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Shopify Personal Themes

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Get Personal Shopify Themes from MonsterONE

The first question that comes to mind when you're new to websites is where to start and how to pick a good one. And if you are a confident user and subscriber of MonsterONE, then learn about the e-commerce functionality here and now.

Why does the business launch an online platform if they have a store? It is the perfect solution! You reach more potential customers. Also, you do not depend on external circumstances. And you make a customer happy from any country. Achieving brand development and popularity is much easier than having an offline store. 

Some Words About MonsterONE Subscription 

It is a TemplateMonster membership that allows you to download and use goods for free and without any limits. Also, the service has a general assistance department, which can always help with questions related to the use of goods and subscriptions. It has three plans:

  1. CREATIVE: You register it per month or year. It provides graphic items, 3D models, presentations, video, audio, and support from general assistance.
  2. ALL-IN-ONE: It is an annual plan with the full range of items from MonsterONE: graphics, presentations, CMS templates, HTML templates, e-commerce skins, plugins, audio, video, and annual support.
  3. LIFETIME: This option also includes all subscription products. But you have access to the whole life without any limits.

Personal Shopify Themes for E-commerce Website

Today, it is the most popular platform for working with e-commerce. It is an ideal solution for many entrepreneurs because it requires minimal effort and skills to create websites if we compare it with WooCommerce and Magento. You don't need to worry about hosting, programming, or domain. The platform is dynamic and designed for business scaling. 

Shopify is software you use to design and launch a productive online shop. And also it supports its successful operation under the conditions of timely payment for account subscription. It has simple functionality and dashboards with the opportunity to make changes and check business performance indicators. MonsterONE provides perfect personal Shopify themes for your project, so you do not need to design from scratch. All you need to get started is Internet access and an up-to-date browser. Currently, the platform serves about a million online stores. We recommend this option if you are looking for a multifunctional solution for sales.

Features of Personal Shopify Account

As a starting point, each device or system offers a number of features. You operate it immediately after purchase. So you have registered an account on the website. What do you receive?

  • Storefront: You get hosting for the store. Then you start creating web pages, publishing posts, and selling goods. And you customize the design for your brand and personalization. So it can be done with the template if you add changes or colors. The server is running 24/7 to ensure and maintain project performance. The system also took care of security and regular updates.

Try a POS app for offline branches. It is necessary if you additionally sell locally.

  • Payments: You have hundreds of gateways. Choose the basic ones and those that are necessary for your region. You sell goods in more than one hundred and thirty countries.

You have the same checkout page. It has ready optimization for Internet speed, conversion, and all client requirements. So it provides you with a powerful order processing system in the global market.

  • Delivery: Create your shipping path. These can be specific forms with information or ready-made branches for non-residents of the regions. You offer the client to pay on the site for this or upon product delivery. The customer also operates self-delivery or courier services.
  • Your account: With the help of a mobile application, you monitor the shop's performance. It helps to make timely decisions and change the situation for the better. With online analytics, you will draw information about customers, orders, and the efficiency of your business in the most reliable way.

See additional paid applications for your website. With this, you add extra functionality that optimizes your project.

A ready-made online marketing tool allows an entrepreneur to attract more customers with the help of a blog and SEO optimization tools. And you also create advertising on Facebook and Google Shopping. You can easily track the effectiveness of your marketing strategy in your account. Also, you receive statistical data.

If you have any questions, the technical support of the service is in touch with you around the clock.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify E-Commerce Platform

Any system has ideal factors for usage, but we should refine some points.

Advantages of the product

  1. Quick installation and ease of use: You launch an online store without unnecessary development costs. The admin interface is very user-friendly, so everything has a logical structure.
  2. No worries about technical components: You have hosting that works 24/7. It ensures the continuous operation of the site, its security, as well as backup copies. So you focus on sales and strategy.
  3. Safety and reliability: The platform provides timely maintenance and server updates, so your store is always available for customers. The system integrates an SSL certificate to encrypt data about your customers.
  4. Round-the-clock support: You receive immediate help, as the general assistance team works around the clock.
  5. Adaptive design: Your site has optimized designs for mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. Today it is a critical point since usually more views are from phones.
  6. Availability of SEO and marketing tools: With the help of this modality, you will get high indicators of activity and ranking in search engines. You also integrate social networks, import product reviews, and e-mail marketing. You set up promo codes and discounts.
  7. Recovery of the abandoned basket: The system offers the function of transferring unpaid goods to the list. The service automatically tracks and sends potential customers an e-mail to remind them about the purchase.
  8. Own payment system: The platform has a Stripe payment gateway. It makes it possible to forget about extra costs for transaction fees.

