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Education Landing Page Templates To Attract Customers

Modern online promotion strategies include many techniques and methods to improve efficiency. One of the promotion tools with which several goals are achieved at once is the so-called "landing page." Many companies pay attention to their creation and development, achieving excellent results. Achieving your goal is feasible; start by choosing one of the education landing page templates. Then, create a masterpiece, become an author and publish the result of diligent work.

The key to the success of an online business, as such, is effective lead generation. Do it; the site must be interesting, inspire confidence and be "usable." The basis of the promo is "three pillars" — headline, sales text, social proof.

Businesses that Need Education Landing Page Templates

Each promo page is tailored to a specific business, with a marked detachment from competitors. Presenting a unique selling proposition, identifying and covering customer pain are the main tasks.

What is the promo page useful for? 

  • sales of one specific product or service;
  • announcement of any event;
  • collecting visitor data.

The purpose is to collect only paid traffic, which is directed primarily through contextual advertising. It can also come from social networks, video services, and email newsletters. If promotion using SEO optimization methods is ineffective, it is possible to use it in conjunction with other methods. The target audience that finds (students, entrepreneurs, teachers) itself on such a site is generally warm because previously, it usually showed an interest in a product or service. The website should present this product or service to move from welfare to conversion as quickly as possible. This is achieved thanks to the strictly verified development of the structure.

Great Features of Education Landing Page Templates

It is a web page whose main purpose is to encourage the visitor to take one specific action. For example, buying a product, ordering a service, subscribing, or registering. Free education landing page template HTML has the necessary structure, built by all the rules for designing pages in this category. It is worth noting that paid assets provide even more opportunities. Plus, the necessary structure, built by all the rules for constructing pages in this category. What else makes them special? The evidence is presented in a list:

  • includes working Ajax/PHP contact forms for your visitors to make any requests;
  • W3C valid code;
  • Google Maps;
  • a template suitable for the mobile phone screen is included;
  • performance optimization includes SEO.

These are not all features; it is worth mentioning a few more.

So what is the specific advantage of Bootstrap? 

  • this framework takes on cross-browser compatibility and adaptability;
  • thanks to the simple code, the templates are lightweight, which will make your landing pages load quickly enough;
  • it is ideal for beginners, as its documentation has been translated into many languages.

Parallax is the illusion of an object moving relative to the background, which appears when the observer moves. The effect works not only for the main image but also for the foreground. Modify the code provided in the archive if desired, or use formulas to create some new parallax-based effect.

Web components provide a developer with the ability to create individual elements using plain HTML and CSS and write program logic in JavaScript. For example, it became necessary to place a jQuery slider. It means that you need to include a js file, CSS styles, which at the same time should not conflict with other types, and also write the initialization code. It will be a little easier with web components — it's just some specific HTML tag (for example, "My_slider") and a set of optional attributes. Fill your gallery with pictures, diagrams, schemes, and other visual items. Use various graphics, detailed descriptions, video presentations, GIF animations, promotional codes, reviews, and other auxiliary elements. Some of them are built and applied to whet the visitor's interest and incline him to impulsive conversion.

What is MonsterONE

It is a great opportunity to get everything at once. Over the years, the company has afforded a wide range of services purchased at retail. But having studied the market and buyers' preferences, our team concluded that it is quite overhead for solo developers and web studios to buy digital assets one by one. Therefore, it was decided to allow users to download an unlimited number of products in one place without having to pay each time they need something new.

MonsterONE is a universal platform for developers. It gives you access to a collection of more than 80,000 assets compatible with the latest versions of popular CMS and eCommerce platforms, charts, audio files, plugins, and other digital products. It includes both premium and free items, which are constantly increasing and replenished with the latest offers.

The subscription offers several tariffs. Moreover, depending on the selected plan, you can gain unlimited admission to all products from a 1-year assessment or for an indefinite period. Furthermore, the assortment is constantly widening, replenished with new offers from the authors. Thus, you get limitless access to all creations added to the site after signing up by buying a year subscription.

