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Presentation Templates

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Take Advantage of Stylish Presentation Templates with One Membership 

It doesn't matter if you have a school essay, a lecture for students, or a report for partners. TemplateMonster web assets are a great solution that will successfully convey the message you want your audience to receive. You don't have to build your project from scratch. We already took care of the stylish design and easy-to-read background for the presentation templates.

Under the platforms' umbrella, we collected hundreds of assets for everything from business, school or university, training seminars, marketing, and business negotiations. With the help of our web tools, you can present the material in a visually attractive form, talk about the advantages of your product, or surprise with a new idea:

  1. Choose a ready-made example;
  2. Add pictures and photos from a massive collection of stock graphics;
  3. Change the text and select your favorite font;
  4. Do not forget to add diagrams, badges, logos, and illustrations. 

And voila! Your perfect design is ready. Subscribe to One today and enjoy unlimited access to our professional web tools today. 

What Do You Get with One Subscription?

Our exclusive membership packages include:

  • Bestseller Monstroid2 WordPress samples;
  • Popular WooStroid2 WooCommerce assets;
  • Modern Intense HTML samples;
  • Eveprest PrestaShop web tools;
  • Inspirational Multifly Shopify samples;
  • Straightforward Magetique Magento items;
  • Trendy WordPress Themes;
  • Professional CMS and E-commerce;
  • Straightforward Trending Plugins and Add-ons;
  • Customized Graphics Assets;
  • Rich Stock of Free Photos;
  • Bright StoreFlex OpenCart themes, etc. 

One Subscription Pricing

We have three subscription plans available for your convenience. They are straightforward without hidden charges.


The creative package was reduced to $6.80 from $7.40 per month. This subscription also has an annual fee of $82. With creative membership, you can enjoy:

  • Graphic & Design web tools, PSD files, original logos, corporate identity samples, various illustrations included.
  • IT tools from PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google; 
  • Unlimited access to Video & Audio tools;
  • Get premium video & audio assets for personal or clients' projects.

Creative subscription has one year of professional technical assistance as well. 


The following membership has reduced the price to $14.90 from $19 per month. This subscription also comes with an annual charge of $179. With All-in-one membership, you get all the advantages included in the Creative package plus:

  • Stylish WordPress and CMS Themes;
  • E-commerce samples, including WooCommerce, trendy Magento, most popular Shopify, PrestaShop themes for any online store; 
  • JET plugins for Elementor are available as well;
  • Trustful professional support available any time to handle all types of questions regarding products or services provided for one year.

All-in-one Unlimited (a One Time Fee)

All-in-one Unlimited subscription collects all the benefits from the two packages mentioned above but for an unlimited time frame. It comes at reduced to $599 from $849 price. It means that you can access the platform a limitless number of times and download our free products without restrictions. Change work fields, move to another country, or become a stay-at-home parent. You can still enjoy our services for personal purposes. Moreover, it is much more beneficial to subscribe than to purchase each item separately

Exclusive Features of Presentation Templates

On the platform, you can upload three types of presentation assets. They are Elegant PowerPoint Templates, modern Keynote Templates, and popular Google Slides. The samples include beautiful photo layouts, various infographics, necessary vector icons, and useful diagrams. Choose your favorite one and get:

  • 55+ Unique, innovative slides;
  • PPTX files and 16x9 FULL HD Ratio included;
  • Cross-browser compatibility; 
  • SEO friendly layout; 
  • Most popular Google Fonts; 
  • A rich collection of various photos; 
  • The simple navigation;
  • User-friendly interface; 
  • Easily resizeable and editable pattern;
  • Multipurpose sketch;
  • Responsive format;
  • Retina Ready configuration;
  • Supplement your speech with infographics and graphs;
  • Easily printable design;
  • Includes Canvas Animation, etc. 

