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Landing Page Templates

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Enjoy Gorgeous Landing Page HTML Templates with ONE Membership

Are you looking for an eye-catching main page? Please take advantage of our stylish themes! Everyone agrees that the first impression plays a huge role, and there is no exception when it comes to a website. As time passes, many businesses move to E-commerce platforms because of the topicality of superior state-of-art technologies. Imagine you have a growing business, and just one ugly low-quality appearance of the product’s web page can easily scare your customers. Having almost no computing skills, what can you do? That is why we offer you a diversity of ready-to-use landing page HTML templates for all purposes.

Our designers embody all the best decisions in TemplateMonster items. We care for each client, and that is the reason for our comprehensive product availability. There are such options: photography, business, pet, education, sport, fashion, beauty, food, entertainment, and many other templates, which you can find on the left topics' column. We aim to satisfy everyone’s needs and advance our company by gaining a good name for our top items.

Exceptional Features of Landing Page HTML Templates

As we said before, the themes do not require any special computing skills. That is the main feature, but we are willing to familiarize you with many additional ones:

  • Bootstrap — simple coding, fewer bugs, easy to use web design tools;
  • Full Responsiveness — themes are available on any device (phone, tablet, or PC);
  • Visual Editor — change the number and color of layouts containers, columns, and rows;
  • Appointment Booking — become closer to your clients;
  • Novi Builder — drag and drop functionality, multiple free templates, and plugins;
  • Admin Panel — now all actions are under your control;
  • Convenient Slider — guarantees comfortable use;
  • Retina Ready — accessible for high pixel density screens;
  • Ecwid Ready — simplifies the process of online selling;
  • Sample Data Installer — opt for a simulation of your dream web;
  • WPML Ready — your theme is already multilingual with this plugin;
  • Multipurpose — we also have some neutral templates assets;
  • Open Framework — discover creative coding;
  • Ajax — creating fast and dynamic web pages technique;
  • Canvas Animation;
  • Schedule;
  • Pop-up Manager;
  • Elementor Page Builder;
  • CV, and many more.

TemplateMonster is one of the most significant IT services and product providers. We have been on the market for over 18 years, and our staff reaches the number of 7000+. And the good reputation assures the quality of the items.

Moreover, purchasing a Monster ONE subscription, you will get all our items at once!

Landing Page Templates Free Downloading with ONE

Instead of buying one expensive template, you can now afford all our premium products at once. TemplateMonster created a new system which is called MonsterONE. The process is simple:

  1. Select a suitable ONE plan.
  2. Verify the payment way
  3. Pay for a subscription (monthly or annual one) by PayPal or with a credit card;
  4. Enjoy unlimited downloads of the best-rated products.

With ONE membership, you get not only landing page HTML templates but also:

  • Best-selling WordPress Themes;
  • Video Assets;
  • Audio Assets;
  • WooStroid2 WooCommerce Assets;
  • CMS and E-commerce Themes;
  • Cool Shopify Samples;
  • Cut and Dried Magento items;
  • Popular Straightforward Plugins;
  • Add-ons;
  • Easily Customized Graphic Assets;
  • Convenient Web Tools;
  • Free Stock Photos, Images, Illustrations, Banners, Icons, and many more.

A small contribution in the future is to make your business thrive, therefore life, better.

Who May Use Our Products?

TemplateMonster items are famous for their multi-functionality. They are right for:

  1. Trade and services business owners;
  2. Starting web designers;
  3. Artists and photographers;
  4. Company representers;
  5. Agencies;
  6. Studios;
  7. Private clinics;
  8. Events managers;
  9. Consulting services, and many others.

However, if you do not consider yourself under any of the categories, there are other solutions we are willing to offer. For instance, being our member, you are welcome to use the following items:

  • CV themes;
  • Presentation templates;
  • Portfolio themes 
  • Resume templates etc.

The multiplicity aims to be suitable for anyone. Moreover, the Monster ONE subscription is extremely affordable. Even a student, who is generally in need of such templates, could buy it.  

 ONE Membership Pricing

We offer you a new cut and dried system of ONE subscription without additional charges. All our top products are accessible without any restrictions. There three different plans due to your needs and preferences.



  • Rich graphics and design web tools;
  • A variety of presentation themes from PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google;
  • Numerous video and audio web tools;
  • Limitless projects opportunities;
  • One year of professional technical customer support.

Get all these features for hilarious money! Just a small contribution of $82 per year will significantly boost your business. It is only $6.80 a month. Skip three cups of coffee, and you will afford the subscription and, therefore, all the templates for the price of one!


This plan is the most featured. Moreover, it has reduced the price from $19 per month to $14.90. That is a real bargain! Resist one-weekend trip and enjoy annual ($179) membership with such a diversity of characteristics:

  • Modern looking WordPress and CMS themes;
  • Customer-catching Ecommerce themes (WooCommerce, Magento, well-known Shopify, PrestaShop);
  •  Plugins for Elementor are included as well;
  • Graphics and design assets;
  • Video and audio assets;
  • Unlimited number of projects;
  • Outstanding stock illustrations, images, banners, icons, and so on;
  •  Supporting staff is always ready to provide help regarding any questions occupied for one year;

It must be more beneficial to subscribe than buy each product separately because, after subscribing, you get to make an unlimited number of free downloads.


