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Shopify E-commerce Themes as the Best Option for Online Shop

For many entrepreneurs, CMS is the ideal solution: Magento, WooCommerce, and other site builders. Shopify e-commerce themes require minimal effort and knowledge in developing web resources. You don't need to worry about programming, hosting, or buying a domain through intermediaries. And with the help of MonsterOne, you get templates for free. In this article, we talk about the benefits and features of this platform.

Shopify Themes for E-commerce: What and Why

Marketers call this platform an ideal solution for most online sales businesses. The main advantage lies in creating a store here. You do not need special skills, large time reserves, or enormous investments.

It has a simple website management system. Retailers have been developing since 2004. It is helpful for online stores especially. They help private companies sell physical and digital goods all over the world. It is one of the greatest demands at the moment for systems for self-starting projects in the field of electronic commerce.

The fundamental advantage of the platform is the ability to launch a store without waiting for programming. And if you have ever worked with HTML or CSS, you realize the full potential of this solution. The system is easy and includes all the functionality required by the business. Register an account to deny access to a large number of options. With this help, you add a catalog, set item ownership, customize content, install payment gateways, and create widgets to expand your line of tools.

Through other web resources, you sell different categories of goods. A dropshipping scheme is also available. The tariff policy allows you to select an option for a project at the start stage and a shop with a high turnover and many goods.

Main Features of Shopify E-commerce Themes

It is easy to use and provides a wide range of functions:

  • Customizable layouts. MonsterOne offers a wide selection of ready-made skins. It allows you to create a unique and professional-looking online store quickly and inexpensively.
  • Control panel. Any features you perform in a simple and fast way. It is about customizing the design and adding functionality.
  • Payments. The program has a payment system that you connect to the resource. You use this privilege if you do not want transactions.
  • App Store. It has many add-ons that greatly expand the possibilities for starting a business.
  • Integration possibilities. If you want to promote your item not through one service but through many at once, then this system will help. You integrate with eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy, and many other programs.
  • Live View. It is an analytical function that allows you to monitor the number of visitors to the website, traffic, orders, and sales in real time.
  • Experts. Specialists and developers of the platform are always ready to help you solve a problem or answer your questions. With such a platform makes it easier to find experts for your store.

Main advantages

  • Quick start of the project. The library of ready-made blocks on the platform allows you to create multitasking resources for sale.
  • The widest functionality. A list of additional options, plugins, and programs allows you to add any function.
  • No need to register the hosting. The store location is on hosting. You safely forget about technical points and problems with server equipment.
  • Mobile solutions for iOS and Android. Business management is available from a smartphone or laptop in a convenient format: processing orders, updating data on positions, and setting up the website.
  • Scalability. In the case of an increase in traffic or the number of items, the system works correctly with small sales volumes.
  • Two-week free trial period. After it ends, all settings of the trial version remain. To continue working with it, you choose a plan and make a payment.

Cons of E-commerce Shopify Themes

It has a very high rating. Users are delighted with the functionality that Shopify Themes for E-commerce has. They are satisfied with the ease of use, clean interface, number of skins, and prompt support service. Some users consider the price of tariffs for using the platform to be a bit high. They argue that early-stage startups need more affordable ways to grow. However, you recoup your investment if you purchase the Basic plan, which is the cheapest and most popular. For our opinion to be objective, we are obliged to indicate the minus of CMS:

  • You are not the owner of the website. The program has a cloud principle. The data location is on the hosting server. You do not have access to all files.
  • The commission for each transaction. You pay the subscription fee and a percentage of the transaction. According to the selected tariff, it can be from 0.5% to 2%. The exception is projects with Payments connected. But in this case, the payment option fee is still charged.
  • Paid applications for extra features. The capabilities you expand with the help of paid plugins and applications. It means that you need additional funds for the functionality. Basic and essential options are provided free of charge.
  • Not editable checkout page. To be able to change the checkout page, you will have to spend more than $2000 per month. To do this, you need to connect to Plus plan. It creates difficulties with setting up additional analytics.

WooCommerce vs Shopify E-commerce Theme 

In the WooCommerce vs Shopify battle, many argue and prove their point. The second option is one of the most popular software services for creating and managing an electronic store. It is best known for its website builder and built-in sales tools. But if you are looking for profitable solutions for such a purpose, then WooCommerce is one of the best alternatives to Shopify e-commerce themes. WooCommerce is the leading CMS on the web. It is due to the popularity of WordPress. It's an open-source content management system. WooCommerce is a plugin for sale. However, WooCommerce drops significantly to 8% of the market if only the top online sales resource we consider. Let's consider some competitive parameters between programs.

