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Sports Landing Page — Get a Head Start

Sports have always been commercialized. The story started when a tradesman in the countryside began donating prizes to well-organized rural sports. Then the tendency was supported by local authorities. With technological progress and TV invention, unrelated sports companies became interested in promoting their products by advertising them during sports events.

In our time and day, we are already used to the popularity of football and other sports activities and take it for granted. However, promoting a team, event or game is not a piece of cake. Even well-known teams need advertisement. Our sports landing page can handle such a task! It has a convenient surfer-friendly web interface and is SEO-optimized to be visible on search engines. 

Who Is to Take Advantage of Sports Templates?

There are many purposes to use our great sports landing page:

  • To promote a team;
  • To sell tickets for a game;
  • To announce game;
  • To create a form to employ new players;
  • To accept bets;
  • To complete a registration form on fitness event or program;

The sports templates will come you in handy if you are:

  • starting web developer;
  • sports administrator;
  • betting or gaming service manager;
  • sportswear manufacturer;
  • team or club promoter;
  • sports agent;
  • sports event coordinator;
  • director of ticket and finance;
  • sports marketing account manager, and more.

Sports Landing Page Top Features

Full Responsiveness

This feature assures that your website is sharply displayed on every size screen, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Maintaining your good name needs to have an adjustable website. Otherwise, it will scare off potential clients.

Anchor Menu

The anchor menu is a convenient tool to navigate a landing page. Click on the name of the rubric, and it will lead you to all the necessary information. 

Back to the Top

The back to the top button will save both time and effort as now you do not have to scroll up manually. Just click on it and reach the top of the sports landing page.

Mobile Compatibility

This amazing feature ensures that your website is user-friendly for smartphone surfers. A sports landing page needs to be compatible with mobiles because modern people tend to hold their gadgets all the time. The statistics prove that over 50% of general traffic comes from smartphone users. The thing is that time is the new money. Therefore, we are used to solving our problems on the move.

Our Sport Templates Are Convertible

If you have the required coding skills, you can convert our great themes into any other format. The platforms include CMS, WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, and more. Enjoy web development experience with the TemplateMonster sports templates.

Sports Landing Page with MonsterONE

Two Purchase Options

As we care for our customers' convenience, we provide two buying opportunities: retail and wholesale. The retail option is suitable for those aiming at a particular project and need only 1-3 specific web items. However, being an imaginative person, you will appreciate our MonsterONE subscription. The process is as easy as pie. You buy a certain plan and can download as many available web products as you want from it. There are three packages. Each of them either differs in an assortment or is available for another duration. Compare: a single sport landing page will cost you up to $99, whereas the cheapest plan's price is $82.

There are three plans according to our customers' different needs, preferences, and abilities:

  1. The CREATIVE package contains graphics and design assets, presentation templates, video & audio items, 3D models, and a year of technical support. All this only for $82 annually.
  2. The ALL-IN-ONE plan costs $179 a year and has all the best TemplateMonster web products, including WordPress, CMS, HTML themes, essential plugins, and add-ons.
  3. The ALL-IN-ONE one-time fee is a great opportunity for those whose minds are full of ideas. Paying only $599, you get lifetime access to our top-notch web products, including updates.

Sports Landing Page FAQ

How to Install Sports Templates?

We are always willing to give you a hand. If you have no coding skills and ran into some problems, consider using our additional services for an extra fee.

Where Can I Ask a Question About a Sports Landing Page?

Reach our support page, fill in a form, asking a question, and submit it. We will consider it within 24 hours.

Are There Any Restrictions in Downloading Sports Templates from MonsterONE?

Yes, like other families, we have certain rules we expect you to stick to: Mass downloading is forbidden. In such cases, we will terminate your subscription; You can't use our web items after the license expired; It is prohibited to use our name in promoting your products; You mustn't use our web assets for illegal actions.
Get to the terms and conditions page to discover more rules.

How to Upload My Sports Landing Page on Your Platform?

Follow the steps: Reach the "Become an Author' page; Sign in with your Facebook or Google account; Start uploading your products; Beware that all the uploaded items undergo thorough testing; After your web items are approved and placed on the market, you can gain profit.

Sports Landing Page Video

Get acquainted with the MonsterONE platform watching the video. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay in touch and discover information about SEO, web design and development, trends, plugins, and add-ons. You can even get some tutorials there. Welcome to the TemplateMonster family!

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