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Lazy Load effect 7
HTML plus JS 6
Forum 6
Gallery 5
Tabs 5
Portfolio 5
Mobile Layout Included 5
Admin Panel 5
Website Builder 5
Completely JS 4
Background video 4
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Parallax 3
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Discover Top-Notch Custom WordPress Themes from MonsterONE for Your Unique Projects

Modern companies are in constant competition for customer attention. Firms try to impress the audience with a large assortment, affordable prices, and friendly service. The innovative tool in the fight for popularity is the website. These days, having an online presence is a growing necessity that allows businesses to break new ground. This trend creates a mountain of work for web studios, which receive requests for launching a unique resource with individual features. Are you also in this field and want to optimize the workflow? In this case, you need high-quality materials to build pages and graphic elements quickly. Should you buy all the layouts separately with different licenses or develop them yourself? Choose a more cost-effective and rational solution: custom WordPress themes from MonsterONE!

The bottom line is that layouts are the ideal basis for the future site. They offer an attractive appearance, powerful functionality, and high quality for your development. With mockups, you don’t need to bother developing from scratch, which significantly speeds up the process and quality of order fulfillment. Moreover, thanks to custom theme development WordPress, you get many more benefits and opportunities to implement your ideas than with a standard template. This approach allows you to introduce unique widgets and functionality and adapt the layout to all client requests. How does it work, and where to find the best assets for your projects? It's time to figure out all the subtleties! 

Briefly about MonsterONE Membership 

Nowadays, clients want to get high-quality results at an affordable price and in the shortest possible time. It is a real challenge for web studios as their developers build masterpieces and realize customers' desires at the highest level. Of course, the stumbling block is that good quality requires time and effort. Therefore, you should find a tool to speed up the entire process and optimize the workflow. Buying ready-made templates with licenses costs a pretty penny while developing a base from scratch takes time. Taking into account all the needs of clients, TemplateMonster presents a revolutionary service: MonsterONE membership.

It is the most cost-effective option that provides an excellent boost for your team through hundreds of thousands of ready-made solutions. MonsterONE works like a subscription, where, for one payment, you download products from the selected package. Thus, by joining a membership, you have unlimited assets for all your projects, including custom WordPress themes. What are the benefits? Judge for yourself: the average price of a template varies around $70. With a subscription, you can access over 301,100 professional products for just $13 per month with an annual package.

See more benefits below:

  • Affordable price. Membership does not have sky-high prices, so it is available to every entrepreneur. The cost starts from $7.40 per month and increases depending on the content and duration of the tariff. So, everyone chooses the best option for their business.
  • Extensive assortment. The most modern and professional solutions for more than $500,000 are here! Are you planning to start an online store or blog? The collection offers many options for any purpose.
  • 24/7 support. You don’t have to worry about problems since reliable specialists are always ready to give detailed answers to all your questions.

Why Do Users Appreciate Custom WordPress Themes?

Let's start with the fact that WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs for development. Many users prefer this platform for its flexibility, versatility, and simplicity. Along with a visually clear interface, the system offers a comprehensive toolkit for launching a full-fledged resource with innovative widgets and design elements. It makes it a universal variant for users with different skill levels, from IT beginners to coding professionals. One of the undeniable benefits is the availability of many builders to deal with content. They allow you to customize parts without going deep into the code but simply moving them around. Do you want to deal with block-based Gutenberg user-friendly Elementor? Determine the most convenient editor for you to enjoy the process.

WordPress custom themes make the experience with the system as easy as possible. They provide a look, functionality, and navigation for your projects. This approach saves a lot of time and helps you get professional results. Do you need a blog for a news portal or a booking form for a hotel site? All widgets are at your service! Moreover, you customize them, add new features, and add your twist with a convenient editor and a collection of plugins.

What exactly custom WordPress themes are good at is flair and individuality. Thanks to their compatibility with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, they are the best basis for realizing any wishes. Unlike standard mockups, these assets are ready to add various complex functions, interface elements, or widgets. Do you want to equip your resource with an advanced search with special filters or add options for the booking form? With these assets, it couldn't be easier. So, they allow you to embody all the client’s ideas and launch masterpieces. Try it and see for yourself!

Custom WordPress Theme Builder - Features & Benefits

Templates from the MonsterONE collection are of high quality. Before entering the platform, they undergo detailed testing for performance and serviceability. With this approach, you get only the best options with excellent appearance and powerful functionality. With the optimization of widgets and blocks, they work like a well-coordinated mechanism and do not cause bugs. It allows you to enjoy a smooth performance without being distracted by long loading times or slowdowns.

