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Shopify Themes with Sidebar: Browse the Collection and Pick the Perfect Base

Growing online, tracking buyer actions, analyzing sales, and engaging more clients is the number one challenge for business leaders. It's much easier to do this in a web environment, as there are many tools available. Among them are the feature-rich Shopify themes with a sidebar. These are flexible and unique solutions to change the way you think about development. The presence of a sideline also plays to your advantage. Such an instrument is responsible for easy navigation and quick access to store categories and sections. This simplifies the search for customers and attracts them to visit your resource again. Imagine that now you can also save a lot of money on the templates. MonsterONE opens up the possibility of unlimited downloads and uninterrupted business building. Enjoy more than 350K goods and start the creative process!

Top Reasons to Apply Shopify CMS

Let's start with the fact that there are a huge number of CMSs for developing websites, blogs, stores, social media, and corporate resources. Shopify is one of the most preferred engines for brand promotion and opening an online store. This system is flexible and gives maximum opportunities for growth. You get a simple website management. At the same time, you shouldn't even have serious technical skills. Among the main reasons for this demand are:

Advanced sales options

The engine supports various business models - sales of goods, services, digital assets, subscriptions, and dropshipping. You have no limits in sales areas - electronics, groceries, appliances, medicines, sporting goods, clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, stationery, books, etc. You work with different currencies, and translations and expand the brand geography. You also track and manage product inventory and receive notifications when stock needs to be replenished.

Optimize all processes

Your clients interact with a convenient and easy checkout process. They add them to their favorites, make comparison lists, and choose currency and payment methods.

Enhanced promotional tools

Run promotions and discounts, including promo codes and coupons to encourage clients. You also operate automated systems for email newsletters and marketing campaigns. It simplifies brand popularization and ad creation.

Quality analytics and reporting

Track sales, traffic, customer behavior, and their reactions to your offerings. Integration with Google Analytics facilitates deeper analysis.

Social media support

Now Instagram and Facebook are powerful means for advertising, expansion, and popularization of companies. It's much simpler to organize the promotion of goods, ads, and services there.

Benefits of Shopify Theme with Sidebar Menu You Should Be Aware of

What is the initial goal of the platform? To capture, engage, sell, and stick around. For this, you need to implement various features and use maximum extensions. Among the underestimated tools is the sideline. It usually contains additional information, navigation elements, or functional blocks that are useful for the user. It is an essential part of the website for several reasons:

Navigation and quick access

This is where customers find quick access to different sections - item categories, brands, sales, promotions, merchandise types, and more. Visitors find what they need in a few clicks without spending much time searching.

Filtering and sorting

This is also a valuable source of filtering and sorting goods by various parameters - price, size, colors, and the like. It makes the item selection process more efficient and helps clients discover what they are looking for fast.

Recommendations and promotions

The sidebar displays recommendations on previous requests. It happens by registering and remembering actions. It encourages additional purchases and boosts sales.

Account information

There is still an option to place account details, order history, wishlist, and other buyer settings. It makes the interaction with the website more convenient and enjoyable.

Advertising integrations

The sidebar often applies to display advertising banners, affiliate offers, and other integrations as well.

Shopify Themes with Sidebar Menu to Improve Your Efficiency

Having basic programming skills is enough to build a multi-component and powerful store. At the same time, we provide features to facilitate the process and make customization more convenient. Let's start with a fully mobile adaptive visual of products. Ready-made layouts eliminate the requirement to create separate versions for users of various devices. Users of PCs, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and iPads can flip through the pages, place orders, and utilize all the features smoothly.

Cross-browsing is also significant. The resource opens and presents all the details in any popular browser - Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, and Internet Explorer. Having compatibility with Google Fonts and Maps also comes in handy. The services enable you to make beautiful typography and mark offices on city maps. Other key benefits include:

  • clean and valid code;
  • different gallery options;
  • flexible admin panel;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Retina-ready display;
  • blog connection;
  • clear and detailed documentation;
  • sorting options;
  • parallax effect
  • SEO optimization;
  • contact form, etc.

Steps to Selecting the Perfect Solution

MonstreONE is built to surprise. Surprise with quality, quantity, and uniqueness. The collection of over 350K deals is suitable for web designers, coders, developers, freelancers, and people of creative professions. To get started, you need to pick a pricing plan and filter the offerings. Begin with a pricing package:

  • Creative - access to design and graphic assets, presentation templates, and a year of support. Subscriptions are available on a yearly or monthly basis.
  • All-in-One - enjoy website templates, CMS, eCommerce, plugin extensions, and other items from the library. We offer one year of general and product support.
  • All-in-One Lifetime - take all products for life and forget about searching for quality stuff. Here's the ability to create unlimited projects and download feature-rich and attractive merchandise in a few clicks.
  • All-in-One Pro - This package includes all available merchandise as well as Weblium and Draftium tools. They in turn also provide prepared templates, responsiveness, and ease of website building. 

Another great news is that by subscribing you receive constant updates of the collection. It means that you don't need to buy or pay extra for fresh products. Everything is already available. But remember that All-in-One Lifetime doesn't have this option.

After choosing a plan, you should opt for Shopify themes with a sidebar menu. For this purpose, we have a left sidebar. Here you will observe the qualifying criteria - price, topics, features, builder version, etc. Then MonsterONE will offer you the most relevant solutions to fit your request!

How to Design a Shopify Website?

Your perfect website...is here! Don't wait and don't put it off until later. Start customizing and developing a quality platform now! We as experts are ready to share pro tips with you, so follow the video instructions and enjoy a powerful store!


How to edit Shopify themes with a sidebar?

Rely on the tools from the admin panel, resort to the built-in architecture, and connect plugins and extensions. Then drag and drop blocks, change content, and watch in real-time how everything looks. 

Why apply templates?

It's a huge help because the solutions are flexible, adaptive, multi-purpose, and feature-rich. Essentially you have a ready-made resource to customize for your requirements.

What are the must-have features in the Shopify theme with a sidebar?

SEO optimization, mobile responsive layouts, clean code, built-in translation plugins, integration with Google services, gallery options, and blog connection - these are the main criteria you should consider when looking for a web solution.

Can you help with template work?

We offer expert services that perform any task - website optimization, developing a store from scratch, adjusting settings, connecting plugins, etc.

The All-in-One Membership

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