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IT Landing Pages Best Practices to Implement in Business

One-page websites are built to promote a specific selling proposition. If you need to sell a batch of office equipment, PC accessories, training, webinar, collect contacts of users interested in an IT service, then creating a resource is the best way to achieve the project. 

The structure of most single pages is almost the same. Don't be alarmed by those who are just planning to promote their landing page. IT landing pages have proven their effectiveness more than once, so it is better not to go into exceptional creativity and develop something of your own — something that may not work. Another thing is that a good one page is worthless without an equally good product offer or, at the very least, a call to action. Read more about this platform in the blog

What are those IT Landing Pages?

To increase the number of business buyers, people are taking sophisticated methods. They are interested in what the landing page is and how it works. Look at the differences from a common resource (blog, store):

  1. It all starts with drawing up a heading (subheading). It is important to understand that this is a small site that should immediately serve or inform the user. It should be a specific offer for the target audience. 
  2. Feedback form or appeal. The structure of the one-page page includes a mandatory call, the ability to leave a message, comment, or press an action button. 
  3. The value of the commercial proposal. Only after the offer in the form of a title, a subtitle, an action button can you add value to the retail offer.
  4. Footer. This is the bottom part. It is logical to add user reviews and a duplicate offer as a call to action or a buy or feedback button. 

The landing page contains a certain set of blocks arranged in a logically correct sequence. This allows the user to receive data in batches, which minimizes the risk of distractions and, as a result, rejection. 

Great Features of IT Landing Pages

Hey, developers. Hope everybody is doing well. Today we're going to show a special landing page design. Here we used HTML, CSS. It's a simple landing page considering an IT design idea. If you want, use it on your birthday projects or any kind of design.

One-page sites are different from traditional portals, business cards, or online stores. They can be long and short. 


  1. There is no need to build one HTML5 page because it is already ready, thanks to Novi Builder. 
  2. JQuery.
  3. Static. This is the name of a layout without data about its creation or if the user does not change it in any other way.
  4. Many assets use trendy bells and whistles such as Parallax effects, full-screen photos, and videos.
  5. The design was developed on the Bootstrap grid to be easily adapted for PC, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  6. Visitors to your site can see the gallery with images.
  7. Performance optimization included.
  8. Ajax technology for accessing the server without reloading the page, which reduces response time.
  9. The lazy load effect will speed up the loading of even the longest proposal scroll.

There is a standardized structure for selling responsive landing, regardless of the volume and amount of content. Some layouts may contain themes bundle, icons, Canvas animation, CV, forum source, video, other special web page visualization elements.

Who Needs MonsterONE?

Here talking about the IT-sphere of design. Technologies and things are spread these days; people create online products. To stand out, MonsterONE is a great choice; different businesses need to integrate into the online sphere and play with the time. If you ask what it costs to create a landing page on Wix, you must certainly subscribe to the service.

Choice of one of three paid options:

  1. All-In-One — $179/year.
  2. Creative — $18/month. 
  3. Lifetime a one-time payment of 649 dollars. 

The user has a free account that gives you the right to all include patterns.

IT Landing Pages FAQ

Does it cost money to have a landing page?

You have to pay a developer for a landing page and designer to set everything to your liking. But on a small budget, it is possible to build an original resource. Become a subscriber to MonsterOne; for a reasonable price, you will have access to countless assets. With our ready-made layouts, you will launch a great landing page.

How much does it cost to run IT landing pages?

We offer great services so you can launch your projects smoothly. Check out our options here. It is the price of a cup of coffee.

How much does it cost to build IT landing pages?

It might be expensive to hire a professional developer. At TemplateMonster, you may buy fully prepared themes, plugins to set up a functional web page. We suggest only up-to-date assets from our talented authors. Get unlimited products on the marketplace that are available for MonsterOne members. The subscription will provide you with support and tutorials. It is possible to build a page on a small budget.

If outside traffic goes to my landing page, will it mess up my Facebook pixel?

With the traffic permissions feature in Events Manager, you can select which domains will send events to you through the Facebook pixel. You can create an Allowed List or Blocklist in the Traffic Allow Settings in Events Manager to prevent unknown domains from sending you events through the pixel. Thus outside traffic cannot mess with the pixel.

IT Landing Pages Video

The color is significant and lets you style everything. The layouts have an inbuilt color switcher tool. It is located on the left side of the page and offers you several design solutions. Watch the tutorial, create an original project with unique visual content. With a few editing tips, you may even change the standard color set to your personal one.

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