The main highlight that makes templates a must-have for your web studio is plugins that allow you to implement advanced functionality. They are fully customizable and amenable to any changes. It applies not only to the appearance but also to the features of the future website. Using your skills and preferences, you quickly build real masterpieces using mockups as the basis. See more benefits here:

Fully responsive layout

Modern users browse sites and make purchases on the go in a park or a taxi. That is why pages have an urgent need to display content correctly on all gadgets. The layouts consider this trend and look perfect on any device, including tablets and laptops.


Do you want to be at the top of search results and receive organic traffic? It is crucial to get an active audience and increase income. Set up SEO for all pages and enjoy high traffic.

Dropdown menu

Custom WordPress themes have a clean interface and fast navigation. With a convenient menu in the form of a drop-down list, you place all links and categories clearly and without cluttering up the space on the page.


The collection offers many products with different designs and features. Thanks to such diversity, they allow you to realize many goals and build sites for cafes or construction companies.


Templates with MonsterONE are legal and do not require additional fees to sell your projects. So, you pay once for a subscription and do not worry about further investments.

Drag and drop 

All custom WordPress themes are fully customizable. Moreover, thanks to flexible page builders, you don't need to interact with the code to edit details. Just drag and drop elements and enjoy the result.

Blog module

Post engaging articles about your services or products to tell more about your services, help customers make decisions, and gain their trust. In addition, SEO-optimized texts help increase traffic.


Photos of your team and recent projects are a great way to add interactivity to your site and make it more engaging.

eCommerce functionality

Many layouts are compatible with WooCommerce and allow you to launch a full-fledged online store with all the features for convenient shopping. Do you want to add a wishlist or different payment systems? No problem!

Web forms

Contact, newsletter, registration, and login forms help to establish communication, start marketing strategies, and make your platform as user-friendly as possible.

Regular updates

The authors update the custom WordPress themes MonsterONE collection and provide innovative mockups free of charge.

24/7 technical support

Reliable experts will accompany you at all stages of interaction with MonsterONE and its products. Are you choosing a tariff plan for your studio? Contact pre-sales experts to ask questions. Do you have trouble with your product? The authors are always ready to fix problems as soon as possible.

How to Get Custom WordPress Themes for Free Download?

Have you appreciated all the advantages and want unlimited access to premium assets? It is an excellent decision that will have a strong positive impact on your career! With the MonsterONE package, you save big and have the best products for your projects at your disposal. This collection contains many assets, from graphics, 3D models, and audio files to website mockups and plugins. At the same time, you don’t have to pay too much since membership has an affordable price and a flexible system of discounts.

How to join a subscription, and how to choose the perfect template? Here are some tips for you:

Define key goals

First and foremost, determine your basic preferences and goals to find a suitable tariff with the right content and price. How much are you willing to invest, and what products do you want to receive? Decide on the details to find the best option for you.

Select a pricing plan

MonsterONE offers three pricing plans with different duration, content, and price. They are suitable for many purposes and contain premium solutions. Please note that any tariff provides reliable support and regular updates. Check out all the details to find the package that best suits your preferences:

  • Creative. Do you deal with graphic content and are looking for materials for your storytelling, logos, or presentations? Then this package is a treasury for you! It provides more than 146,000 professional assets, including photos, videos, logos, audio, 3D models, etc. All of these products are available on an annual or monthly basis. It is ideal for a blogger, SMM specialist, or marketer who works with content and is looking for improvised material for bright and unique posts. Please note that this plan only includes graphics and does not provide access to templates or plugins.
  • All-in-One. If you are looking for a more advanced offer for your company, this pack is ideal. The point is that with graphics, 3D models, and video, it offers mockups and plugins for different platforms, including WordPress and Shopify. Here, you will find custom WordPress themes for free download. The highlight is that the package is available for annual and lifetime subscriptions. Pay attention to the second option if you connect your career with web design.
  • All-in-One Pro. This new proposal has already won the hearts of many developers thanks to its unique content. Together with graphics and templates, you access Weblium and Draftium and top-notch goodies for them, such as setting up a domain or AI writing articles for your resource. It is available for an annual subscription and offers the latest features for your business.


Have you weighed the pros and cons and chosen the best option for your company? It's time to proceed to payment! Set the desired duration on your package and click Join Now. Next, enter your contact information and select a convenient payment method, for example, PayPal or Debit Card. After activating your subscription, you get access to free downloads of custom WordPress themes from the tariff and enjoy the entire range of products.

Choose the best layout 

The platform’s collections contain real web masterpieces that are worth your attention. All of them have high quality and premium functionality to achieve your goals. How to determine the option suitable for a project that meets all the client’s wishes? Follow simple steps:

  • Formulate your goals and wishes. What is the scale of the future site, what functionality do you need to implement, and who is the target audience of the resource? Decide on all the details to move forward with a clear plan.
  • State your preferences in the sidebar. Set tags, colors, features, and compatibility options to reduce search time and see products that match your criteria.
  • Go to the page and study all the material. Try the demo, read the description, and check the reviews to make sure of all the details. Contact pre-sales experts if you have additional questions or doubts.
  • Have you checked all the details? Download the layout and start customizing! If an asset doesn’t suit you during the process, don’t despair. Download another mockup completely free to try all the options for yourself!

