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Gaming Landing Page Templates - Present Your Products Professionally

You've heard a lot about "first impressions are what counts." A proper landing page for gaming serves as a cover that can reach globally and find you a customer regardless of location. With our responsive, mobile-friendly, and optimized gaming landing page templates, you can easily beat the competition. Consider our assets today, and we guarantee great results! 

Who Will Benefit from Gaming Landing Page Templates

Gaming landing page template is a perfect choice for:

  • Web developers/designers. 
  • Games makers.
  • Games manufacturers.
  • Ads & content makers.
  • Software and hardware sellers.
  • Bloggers and other professionals involved.

With the help of our Bootstrap landing page, you can sell:

  • Computers.
  • Board games.
  • Electronics appliances, etc.

Key Features of Gaming Landing Page Templates 

The gaming website landing page has many handy features. They are fully responsive, easily customizable, mobile-friendly, and user-oriented. Moreover, they come with: 

  1. SEO-optimization.
  2. One-click demo import.
  3. Possibility to add multi-currency and multi-language options.
  4. Dropdown Menu.
  5. Admin panel.
  6. Google Map integration.
  7. Retina-ready designs, etc.

What is MonsterONE?

Are you tired of constantly searching for pre-made items for your platform from different online sources? Then consider our subscription, and you will clean forget about long hours of looking up the Internet. With MonsterONE, finding everything needed in one particular place is possible. So, what does our subscription stand for?

MonsterONE is a unique service that allows you to download top-notch assets from the TemplateMonster marketplace. Opening up the unlimited possibilities, the subscribers get everything for their multipurpose projects, starting from access to terrific ready-mades to the budget-oriented offers for everyone. Paying once, you may reach our digital gallery any time and download as many free game landing pages as you need for your work. Going for our service, you will ensure that premium quality at no charge is not just a dream. Think outside the box and opt for creativity without borders.

Top Advantages of the Subscription for Landing Page Gaming Studio

MonsterONE service boasts a wide range of cutting-edge benefits, allowing our users to create websites from the get-go. Let us have a closer look at the key advantages you may discover:

  • Comprehensive collections of high-quality products that can considerably help you trigger everyone's interest in your project;
  • Unlimited access to the best CMS and HTML templates, top-rated plugins and extensions;
  • Lifetime license for any digital item for composing pages even when your subscription expires;
  • 100% secure payment methods (such as Visa or Mastercard, and PayPal);
  • Various premium services, applying to which you can save a ton of time and get expert assistance in the development and customization of your portal or e-store;
  • Possibility to become an author and sell your ready-made designs on our marketplace;
  • Technical support from our specialists who are always ready to give you a helping hand and professional assistance in any issue related to our platform.

Besides, to join our platform, you don't need to have exceptional skills in web design or coding. Even with a minimum knowledge base, you will manage our assets without any difficulties. Each sample from our collections is customization-friendly, possesses modern functionalities, and contains help files with extended documentation. Creative choices for creative people are nearby!

Membership's Tariffs

Alongside the numerous benefits our platform provides, we also developed a flexible pricing policy. Each user can select the offer that fits their needs in no manner better.

Three pricing plans include:

  1. Creative. It comes for $6.80 per month or $82 per year and provides unlimited downloads of graphics, video and audio assets, presentation samples. As well, it also covers 1-year technical support for any of your projects. 
  2. All-in-one. The following plan is available for $14.95 per month and $179 per year. It grants all the options from the previous package but includes additional advantages. The program also comes with WordPress and CMS themes, E-commerce samples, and modern plugins.
  3. All-in-one Unlimited. The particular plan is the most comprehensive one, offering you lifetime access to the products from our collections for $599. This cost-efficient option is a perfect solution for experienced designers and business owners who run several online platforms simultaneously.

Single Purchase or MonsterONE?

Our platform offers you several ways to get our designs for your source. Along with the free download of no-cost templates, you may also refer to a single purchase or give preference to a subscription. 

Each option has its pros and is excellent for different purposes. If you need an item on one occasion, a single purchase is a good choice. But if you are a web designer, own some business company, or an e-store, you will probably need to compose multiple websites from scratch. For this purpose, many essential components are a must. They include base (template), graphic elements (icons, fonts, illustrations), plugins, or even video and audio files. Creating even one page seems to be rather expensive. That's why subscribing to MonsterONE is the best solution. You may both save money and get rich business benefits.

Free VS Premium-Quality Web Assets

Finding free pre-made items related to any sphere is easy. However, you can never be sure of their quality. Such samples, downloaded from unauthorized and insecure sources, usually lack originality and proper licensing. As well, they come with no technical support. 

Premium items are quite the opposite of the free ones. They are secure solutions in the long run. Their designs are always unique. Being officially approved and tested, they are also licensed and have flexible cancellation procedures. Look closer to their pros:

  • More customization options;
  • Uniqueness;
  • Pre-installed premium plugins;
  • Security guarantees;
  • All the licenses needed;
  • Regular updates;
  • Technical support available, etc.

Gaming Landing Page Template FAQs

How to select the best gaming landing page template?

Focus on its key features and the functionalities it provides. For this, watch a live demo of a product or read the description attached to the desired item. Use filters and specific tags to find the necessary product category. Thus, you will make sure the chosen sample corresponds to the main ideas of your portal and reflects its strengths. You may also read comments if available or ask us a question via live chat.

Are gaming landing page templates mobile-friendly?

Sure. Considering that most visitors try to access websites via mobile devices, this characteristic is vital for providing a positive user experience. That's why regardless of the gadget type that the users will choose to get to your source, your page will look perfect. It may help you build credibility with your clients and make your content more shareable.

Do the gaming landing page templates come with a responsive layout?

Our ready-mades boast this feature, allowing your website to adapt to the size of any screen. Your visitors will be able to read and navigate your page with minimum resizing and scrolling. Besides, responsive online sources perform better in search rankings, helping drive more users to the portal.

Can I integrate Google Maps into my gaming landing page template?

Yes. Google Maps is a vital driver of web traffic, as over 30% of all searches are location-based. Since listing all the identifying information about your brand is essential for further development, you can always add this functionality to the sample you downloaded from us.

Gaming Landing Page Templates Video

Check this video and learn more about the benefits you get with ONE Membership. Grow your business with us, and stay tuned!

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