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Promote Yourself with Personal Landing Pages

Nowadays, freelancers and companies find new clients via the Internet. There are many services where clients and service providers meet. The downside is that such platforms may use the rating system. The higher your rating is, the more clients you get. It is great for people who use that service for a long time. What if you just started? It is difficult to find customers and assure them that you can complete the task. Having a personal website would be helpful. You may also use it as your portfolio. It may include various sections, like a gallery or a blog. It is also important to make people want to visit your website. That is the case when our personal landing pages become super useful. Our templates come in various designs – elegant and complex ones. They all look clean and balanced – there are no unnecessary sections, areas stuffed with images or menus, etc. They also have an anchor menu. When a user presses various buttons – it automatically scrolls down. Our items also include the back–to–top feature. When a user clicks on a button, it scrolls up to the header.

Such designs are great for developers who do not want to waste their time creating everything from scratch. You do not need to check out design trends or work on the layout, thinking about placing various elements. They are completely modification-friendly. It is possible to modify them to make them meet your requirements.

Personal Landing Page Design Advantages

Our items come with the following features:

  • Fully responsive – all the elements will work and look properly on devices with various screen sizes. It provides mobile device users with the best user experience.
  • Google Fonts compatibility – use the font you prefer.
  • Smooth scrolling – it makes scrolling comfortable and improves the user experience.
  • W3C-valid, clean, commented code – the code does not have any unnecessary sections. It is easy to find the required element and modify it. Comments are short and informative.
  • Image background – add a background picture to make the design look more interesting.
  • Icons – you get a set of icons, so you avoid getting any extra graphics assets.
  • Animation – it makes the site look dynamic and advanced.
  • Ajax contact form – it is a good option to allow visitors to contact you.
  • Cross-browser compatibility, CSS3, SEO-friendly, detailed documentation, and more.

Personal Landing Page Templates for Everyone

MonsterONE provides you with a large number of various designs – from elegant and clean to complex ones. Every client would be able to find the necessary product. Such templates are great for multiple cases. They are impeccable to promote your services, like repairing, content creation, web development, etc. It is a good option for freelancers or even small teams. Our products are excellent for coders who do not follow design trends. Our items come with all the required elements, so you do not need to implement anything. It is enough to customize it – add the necessary text, replace the images, change the fonts, etc. The modification process is not challenging because the code is commented and our items come with detailed documentation.

Some developers may consider getting a free personal landing page theme. Downloading a freebie seems tempting, but it is not always the best option. It may be challenging to find a high-quality freebie that looks modern. Developers do not want to spend their time creating an amazing template without getting anything in return. Suchlike themes may not look elegant or as complex as you need. There are more paid items, and you have plenty of options. It is worth spending money on a premium item, especially if you provide web development services. A landing page can also tell more about the project itself. If it looks modern, clean, and has some animations – people will likely trust it. It also amazes more than a simple, static design with a few buttons.

Getting Personal Landing Page Template from MonsterONE

Premium-quality products are excellent for various projects – from simple to complex ones. Such items may be quite expensive. If you are a freelancer or run a company that provides web development services, you need multiple assets. Every client wants to get something unique to attract new clients. Having one template and using it as a basis for everything is not an option. It would require too much time to modify the code and place various elements. Luckily, with MonsterONE, you can cut your expenses and make your services more affordable. It will certainly attract more clients. Here is a quick example. You work on ten projects and need unique designs. You will spend around $190 on them. What if you need some extra resources, like illustration, photos, videos, or even audio? That also requires some money. With MonsterONE and its subscription payment model, you pay only $179 per year. You will be able to download website templates, graphics assets (images, fonts, illustrations, etc.), audio, 3D models, and more. It is a reliable source of high-quality assets for everyone. You can create a modern website with numerous functions and fill it with high-quality content.

Getting an item from our marketplace is straightforward. You should:

  • Log in.
  • Hover over the Get Started button and choose the category and product type. You may also use the search bar.
  • Check out the left panel and set tags.
  • Hover over the product you like and click on details. It opens the product page that includes a detailed description of it.
  • Press the download button.

Screenshots are a good way to demonstrate a product, but it is always better to see how everything works. That is the case when you should use our live demo feature.

Personal Landing Pages FAQ

Why download pre-made personal landing pages?

In this case, you do not need to waste your time working on design and layout. You do not need to think about where to put various elements, what colors to use, etc. Our themes are highly customizable, and you may easily change everything about them – add the required images, change fonts and text. Such templates are a great way to save your time. It is faster to introduce the necessary changes and modify several sections instead of creating everything from scratch.

How to choose the best personal landing pages?

They do not come with any complex features, so you should focus entirely on the style. Try to find an item that matches your website in terms of design. Do not ignore the left panel, where you can set the required tags. Consider subscribing to our free landing page building course. You will learn how to make them efficient, write text correctly, improve SEO, and more.

Is it important to use SEO-friendly personal landing pages?

Good SEO ensures that it ranks higher and it is easy to find via search engines. The more people visit your website, the more potential clients you have.

Will you help me with personal landing pages SEO improvement?

We can provide you with various SEO improvement services. Our team can improve the site’s overall performance, provide you with unique text, and create a logo. Please check out our services list to learn more.

Personal Landing Pages and More from MonsterONE

This video is a quick presentation of the marketplace and its products. Please consider checking it out eventually because we constantly add new items.

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