Disadvantages of the service

  1. Payments: You must follow the payment for Shopify to keep your site running continuously with all the features.
  2. Paid applications: If you want to extend the project features, you pay for some plugins.
  3. The coding language of the e-commerce platform: Usually, WordPress, Magento, Wix, and others use PHP, CSS, and HTML. If you need to move the site or make settings to the code, it is not a problem for you. But the developers used the system to create the Liquid system. It is not a commonly used technology, and it is difficult to find specialists or freelancers.

E-Commerce Themes from MonsterONE Membership

We provide ready-made templates for your store on any subject. You also have the opportunity to adapt it to your needs and brand concept. What templates can you download for free if you have a MonsterONE subscription?

  1. RENTS: This option is perfect for businesses for hotels, real estate, renting apartments, rooms, etc. It has a minimalistic design with white and blue colors. The slider is slightly on the side. Below you will receive acquainted with the apartments, cost, and appearance. On the home page, the guest can familiarize himself with the categories and the most profitable offers. You also get a sticky menu with pop-up categories. You upload images for collections to make the tabs look attractive.
  2. Axria: Another option for the real estate business: is the sale of apartments, houses, offices, villas, factories, etc. Also, this option is ideal for interior and exterior designers, builders, and architects. The demo version is easy to view. You explore each page individually. So the home page shows available service categories, top goods, building benefits, reviews, news, etc. The main menu does not have many names, only the most useful ones: directory, collection, and contacts.
  3. Medico Mega Medicine–Drug Pharmacy: Choose this item if you deal with medicines, equipment, laboratories, vaccines, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, surgery, cosmetology, orthopedics, dentistry, and more. The store has everything for your purpose. So the menu goes to the home page, shop, and collections. There is a product comparison function and a list. Also, the client can find the product by name. Below is a slider and banners with promotions and beneficial offers. On the left side, there is a menu with product categories. It is usually the most convenient way of navigation for customers. You see hovers with different types of products for cardiology, ophthalmology, neurology, and dermatology. You also choose a product according to the need for use: skin care, antiseptics, analgesics, hair care, and more. Below you see the specific goods and the most requested ones.

How to Edit Personal Shopify Themes Video

Do you want to set up and launch a website yourself? Do you also want to learn how to manage sites? Then we have prepared a video for you. You receive detailed instructions for installing the template and setting up content, products, pages, and payment gateways. Follow this link and enjoy watching.

Personal Shopify Themes FAQ

How to Install Personal Shopify Themes?

First, log into your account on the platform. Select the Online Store tab, then Themes. Find the Templates folder. Now click on Add New Template link. After that, click on the Create template button to save the result. Now you have it in the required folder. You also make changes.

How to Edit Personal Shopify Themes?

The system suggests using visual builders to make editing as comfortable as possible for the user. You have a choice between PageFly, LayoutHub Easy Page Builder, Shogun Landing Page, GemPages Page Builder & Funnel, and Zipify Page Builder & Editor. Such applications have a ready-made library with elements you transfer to your site and create headers, buttons, photos, gifs, content, etc. There is the option of integrating third-party widgets: reviews, ratings, forms, etc.

To decide on the choice of a visual editor, pay attention to the following aspects:
- Drag-and-drop system.
- Library of ready-made components.
- Set of page templates.
- Compatibility with third-party applications.
- Ability to edit the code.
- Tools for SEO optimization.
- Functionality for site speed optimization.
- Convenient interface.

How to Setup Dropshipping to a Personal Shopify Themes?

We recommend installing the Package application. It is a plugin for finding suppliers that allow businesses to set up the supply of goods from the US and Europe. You get a large catalog of quality goods and branded invoices. Then thanks to wholesale prices, the service promises a discount. Finally, you receive the following items: accessories, clothes, shoes, sports equipment, etc.

How to Receive a Personal Shopify Themes?

You register on the TemplateMonster website, then select the e-commerce theme. Then you should fill in the billing details, proceed to the checkout and pay for the order. After verification, you download the template from your account.

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