Ease of use

With WooCommerce, you use plugins to create any functionality you want for your site. You have a variety of layouts to design your website to suit your niche market and goods. The WP installation wizard will guide you through the most significant settings.

It is a universal service. Most of the technical work of getting a website up and running is already ready for you. You operate an intuitive constructor with a drag-and-drop function. Installation options are limited compared to WooCommerce. However, due to this, it is usually easier and faster to set up a store.

Launch price

WooCommerce is an open-source system that works with WordPress. It is technically free to use. You still have to pay for the domain name, hosting, skin or its development, extensions, and SSL certification. You control costs, paying only for the services you need.

The second option is a subscription product. You choose a plan and make monthly payments to build and maintain your online business.

Site builder capabilities

Creating a store is usually easier with an E-commerce Shopify Theme. Once you've chosen a template, populate your resource with all the products or services you want to offer. WooCommerce needs more work. In addition to selecting and configuring your hosting plan, building your web resource involves additional setup. It ensures that your store has the design and functionality you need. It gives greater creative freedom.

Popular Additional Features for Shopify E-commerce Themes 

To expand the functionality of the Shopify e-commerce theme, you need applications. We have made a selection of the most popular plugins.


It is a functional plugin. It allows you to create a list of goods. The user would like to purchase in the future. It helps to increase conversion and sales on the site. Also, it makes the store more convenient against the background of competitors.


  • You have analytics to explore. You use the item information in wish lists to segment target audiences and customize marketing campaigns.
  • Use wishlist integration with recommended goods. Growave allows you to display products from an individual list of customers in recommendations on the site. It makes the items more relevant.
  • Send automatic price drop notifications. The plugin informs customers about price reductions for items on the wish list.
  • Allow unregistered users to use the website. This function increases time on the web resource and interest in the resource, even if the visitor still needs to register.


With this plugin, you sell digital and physical goods with a monthly subscription. This approach increases customer loyalty and is a good opportunity for the seller to forecast purchase statistics. From this data, you make decisions about business expansion.


  • You have a custom setting. The buyer indicates how often he needs the delivery and adjusts the required quantity.
  • Use the notification system. The subscriber receives a message about the upcoming payment, changes in the subscription cost, and other important information.
  • Use promo codes and discounts for customers. You send the subscriber special offers that are built into the basic CMS functionality.
  • Analytics and reporting are always at hand. It allows you to track the number of subscriptions.


It is another one of the most helpful plugins. It is indispensable for businesses that offer pre-registration or reservation services. If you sell master classes, consultations, event tickets, or rent-out equipment, this plugin helps you.


  • The employee can see the records of his clients right on the admin panel.
  • A reminder is sent to the mail a particular time before the event. Tipo also sends a message to confirm the reservation.
  • Add booked events to your Google or iCal calendar.


With the help of Klaviyo, the store administrator can connect tools for e-mail mailings and SMS marketing.


  • Segmentation. It allows you to divide the target audience into groups depending on the history of orders, behavior on the web resource, and interests.
  • Automation. Customers get emails without the seller's participation when events are triggered.
  • Integration. Customer data and orders in the program have synchronization with the system.
  • Reporting. You track the number of email opens, link clicks, conversions, profitability, and other performance indicators.


This program is for sending push messages. Messages appear on the desktop of a computer or smartphone. It encourages customers to make repeat purchases. You customize notifications for those who added goods to the cart and did not pay for them. You send information about new positions to the entire subscription base.


  • Segmentation. You divide the target audience into groups.
  • You send each of them a separate version of the message.
  • A/B testing. Monitor the performance of each message to understand which performed better.
  • GDPR support. If your site operates on the territory of the European Union, it must comply with GDPR and other international privacy standards.


It is a returns application. At the same time, the buyer can arrange without the seller’s participation.


  • Automation. You return goods automatically.
  • Branding. You design the page interface in the corporate style of the company.
  • Options to choose from. The refundable amount can be left on the balance in the online store, exchanged for the product, or returned the entire amount to the card.

Profit Analytics & Benchmark

It opens up the opportunity to track profitability, optimize costs, and compare results.


  • Analysis of expenditures. Track your investment in advertising, shipping, transaction fees, and product purchases.
  • Recommendations. Track tips to reduce costs and increase margins.
  • Automatic foundation formation. The sale enters the database automatically. It saves you time.

