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Business Landing Pages - Effective Promotion of Your Brand

Modern internet marketing includes various techniques and methods to boost sales, increase efficiency and attract new customers. There are many tools to focus attention on your company, attract new users, and promote the products. The important means by which several of these goals are achieved at once is the landing page. Almost every company, seriously engaged in promotion on the Internet, pays great attention to creating and developing such resources. And if you are ready to move to the next level of income, we offer unique business landing pages from MonsterONE. These are multi-purpose items that are suitable for almost every purpose. They contain a unique design and the necessary blocks. Besides that, built-in features come in handy. With them, the process of building and adapting the item will be even easier. But that's not all! With MonsterONE subscription, you get a huge range of various solutions for all kinds of projects. So, check out the specific features and advantages of one-page items, and design impressive projects with our ready-to-use products.

Wide Range of Using Business Landing Pages

Before you a vast library of quality and exclusive offers. They all have eye-catching visuals, and the best part is that they are suitable for all purposes. The "business" sphere is wide enough, so here you're sure to find the perfect option you've been looking for. But before that, you should decide what type of landing page you need. The existence of the following types depending on what kind of target action they are aimed at:

Product. This landing page focuses primarily on making the user who came to it want to buy the company's goods. This web solution includes a good description, pictures, and brief information about it. The product type should certainly have a "Buy" button, referring to order goods and useful information about shipping and payment.

Services. It is analogous to the product type, which differs in selling no goods, but a particular service. That is, the information on the site should be different. Instead of goods characteristics, this landing page explains the details of services, and instead of a "Buy" button refers to the contacts of experts from whom you can learn more and make an order.

Subscription. This type is the most attractive to the customer because he/she does not need to buy anything and spend money. It serves to persuade the person to subscribe to the news of the company. Thus he/she joins the base of potential customers. Subscription landing pages usually offer some bonus. For example, it can be discounts, a free tutorial for subscribers, etc.

Brand. It is quite a rare type of one page because not every company can afford to maintain such a site. There are usually no direct calls to action on it, and the main aim is informational. It posts details about new goods, updates in the catalog, innovative models of items, etc. And in this way, they catch the users' interest. Usually, a brand landing page is an attribute of a large company.

Our offerings are suitable for the following types of businesses:

  • creative agency,
  • business school,
  • consulting,
  • marketing company,
  • web-studios,
  • IT companies,
  • medical laboratory,
  • repairing of various equipment,
  • model agency,
  • cosmetology center,
  • language school,
  • fitness clubs,
  • organic food stores,
  • non-profit organizations,
  • travel agency,
  • photographer services, etc.

The list may continue because there are many ready-made solutions that you can fully adapt to your goals.

Business Landing Page Templates Key Features

The appeal of a landing page depends directly on how it is designed. Seamlessness, pleasant look, aesthetic design - all this is important, but we should not forget that the site must catch the eye. It should attract viewers' interest. Each of our offerings has an eye-catching visual appearance that should help your business stand out among the competitors and be exclusive. Besides an engaging look, our products include essential features for customization. They are the following:

  • SEO optimization,
  • Built-in Novi Builder,
  • Fully responsive design,
  • Various built-in layouts,
  • Font icons,
  • Contact form connection,
  • Mail Chimp integration,
  • Clean and valid HTML5 code,
  • Built with the latest version of the Bootstrap framework,
  • Google Fonts integration,
  • Easy customization of all elements,
  • Cross-browser compatibility,
  • Isotope and grid portfolio.

Why Choose MonsterONE Membership?

Before you start working with our products, we suggest you learn more about the benefits of a subscription. After that, you will have no questions why you should choose MonsterONE:

Saves time and money. Our collection consists of items with a total value of over $500,000. So, it makes sense that you will save a tremendous amount of money if you subscribed for only $82. Moreover, our library includes more than 90K items. They are suitable for projects of any complexity and focus. And the good news is you don't need to browse through dozens of marketplaces in search of the perfect solution. You go to our site, choose the desired category, enter the search criteria, and that's all - the platform automatically generates relevant products. 

Unique resource on the market. It's truly the best offering in the entire digital space. And it was founded because of you. After all, we know you need a high-quality base for superior results. And your interest in such solutions and thirst for exclusive items led us to create such a platform. Everything from fonts and illustrations to multifunctional templates for websites and stores is available here. 

Professional services. We've gone much further than open access to quality products. Our experts are ready to help you build an awesome online resource. Plus, there are offers like SEO optimization, copywriting, logo creation, and more. We also provide discounts on these services for subscribers. 

Discounts on TemplateMonster goods. If you become a MonsterONE community member, you can buy items from the official TemplateMonster marketplace with up to 35% off. 

Regular collection updating. Monthly the library grows with new and powerful web solutions. All of them are developed considering trends in web design. Also, you will have access to all updates and product improvements already included in the chosen subscription plan.

Unlimited downloads of high-quality items. As soon as you get access to the collection, you can download any goods that suit you. Your actions on the site are not limited. However, we don't recommend you start downloading uninterruptedly because the system can perceive it as a fraudulent activity.

MonsterONE Pricing Plans: How to Download Business Landing Pages

The next quite logical question you might have is how to join this huge collection finally. And here it's also very easy: choose a plan and subscribe. We offer the following options:

Creative. This package costs $82. It includes 3 product categories: graphics, presentation templates, audio, and video materials. These, in turn, are divided into broader uses. So, if it's graphics, you may choose resumes, certificates, logos, fonts, icons, and more. If you opt for presentation templates, you can safely work with them in one of the convenient programs for you: Keynote, Google Slides, PowerPoint. If you want to use audio and video assets, there are all the required items for you. These are templates for working in editing programs, stock footage, and impressive effects.

All-in-one. This package costs $179 and includes all products from the Creative plan, CMSs templates, e-commerce themes, and plugins. 

All-in-one lifetime. This tariff plan costs $599. And it allows you to use all available products in the subscription for life. That means you pay once and download all the items you need. It's a truly unique solution that will make it easy for you to build any project you want.

Business Landing Pages FAQs

What is the reason for using small business landing pages?

A single page is used to sell one particular good or service, announce an event, collect customer data. So, if you want to achieve the above goals, be sure to create a one-page site.

What should business landing pages consist of?

The basic structure of the landing page should contain: Clear and eye-catching headline; Clear call to action (characteristics of the service/goods/company, benefits, feedback, additional information, benefits, cost, etc.); Clear lead form.

How to get free business landing pages templates?

Try to sign up for a free account. It only takes a few minutes because all you have to do is specify the contact information, first and last name, and password. After that, you can download over 540 available items by sharing the product link on social networks.

How to choose the best business landing page templates?

Focus primarily on your business type. Next, look over what design fits and catches you most. And then check what features are built-in. It is of great importance because the ease of setting up a template and the further work of the one-page site directly depend on them.

6 Tips for Creating Great Business Landing Pages

Check out this video to learn more about working with single-page templates. And create effective and powerful landing pages with our ready-made solutions.

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