We are not joking! Buying only one membership, you will obtain all the options the All-in-one plan includes for an unlimited amount of time! And our offer costs just as several of TemplateMonster themes at once — $599. Nonetheless, purchasing the subscription doesn’t ban you from the products’ updates. You get all today and future developments for a one-time payment. Use our services for the company and personal purposes for an extensive amount of time. 

Mobile-Friendly Landing Page HTML Templates

Sitting at the desk may not be such a pleasant thing. People now have smartphones and tablets which cope with all the routine tasks not worse than a PC. We do not need to spend the time watching the long process of the computer turning on. A mobile phone is more convenient in such situations, just several taps and you are there. Now we can check out anything quickly without additional efforts. People often shop or order some services online while resting or running their daily affairs. The reasons for your web item to be adaptive: 

  • Ranking improvement, search engines are in love with mobile-friendly webs. They put them on top places;
  • Engaging simplicity — customers usually prefer nonobstructive navigation;
  • Traffic increment — the more devices, the more clients;
  • The mobile version of a website is now a common tendency. This feature inspires confidence in your sample. People feel cared for and are sure of the quality you provide.

 Our reputation builds itself on the best attitude to customers. Look at our web! 

Landing Page HTML Templates Cross Browser Compatibility

Just imagine you are looking for some products or services on the web. You come to the website and see tiny letters and terrific graphics. What would you do? Probably, the searching process will be continued and ended on another web page. That is why TemplateMonster put so much effort into cross-browser compatibility. If people can’t see your web product on different browsers, your web page loses 20-30% traffic. Every person has his/her browser preferences. Poor website representation and availability will definitely reduce conversions. That is the main reason we are making our products reachable from all browsers, from all devices. 

Landing Page HTML Templates SEO Optimization 

Why is it important? Because:

  1. SE optimization keeps your web high in search engines;
  2. It increases traffic and therefore demand for a product;
  3. Without SEO, a web owner must invest in a costly advertisement campaign to bring attention to his services;
  4. This tool stimulates faster assets promoting;
  5. It makes search results fair because your web should meet some criteria;

Almost all of our products are SE optimized. After acquiring them, you do not need to put much money into promoting. We guarantee excellent web publicity.

If you already have a landing page, but it is not optimized, we are willing to offer our services. For an additional payment, we will:

  • Analyze the condition of the target item and point out some mistakes and obstacles from being visible;
  • Eliminate those errors from a technical point of view;
  • Ensure that the profile is secure by eliminated low-quality links coming from other sites to the page;

These steps will increase web visibility and therefore boost the business significantly.

Other Monster ONE Services

We offer a range of different services, which should come in handy if you:

  1. Have no computing skills;
  2. Are a starting web designer/developer;
  3. Want to gain some knowledge in the IT sphere.

The assistance which we deliver includes:

  •  Themes installation — you control the process, we do our best;
  • Ready-to-use website — also involves design service;
  • Configuration of hipping, payment, taxes, locations, currencies, contact details, menu links is our duty now;
  • On-page SEO Optimization;
  • Web copywriting;
  • Other web design services.

To find out about prices and more options, click here and go to the MonsterONE page. 

Landing Page HTML Templates FAQ

Are there any restrictions on landing page HTML templates downloading?

With ONE subscription, the number of downloads doesn’t make a difference to your budget. However, we have some rules you are obliged to stick to. DO NOT download several samples at a time. The platform can perceive it as a hostile action. It will block the activity and bring you to justice. DO NOT share our products with your friends. Friendship has its great importance but remember about the copyright issue. DO NOT resell TemplateMonster items. These actions will lead to serious consequences.
Respect the rules and be sure of success.

Why choose TemplateMonster landing page HTML templates?

TemplateMonster is one of the largest web tools providers. Moreover, it is among the 5000 most visited websites. The staff reaches the number of 7000+, while the web product assortment prevails 45000 by each platform. But our main pride — customers. We have got the hearts of over 8 million people and are not going to stop. High demand proves quality. So, welcome in our monstrously great family.

How to choose suitable landing page HTML templates?

The answer depends on the type of commerce and its target audience. In our best sample selection, you ought to find multipurpose items as well as thematic ones. The range of choices includes the following topics: Home & Family; Sports, Outdoors & Travel; Fashion & Beauty; Food; Society & People; Education & Books and many more. Find all topics on the left top column.
Nevertheless, if you prefer certain platform, opt for: osCommerce; Zen Cart; WordPress; Joomla; Drupal; Magento; OpenCart; Shopify and Wix. Every man to his taste. Everything to our clients!

Free VS Premium Landing Page HTML Templates

There are a variety of different themes on the market. Common problems users may encounter applying free web tools are no technical assistance, unreliable provider (if surfers download pirate versions somewhere), no uniqueness, almost in all cases, terrible quality. Hasty decisions may lead to spending more time and money. Probably, the additional help or even another choice of product will be in your interest. As an adverb says: “A cheapskate pays twice.” But with one particular proposal, a customer needs to pay only once in a lifetime! Visit the MonsterONE web to get a membership.

Download Landing Page HTML Templates with ONE Membership

There are instructions for beginning web designers, the best-selling samples review, and some tips on downloading, setting up, and using the products. Watch TemplateMonster video tutorial on how to use the subscription.

The All-in-One Membership

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