Building a Resource with Custom WordPress Themes - Tips & Tricks

The start of any project is a real challenge for developers. It requires combining high quality with customer ideas. Moreover, your task is more than constructing attractive pages: you should present a holistic resource with a clear concept and smooth performance. So, developing pages, implementing widgets, adding features, and filling out the catalog falls on your shoulders. Moreover, performance optimization of pages is an urgent issue, as clients are eager to get a fast and bug-free resource. Where to start to overcome all the challenges quickly? Arm yourself with a few simple tips and follow these steps:


The first thing a client pays attention to when visiting a website is its appearance, which is why you should ensure that your resource looks harmonious and modern. Moreover, it is crucial to embody a corporate style to increase brand awareness and emphasize its identity. To achieve these goals, arm with a convenient drag-and-drop editor and start customizing. Choose appropriate colors and stick to them on all pages. Also, work on the typography so that all the inscriptions look readable and pleasing. Use trendy elements, graphics, or 3D shapes if you want some flair for the project.


Undoubtedly, a strong brand identity plays a role in the success. Therefore, the site should become a business card with colors, logos, and features. Equip your pages with all the corporate elements, including slogans and images, to increase recognition.


Functionality is of great importance. Fill the layout with unique features that provide a pleasant experience with the company and help you complete all tasks quickly and without hassle. Are you working on a project for a medical center? In this case, you cannot do without a convenient booking form for an appointment with a doctor. Is your future resource a marketplace? Then, add different payment systems, a convenient catalog, and an improved search with filters. Also, optimize the pages so that all the material loads quickly and does not slow down the site.


Fill the resource with unique content. Add information about your services and products and their benefits. Also, use photos to visualize the product. Introduce your team to the audience and talk about the expertise of all employees. Another effective trick is blogging. Engaging articles help attract your audience, create contact with them, and increase traffic. Update content regularly to keep up to date and meet customer needs.


Launch marketing campaigns and advertisements. Among the top strategies is mailing notifications about the arrival of goods or upcoming sales. Another point is SEO optimization, which allows you to raise your site to the top of search results. Finally, use advertising from Google or social networks to let as many people as possible know about your activities. Good luck!

Custom WordPress Themes from ONE VS Free Layouts

Let's start with the fact that MonsterOne presents only high-quality assets to your attention. All layouts are subject to careful testing by specialists to offer you only premium functionality. They have high performance, unique functionality, and integration with premium plugins for top-notch features. Moreover, with ONE, you get reliable support from specialists, with which you do not need to worry about problems or bugs. You may always contact the authors or the TemplateMonster team to fix problems and move on to more pressing tasks for your business.

At the same time, free layouts cannot offer such extensive functionality and unique appearance. They are poorly optimized and often experience bugs. It is not the best option for large businesses that rely on excellent quality. Moreover, free assets do not offer technical support, so in case of problems, consultation with specialists will not be available. However, there are several cases for which they are an acceptable solution:

  • educational project;
  • training in dealing with the platform;
  • startup.

In other cases, premium solutions win and are the ideal choice for your company. It is a worthwhile investment in your career that brings income and satisfied clients. Try it and see for yourself!

Building a Digital Marketing Website with Elementor AI

Are you keeping up with the times and want to try this technology to develop your resources? Discover Elementor AI! It is a truly revolutionary tool that allows you to look at content creation in a new way. How to deal with this mechanism, and what are its secrets? All the information is in the fascinating video from TemplateMonster! Follow the link to study all the material and create your masterpiece. Enjoy watching!

Custom WordPress Themes FAQ

What are custom WordPress themes?

These are ready-made templates for developing a full-fledged website with unique functionality or interface elements. Thanks to the plugin integration, you may implement any desired feature into the layout, including an expanded menu or search form, to bring all your ideas to life.

Can I edit custom WordPress themes?

Yes. All assets are fully customizable, so you edit the necessary elements, including colors or fonts. It allows you to embody your corporate style and all your ideas.

Do I get custom WordPress themes in the Creative plan?

No. The Creative package includes graphics, 3D models, audio, and video. It is an excellent option for bloggers and content creators. If you want templates and plugins, choose All-in-One or All-in-One Pro packages.

What if I have problems with custom WordPress themes?

Don't worry. Contact the authors or the TemplateMonster support team to fix the problems and move on to more crucial tasks.

The All-in-One Membership

Get top-notch themes, high-quality extensions and professional support in MonsterONE

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