What Kind of Business Need Shopify E-commerce Themes

Shopify e-commerce themes will be useful for different types of businesses. Different niches require the creation of an online resource. It helps to gain visitors and bring many customers. In today's online sales industry, there are several types of trade. Let's look at the main ones:


Business-to-consumer is electronic trade between a company and consumers. The most popular type of online resources. The company sells goods or services to private individuals using its marketplace.


Business-to-business is trading between companies. B2B e-sellers can be product manufacturers and wholesale suppliers, as well as companies that develop products and services to improve business performance.


Business-to-Government is the relation between the company and the state. The state announces electronic tenders for state procurement. Companies undergo tender selection and supply products or services from technical documentation. State e-commerce differs in the requirements for the executor in any field, many entrepreneurs are eliminated at the stage of processing documents.


Consumer-to-Consumer is a relationship between consumers, which is transferred to the status of companies. It is a kind of P2P. For security, the transaction takes place on a platform where ads are pre-moderated.


It is the relationship between the state and citizens. We buy certain products and services from the state: taxes on an apartment, fines on a car, etc. These are all online payments that are also part of the online sales industry.


Consumerto Business are trade relations between a consumer and a business. A consumer offers a product or service to a company and they agree on terms. For example, buying used books or furniture. Interestingly, referral programs can also be included here. For example, a developer receives bonuses or percentages from the sale of products of a company that recommends it on its website or blog.


It is a relationship between various departments of one or more states. It works according to the same principles and laws as B2G.


Business to Partners are relations between partner companies. In this case, each party is part of the other party's business.

Best E-commerce Themes for Shopify from MonsterOne

How to choose the most suitable skin for your website? You define a niche, color scheme, functionality, and structure. We offer you to familiarize yourself with various layouts.

For Electronics

Electric - Electronics & Gadgets is an ideal option for a digital and electronics store. The layout includes everything you need for business and successful sales. Above the header, you have a banner where you can place a button with a popular item. Below, you track your order, see account details, and change currency and language. You have two types of menus: main and categories. The first menu allows you to place your home page, collections, and more. The side menu places categories and subcategories. You have a banner slider feature. Use a convenient counter for promotional offers. You will see a convenient and detailed description on the item page: delivery, material, size, care instructions, and share. You have a comparison function and a Buy Now button. You rate the item and leave a comment.


Gamebox Gaming & Accessories is perfect for anyone who wants to sell online games, add-ons, and accessories. The demo version shows each page separately. It helps you become more familiar with the design. You see a large banner on the homepage. Below, you will find the most popular items or promotions. The catalog allows you to select the necessary goods quickly. To do this, the customer uses a filter. You add additional parameters or change unnecessary ones. The customer will add the required product directly from the main menu with one button. The page with the game or accessory is very convenient and detailed. You have information about color, size, quantity, and description.

For One Product

Are you looking for the perfect layout to present a single position? Then we have a solution for you. Pay attention to Watcho - One Product. It has a minimalistic design in a dark red shade. You have a full-screen banner with an image. You have two types of color schemes. You will choose the most suitable one for your brand. Use a lot of widgets and icons. It will help display helpful information. The advantage of this skin is its minimalism and laconicism.

Shopify E-commerce Themes Video

Do you need a subscription? The subscription is necessary for your business if you are a developer with many projects. You'll save money on buying a template or developing a design from scratch. Find out all the details in the video.

Shopify E-commerce Themes FAQ

How to Expand Basic E-commerce Shopify Theme Functionality?

It has a store with additional plugins. You buy or use additional add-ons Check the versions of your skin and extensions. In the description, you see what functions each plugin includes. The documentation provides tutorials on installing and operating the application.

How to Learn Shopify E-commerce Theme Editing?

It is one of the easiest and most modern CMSs. You find many video tutorials on YouTube. After downloading the item, you also draw the operating documentation. If you have experience with web development, you'll be up and running in no time. If you do not know, you contact the development team.

Why Do You Need to Choose Shopify E-commerce Theme?

The online segment provides more customers. It is a fact. With the help of the shop, you reach more visitors. This is because today users prefer online shopping. It is convenient, profitable, and fast. An entrepreneur can save on warehouse maintenance, rent, employees, etc. You only need to create a web resource, maintain it, and update content and item descriptions.

How to Download Shopify E-commerce Theme for Free?

You must be a MonsterOne subscriber to download backgrounds for free. You choose any plan. The creative plan has a monthly and annual tariff. It includes all graphics: 3D, presentations, video, audio, icons, etc. If you plan to develop websites, choose the All-in-One About or All-in-One plan. You select an annual or lifetime tariff. Options include everything Creative has. You also get CMS, HTML, templates, plugins, etc. Also, the option provides the Weblium and Draftium visual editor.

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