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Shopify Architecture Themes

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Help Your Business Grow with Shopify Architecture Templates

The architecture industry is one of the fastest-growing businesses around the globe. No one can deny that today is an era of online shopping, and this tendency will only increase over time. Architecture projects worldwide, fully or parallelly, are profoundly transforming their physical offices into online ones. The margin growth is tremendous. The Shopify service stands out as a perfect ready-to-use collection of website templates. Massive different features could be at your service whenever needed to help you build up a spectacular ecommerce website. It is absolutely up to you which template to choose for your website. But it would be best if you remembered that our Shopify architecture themes are full of numerous handy tools such as QR code generator, loan calculator, purchase order template, and others. Those tools, together with the website templates' sophisticated designs, could be a great combination for your e-commerce business. 

Key Shopify Architecture Themes Features

  • A built-in search tool makes it fast and easy to find anything on the website.  
  • Availability of Refine tools helps customers to make a proper decision.
  • Product badges – add small UI elements to indicate and product value.
  • Product carousel is a perfect tool to show out a few items one by one.
  • Parallax is a wow effect visual feature that increases picture depth automatically.
  • Our designs have RTL and LTR, which means that you can have multiple languages available to describe your company.
  • Add photos to showcase construction goods from different angles with the help of the gallery.
  • Thanks to the drag and drop builder, you can easily add required elements to your platform. Remember, you don't need to have any specific tech skills to do so. 
  • With Ajax search, customers can find the necessary service or product with a few clicks. 

Shopify SEO Architecture Themes

SEO allows you to climb in the search pages of Google (or other search engines) to attract new prospects, reach your target and therefore increase your turnover and reach objectives that you have set for your digital adventure. Therefore, Google and the other search engines want to ensure that their results return the most useful products for most of their users. Consequently, it would be best if you considered your mobile users first when designing your website. Google now also indexes the way your website looks on mobile by default. That is why all of our assets are optimized, so you will never miss a client. 

Who Will Benefit From Shopify Architecture Website Templates?

With the help of our themes, you can showcase your architectural services related to projects of residential and non-residential buildings and structures, such as projects for the construction of:

  • Restaurants.
  • Office buildings.
  • Designs for retail trade and restaurants.
  • Hotels and conference centers.
  • Health care institutions.
  • Buildings and structures for entertainment, recreational and cultural purposes.
  • Educational institutions.
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Facilities for transport and distribution.
  • Projects for the construction of other residential and non-residential buildings, etc. 

Cost-Saving Solutions for Shopify Architecture Themes

A single purchase option is always a good idea for those responsible for small-scale projects and doesn't need many web items any time soon. But architectural projects are big and require lots of investment. That is why we created ONE subscription that can help you to save your budget. For example, one digital asset might come for around $89-$139; ONE membership is your perfect solution. It has three packages that come with one-year tech support. 

  • Creative – $82/year or $6.80/month. With this package, you gain unlimited access to top-notch design, graphics, video, audio assets, and all kinds of professional presentations.
  • The all-in-one package comes at $179/year or $14.95/month. This plan includes the items mentioned earlier + WordPress/CMS templates, eCommerce themes, and plug-ins.
  • All-in-one Unlimited. It is our best offer. For $599, you get access to all of our premium quality products for unlimited amounts of time. It might seem expensive initially, but it is a great investment that will pay you back in the long run. 

Shopify Architecture Themes FAQs

How to download Shopify architecture themes?

Create ONE account. Sign in to it. Find the Shopify category. Select the themes. Please read the description to make sure it corresponds to your needs. Download. Activate and customize.

Who can help to install my Shopify architecture theme?

Please check out the premium services page. At a very affordable price, you can get help with all possible tech issues. We can also assist you with content writing and logo creation. If you have any general questions, you can contact our support agent via live chat bubble in the right bottom corner. Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will gladly help you.

What is SEO, and why is it important for Shopify architecture themes?

A website must be indexed in search engines more than ever because of a growing online platform. In other words, it must appear for specific searches typed by Internet users. There are different areas on which to act to improve the SEO of your website: The content of your pages (articles, page, landing page, product sheet); Image optimization; Improving your parameters and your infrastructure (crawl optimization, domain name, URL of your pages, etc.); Optimization through net linking and external links.

Can I use the Shopify architecture theme to create a website for architecture inventory?

Yes, you can include any information needed reading the services you provide, such as: Office buildings, Shopping malls, Hotels and restaurants, Service stations and warehouses, Bus and cargo terminals, Hospitals, schools, churches, Prisons, stadiums, and entertainment and sports facilities with a central arena, Libraries and museums, etc.

Top Shopify Architecture Themes with ONE Membership Video

Find out more about the pros of ONE subscription. All the benefits are briefly described in this video. Watch it and remember to press like and subscribe to our Youtube channel. Join our web family, and we guarantee great results.

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