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News Landing Pages - Optimal Design Solutions For Your Project

Composing effective landing pages is essential for the success of any digital marketing strategy. Being the first place your visitors “land on” after clicking an advertising link in an email or ads from different websites. These types of marketing methods can greatly increase conversions of your platform views into new customers. Such landings tailored to various offers are vital for providing a perfect web experience. However, creating one isn’t the same as crafting a top-notch website or email newsletter. That’s why TemplateMonster’s news landing pages are a real catch for those who want to create a stunning online presence and turn site views into potential clients. Discover their features today and give your project a boost!

Why are News Landing Pages Important for Promoting Your Brand?

Designing a website is always costly and time-consuming. If you pursue mostly presentation and advertising goals, sometimes it is even unnecessary. In such cases, landing pages are an excellent choice. They may drive traffic to the products and services you want to promote. Such sources improve your SEO and contribute to starting your brand and its further development. Leading potential customers to your offers, they encourage them to take action. Thus, you get a perfect opportunity to create more conversions and extend your customer base.

All effective landing pages have the following points in common:

  1. They are indispensable when it comes to emphasizing the value of your offer.
  2. They allow defining your wake-up call and heighten the interest not only to your business. Visitors pay special attention to the goods you aim to share.
  3. Their design is usually minimalistic and clear. Thus, people can notice the most essential information and make a decision.
  4. They help to learn more about your potential customers. Thanks to such an approach, your platform will be more client-oriented.
  5. With the following sources, your visitors may access your other marketing profiles. It can be a corporate website, personal page on social media, creative blog, etc.

Who Will Need Our Ready-to-use Landing Pages

The web items from our digital gallery are multipurpose. Regardless of your aims and creative ideas, the end product will always be high-quality and performing greatly. Many users involved in the media sphere, news industry, or any other businesses will benefit from choosing our templates. They are a perfect solution for: 

  • News and media portals;
  • Digital media specialists;
  • News analysts;
  • Broadcasters;
  • Reporters;
  • Magazine journalists;
  • News correspondents;
  • Event managers;
  • Newspaper columnists;
  • Content managers;
  • Copywriters and editors;
  • Project coordinators;
  • Public relations specialists;
  • Multimedia services managers;
  • Anyone interested in broadcasting news related to different spheres, etc.

Key Functionalities of News Landing Pages

All the products we provide are modern, sophisticated, and straightforward to use. They possess a minimalistic and creative design that draws everyone's attention right from the get-go. Besides being developed according to the latest technologies and web design trends, they ensure excellent performance.

Our Bootstrap news landing page free templates also boast rich build-in functionalities, including:

  • Valid semantic coding;
  • Retina-ready design;
  • Intuitive control panel;
  • Numerous thematic settings;
  • High loading speed;
  • Fully responsive layout;
  • Newsletter subscription form;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Google fonts;
  • Stick-to-top menu;
  • Appointment forms;
  • Parallax effects;
  • Blog section;
  • Detailed documentation, etc.

Due to their responsiveness and retina readiness, our ready-mades work perfectly on all devices and operational systems. They look clean and sharp on displays with high pixel density, allowing you to compose sources with sharper images and more vivid colors.

MonsterONE - Money-saving Offers For Everyone

MonsterONE is a revolutionary platform allowing you to find top-notch assets for your multipurpose projects in one particular place. Paying once, you may reach our digital gallery any time and install as many web products as you need for your work for free. 

Our best news landing pages are not an exception. Downloading them from us, you may discover cutting-edge benefits:

  • High quality and lifetime licenses;
  • Fully trusted payment methods;
  • Straightforward installation and regular updates;
  • Various premium services, saving your time;
  • Possibility to become an author;
  • Professional technical support, available for you 24/7.

Pricing Options

Our platform gives you a unique chance to select between several pricing possibilities. Thus, there are three ways to get our designs for composing your project:

  1. Free download. It allows you to install any product from the list of free ones. For that, you only have to choose the item that fits your needs and share its link on your social media profile. After completing this step, check the downloads section of your account, find your asset, and start customization. 
  2. Single purchase. To use this option, you need to pick out a sample. To facilitate this process, you may use the left panel that contains different filters and key tags. The search bar is also available. After selecting an item, add a preferable ready-made to your shopping cart and move forward to it. Then you will get a message from our managers with your invoice and the downloading link.
  3. MonsterONE subscription itself. With it, you are free to break new ground. Performing a single payment for the particular service, you get the possibility to access any product from our digital marketplace. Just log in and click on the "download" button on your asset page. It is as easy as ABC, but the result will surely impress you, your future customers, or even business partners.

Each option has its advantages. The single purchase best suits the needs of users who search for a sample on a one-off basis. However, suppose you run several online projects simultaneously and regularly compose new ones. In that case, the subscription is the most excellent solution for you. It is also a great choice for those willing to start a portal from scratch.


Our subscription is at users’ service in three pricing plans:

  1. Creative for $6.80 per month or $82 per year. Opting for this package, you get access to all graphic and design assets, presentation samples, impressive 3D models, premium sounds, and videos. And all these possibilities are unlimited. Download your favorite designs and build top-quality digital content. One-year technical support from our experts is one more benefit you will discover.
  2. All-in-one for $14.95 per month and $179 per year. All the advantages from the previous plan are also granted here. The only difference is that you can get much more. Discover unique WordPress collections, CMS, HTML samples, stunning Ecommerce designs, and modern plugins. People who need to craft multiple customer portals will surely estimate this plan.
  3. All-in-one Unlimited for $599. The particular package provides a lifetime subscription and allows you to download all the products from our collections with no borders. This comprehensive and cost-efficient option is essential for any user who focuses on multiple projects and wants to access to the best landing page templates for their various purposes.

For more information, please click here.

News Landing Pages FAQ

How can I download news landing pages from TemplateMonster marketplace?

To get the desired file, you have to fulfill several easy steps. First, sign in to the platform and click the Get Started button. Select the suitable category, and with the help of a search bar and different filters, find the asset you need. Open its link and learn more about the item itself. If it satisfies your requirements, add it to your cart and download it.

Do news landing pages come with a mobile-friendly layout?

Yes, they boast mobile adaptation, making your project look modern and relevant. As nowadays, most users are trying to access online sources via mobile devices. Such designs may help you to display your portal well from any gadget.

Are news landing pages SEO-optimized?

Sure. Our pre-made items come with SEO optimization and support its latest trends. Due to this functionality, more and more people will drive to your source. Moreover, users will be able to find it via search engines faster and easier. As a result, you improve your clients' experience and may even expand your customer base.

Can I get expert help in configuring my news landing page?

We provide different premium services for our clients. Professional help in installing and customization of our ready-to-use templates is one of them. The other options for the development of your portal are also at your service. You may choose one of them or even a complete all-in-one setup. Our specialists will implement it in high professional standards in the shortest terms.

News Landing Pages and Much More from MonsterONE

If you want to learn more about the services our subscription covers and find top-quality information about composing unique landing pages, watch our video. It includes a complete guide about the importance of such web items. It demonstrates how to promote them to maximize your website traffic. Build the portal of your dreams with ease and raise your potential!

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