Advantages of MonsterONE 

One of the most substantial profits — each subscriber is given unlimited access to all goods. Creators have gathered the best in a single subscription. MonsterONE embraces a collection of OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify, Joomla, Magento, VirtueMart templates. It also offers endless entrance to a group of patterns for WordPress, WooCommerce that fit any goals and projects.

Also, it includes a variety of site templates on HTML, topics for landing pages, email mailings, website admits, etc. The manifold of templates is constantly increasing and replenished with the latest high-quality items, each of which is carefully checked, tested before being published.

Anyone with a subscription can pump any products without restrictions and additional fees, return, download new materials at any convenient time. 

In addition to a wide assortment of commodities, affordable prices, professional support, we are also famous for constant improvements on the site and numerous additional benefits for community members.

For whom is MonsterONE?

One of the main ideas that stood at the project's origins was a universal source of high-quality web products that will be useful in launching websites, marketing projects, and other works related to Internet engineering. Thus, by choosing a subscription to MonsterONE, the client no longer needs to surf third-party sources searching for the necessary design, functionality, or pictures for his project. Instead, everything is gathered in a single collection. Browse the assortment, find new materials or swing long-loved templates.

Thus, we can distinguish the following target categories of users who will appreciate all the profits of the service:

  1. Web developers, web designers interested in quickly accessing the collection of WordPress templates, e-commerce themes, and other types of products. The service is also useful for those who work with design elements, such as icons, fonts, and graphics, edited in Photoshop or Figma. Their goal is to implement projects for their customers quickly.
  2. Agencies and studios that are interested in quick, easy access to graphics, pictures, presentations, and simple patterns to produce/release many content/projects in a short time.
  3. Owners of online businesses want to save hundreds or thousands of dollars in hiring creators, designers, content marketers to create or update sites and creative content.
  4. Anyone who creates content and wants to use royalty-free items (audio and video materials, pictures, etc.).

Once you cross the MonsterONE threshold, you’ll become a member of the community. Any of your requests are processed by our employees, followed by a reaction in the form of growing the range, improving the site's functionality, or even increasing the availability of goods for everyone who works in the digital sector.

MonsterONE Subscription and Its Perks

Let's see what subscription options we have:

  1. All-In-One unlimited, one-time fee $649 per year.
  2. All-In-One for $14.95 a month.
  3. You get a graphic, design, video, audio assets, CMS, eCommerce themes, plugins, extensions.
  4. Creative for $18 a month. Use marvelous projects with pleasure and without obstacles.

In all cases, you will receive technical support. To learn more about our tariffs, check the pricing page.

Education Landing Page Templates FAQ

How to create or change menus in education landing page templates?

Horizontal positioning allows you to easily create a list using <ul> </ul> tags in HTML.
It is recommended to use tags <span>, <div>, <p>, or others, but it is the unordered list that gives the greatest opportunity for personalizing the menu. For a detailed description with elements of the finished code, read here.

Who might be interested in purchasing the education landing page templates?

Our authors create assets for many businesses. It is perfect for instructors, teaching staff of higher education institutions, coaching centers. There is a wide range of professions that are sure to benefit from the education landing page design:
speech therapist;
driving instructor;
inclusive kid tutor;
online educational platform coordinator;
industrial training master;
counselor in the scout camp;
start-up mentor;
foreign language teacher, etc.

How much does it cost to run an education landing page template?

Launch your projects at lightning speed. Check out our tools here. Assembling the asset will take a couple of hours and cost less than a ration "Meal Ready to Eat" for a soldier.

Is it possible to redistribute the education landing page templates I downloaded within MonsterONE?

The only way you may resell the item is when it is included in your projects. For example, you can download the needed products and create something on their basis. In this case, you are welcome to redistribute it further to customers.

Education Landing Page Templates Video

Promote the business via original, modern layouts. In the video, you will see how you can create a landing page on its basis and set integrated plugins the way your online store starts operation in no time. Users without coding skills make pages via convenient builders, also incorporated in the layouts.

The All-in-One Membership

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