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Inspiring Wedding Landing Page for Attracting Clients 

Restaurants, decorations, stylish costumes, bouquets, a cheerful mood, happy guests, and a romantic atmosphere is what every couple in love wants to achieve at their celebration. The wedding business is quite profitable and constantly evolving, especially when you know what direction to move. We offer you wedding landing page templates to engage new customers and promote the services. These are powerful tools that have a multifunctional base, rich built-in features, and a unique design. And by subscribing to MonsterONE, working with these products becomes even easier. After all, we provide more than 95.000+ web solutions for any purpose and taste. That is, you have all the essential instruments at your fingertips. You can download them an unlimited number of times and create hundreds of projects. Don't waste your time with a fruitless search. Choose MonsterONE offerings, and create truly impressive and outstanding products. 

Wide Range of Using the Wedding Landing Page Templates 

Weddings involve a lot of professionals who help make the day unforgettable. That's why opting for our offers is a great way to build a landing page for:

  • photographer, 
  • designer,
  • cosmetologist, 
  • decorator, 
  • makeup artist, 
  • barber, 
  • event host, 
  • bars and restaurants, 
  • jewelry shops and more. 

Moreover, it has also become popular to design wedding invitations. It saves time and makes a good impression on the guests. There they may find the necessary information about the event date, other guests, the dress code, and much more.

Wedding Landing Page Design Templates Must-have Features

To customize the product, we provide you with many features. They will help you to quickly organize the work of the webpage and launch the necessary functions. You also need to have basic coding skills to make the settings because all the adjustments are made at the code level. You may also use tutorials on our official YouTube channel because they are easy-to-follow and quite straightforward. So, we offer the following features:

Responsive design. If you want to make the site popular - adaptation for all users is a sure way to do it. We give you the ability to create a design, which will look equally great on different devices (laptop, tablet, iPad, smartphone, PC.)

Login and register button. This feature helps to provoke users to some action. And if those buttons are in the visible place, there is a higher chance that you will achieve a certain goal.

Go to the main site option. Landing is a kind of link connecting the visitor to the main website. Therefore, the function of going to it is a highly important aspect.

Cross-browser compatibility. Our templates support work in a variety of browsers, which theoretically can be used by customers. These are Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Google Web Fonts integration. It is an important feature for creating eye-catching typography, which is also key for increasing customer engagement. When everything fits and looks great, it will give you the best chance to impress clients and show that you are a professional in your business.

Ease-of-use. Yes, even though you have to work with the code, everything is pretty understandable. We offer features that make your work easier. And as a result, everything is done quickly and efficiently. 

Bootstrap framework embedded. It is a set of tools to create a design that is adaptive to all customers' devices.

Google Maps integration. This feature is also a must-have for customer interaction. You specify a physical location on the map - they can find your office/store/studio faster and use the services.

MonsterONE Pricing Plans: Easy Way For Unlimited Downloading of Wedding Landing Page Templates

How to get exactly one-page website templates? Is it possible to download them unlimited? These are the questions that users have when they first come to the MonsterONE platform. And we understand them because now it's pretty hard to believe that for a small fee, you can get thousands of ready-made web solutions and download them an unlimited number of times. It is very easy to make sure that we offer the best products of the highest quality. You need to subscribe, and for this, we offer three tariff plans

Creative. It is a basic package that is $82 annually or $6.80 monthly. It covers the following items:

  • graphic materials (certificates, resumes, logos, fonts, illustrations, PSD files, and more),
  • presentation templates to work in Google Slides, PowerPoint and PowerPoint,
  • video and audio materials (templates to work in different editing programs + stock files and effects),
  • 3D models. 

All-in-one. This option costs $179 annually or $14.95 monthly. By choosing it, you can use the following products for one year:

  • graphic assets,
  • presentation templates,
  • WordPress, top CMSs, and HTML templates,
  • e-commerce themes,
  • plugins.

All-in-one lifetime. It is the best offer that provides a one-time payment of only $599. And as a result, you may use absolutely all products from the subscription plan (even those that will be added after you subscribe) freely for life. Isn't that a great deal? It saves you the cost and time significantly. After all, the total price of all products included in MonsterONE exceeds $500,000. And the amount of the plan is equal to one high-quality template from our official TemplateMonster digital marketplace.

Wedding Landing Page Templates FAQs

Is it important for a wedding planner landing page template to be responsive?

A few years ago, Internet marketers, SEO specialists, and designers started talking about a whole list of benefits of adaptive design. Today adaptive design is a must-have for the promotion of any web resource. Responsiveness provides the convenience for customers to use the site from different devices and affects the SEO-optimization. Now, a resource in search engines depends on how it meets the standards and is easy to view from smartphones and tablets. And, of course, we provide you with this feature.

How to install a wedding landing page template?

Feel free to use our expert services, which facilitate website creation, online stores, logos, content filling and may even help with optimization. Use Installation, which provides a 3-hour setup process to install the chosen template on your hosting service. For subscribers, the price is only $44.

Can I sell wedding landing page design templates for your subscribers?

Yes, we are fully open to cooperation. You can become an author on our site. You can do that by registering and sending examples of your work. After checking, our team will contact you, and in case of a positive response, you may start selling your products.

Is it possible to use a wedding package landing page for free?

We have a great offer as a free account. That is, you can download any product from the free subscription by sharing the link to the item on social networks. All you need is to create an account, specify your contact information, first and last name, and a password.

3D Wedding Landing Page Designs

Web design is constantly evolving, presenting us with new trends. 3D is a popular technique that hasn't given up its positions for several years. It's a great way to impress the audience, so we offer you a short video with spectacular 3D designs. Watch, be inspired, and create!

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