugins accompany these premium-grade templates. The add-ons add extra functionality and enable users to incorporate dynamic functionalities like forums and e-commerce options, among others. They are all ready to use immediately, without the need for coding skills.

What's more, the best community theme for WordPress is always responsive across devices. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether a website is accessed via mobile or desktop. In other words, it will always provide an optimal user experience every time and therefore boost conversion rates as well.

Equally important, templates are SEO-friendly. This has been made to receive high grades from search engine crawlers and, hence, maximum online visibility. This gives you better competitive share performance compared to rivals.

Last but not least, the front-end editor allows for instant changes live. Such ability gives businesses little time to fall behind their competitors.

Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for a Community Website: Step-by-Step Help

With the increased popularity of online communities, the necessity of developing WordPress themes tailored to their specific requirements is becoming critical. To make sure your site has a successful foundation, here are some tips to follow as you pick a suitable template:

  1. Before one embarks on searching for web design, it is imperative to understand what kind of network you are creating. Is it Internet dating, a platform to ask questions, an open-minded group, or something else? Hence, you would do well to prepare a little beforehand and make sure that the samples you chose are suitable based on these criteria.
  2. Make sure that you find a layout with which you are comfortable. You should also be able to customize it to suit your brand. Just make sure it has all the right features, like the voting system, the comment or activity feed, or whatever.
  3. Ensure it focuses on usability. After all, allowing your users to obtain information with a click or two and little hassle.
  4. Read reviews and check ratings. Before deciding on a particular style, be sure to obtain the opinions of those who have used the product before you. Moreover, there are overall rating scores that reflect the “big picture” of the vendor's reliability.
  5. Compare subscription plans. MonsterONE offers different subscription plans, so which should you choose? In particular, there are two plans for WordPress designs: All-in-One and All-in-One Pro. In addition to the benefits of the former, the latter also provides such extras as free use of the Weblium website builder and the website prototyping tool.

So, you're one step closer now! By following these rules, you will have a smooth and healthy online space that promotes good relations between its users in a secure digital space!

Most-Bought Items in the Category


Conference is a contemporary yet versatile landing page template suitable for events, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, and so on. It offers 12 blocks of content along with a great interface design that is friendly for all browsers and devices. One can easily edit it using Elementor without having coding experience. Plus, you'll enjoy fast loading speeds for both mobiles and desktops, which gives you a step ahead.


For an eSport gaming website, there is no better solution than Playoza. Its colorful nature and functional strength will enable users to create a very professional spot to exchange their encounters among themselves. In particular, it offers an intuitive interface for navigation, modern web layouts, and a gamer’s profile that ensures that your game portal is among the best.


Question & Answer offers a place to ask professional advice from someone in the industry as you develop a virtual network with other people in your field of interest. You can create interactive groups using the 21 autoresponders that are included in it. Build strong sites with deep knowledge, meaningful conversations, and resources tailored to their audience!


UnionHUB is a sample with a Jet plugin bundle and impressive customization options, which together make a great coworking space. Employ the JetMenu plugin to generate stylish menus with drop-down sections and the JetTricks support to add visual effects to your pages. Plus, JetTricks will instantly add effects while you design using the sophisticated tools of JetThemeCore.


Magnifio caters to magicians, circus performers, and managers of magic shows. The package provides means for promoting your business and describing your magic shows. Elementor Page Builder produces events on both single and front pages with more than a hundred elements and widgets. Also, there is an extra package of plugins for modern-day functionality.

Best Practices for an Online Community WordPress Theme

Since online communities are rapidly increasing, many organizations use WordPress community themes as part of their branding efforts. Many others have become successful in using these digital venues to communicate and interact with their customers or prospects. To help you make the most of this advancement, here we discuss a few best practices on how to use these assets effectively:

  • Incorporate multimedia elements into your design to catch the attention of those who frequent social media sites.
  • Provide simple navigation that even members from various backgrounds will understand.
  • Optimize loading speed to avoid frustrating users with slow pages/posts. For example, use PageSpeed Insights.
  • Do not go too far in making customizations because excessive features may only slow down the user experience. In essence, stick to very few plugins. This also impacts the speed of loading.
  • Ensures regular updates with a focus on maintaining quality control. Fresh content helps engage the audience, making it more likely for conversion.
  • Finally, consider the overall presentation with an eye on visuals; however, be mindful of your usability elements.

The 10 Most Recent Website Design Tendencies To Keep An Eye On

Learn the latest in web design and beyond with this video. You can be as creative as you want to be by having awesome gradients, fantastic animation, and interesting scrolling as you attract more customers to your site.

WordPress Community Themes: Frequently Asked Questions

What types of WordPress community themes are available?

The topics range from dating to churches, nonprofits, politics, games, and so on. You can choose from modern styles with multiple customization options to sleek, minimalist designs that focus on content.

Is it possible to customize WordPress community themes?

Of course, you can customize it to your heart's content by choosing colors, fonts, and layout so that visitors to the site will get the feeling you want them to.

Do these WP themes have forums or social media sharing capabilities?

In fact, many of them are already equipped with plug-ins for forum building and social networking.

What makes this category superior to other WP designs?

They are intended for users to access services, including messaging, forums, polls, quizzes, etc. Other features assist with more advanced marketing measures, including direct-mail campaigns and newsletters that permit companies to target potential customers worldwide.

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