Are you preparing your performance at the last moment? No problem! Work on a draft from your iPhone or iPad. All changes are saved automatically, so you don't risk losing your work. Don't worry about the compatibility of formats for different operating systems, either. When everything is ready, upload the project in JPEG, PNG, PDF, and even in PPT format for Microsoft PowerPoint! You can insert various media content into slides well: videos from YouTube or all possible social networks, active links, or audio. With IT tools from TemplateMonster, your speech will be remembered by the audience as the most professional!

Convey Your Project in the Very Best Way

You can use these web tools for all types of purposes. Some of them include:

  • Fashion industry;
  • All kinds of Startups; 
  • Wedding organization; 
  • Various business events;
  • Seasonal promotions;
  • Wholesales and retail;
  • Service companies;
  • Production and sale of expensive and exclusive products;
  • Food items promotion;
  • Personal Portfolio, etc. 

Mobile-Friendly Presentation Templates

Many people do not have time to sit at their computer for several hours. They can solve tasks with their smartphone without being tied to the workplace. By choosing a compatible IT tool for mobile devices, you allow them to browse the online store catalog and place orders on the go, for example, during a trip to work or lunch break. Your potential clients might come across your project at any time using their mobile phones. That is why any online business should have a mobile-friendly layout. There are many reasons why your sample should have an adaptive version:

  • Improved ranking - search engines are more likely to place mobile-friendly sites on the front pages;
  • Clients retention - for example, when a user goes to a web resource by a link from social networks and sees that the design is simple and straightforward, it is more likely that the user won’t leave the site;
  • Increase in conversion - more people visit the resource, and more they stay longer on it;
  • Having a mobile-friendly version is a characteristic of a successful modern website. It is a way to take care of users, which further increases visits and sales.

Key Features of Mobile-Friendly Presentation Templates

TemplateMonster products have a mobile-friendly design and the following features of it:

  1. Fast loading, which means that you will not have massive photos or superfluous graphic elements. The majority of IT tools are accessed via mobile data, which has a relatively low speed;
  2. Comfortable navigation, which includes vertical scrolling, convenient search modules, a quick return to the main page, and the option to contact with one click;
  3. Adapted forms and elements. Users should be able to press their finger on any clickable elements conveniently;
  4. Readability. Customers should not take additional action to read the text of the presentation. It means that the text is easy to read without the need to zoom it.

Cross-Browser Compatibility of Presentation Templates

If you think your audience will forgive you for some of the issues on your site, believe us - they won't. Your targeted clients use different browsers. It means that if your web item does not display correctly in at least one of the devices, you will immediately lose 20-30% of the target audience. Remember, cross-browser compatibility is one of the most critical factors for sufficient work. TemplateMonster authors take into account all of these nuances. We know that if the user opens the site and the font is tiny, he will go to competitors. Poor cross-browsing is a guarantee of a rapid reduction in conversions. Download our samples today, and we guarantee excellent results. 

SE Optimized Presentation Templates

SE optimization is still one of the most effective methods for promoting web resources. With our products, you will:

  1. Increases the targeted traffic;
  2. Make the brand more visible in search engines;
  3. SEO allows you to promote new products or services faster as well. 

If you already have a presentation and want to optimize it, you can refer to our team. 

At extra charge, our experienced IT professionals will:

  • Conduct an audit of the presentation, the purpose of which is to identify the untapped potential of the resource. It also can help to identify obstacles that hinder the growth of the project;
  • Optimize the site from a technical point of view. It includes a thorough analysis and elimination of errors on the pages;
  • Create a secure control profile. Here it is essential to remove all links coming from other low-quality sites.

All of these steps will boost the company's visibility in search results and the effective promotion of your project.

24/7 TemplateMonster IT Support 

The lack of guarantees of developers' support is one of the disadvantages of using free design assets. Most people overlook this critical point, but the opportunity to seek advice from the developers may be necessary for the future. You will have to find out all the nuances yourself, and eventually, you will have to pay third-party to solve small problems. Whereas when buying a paid product, you can get good help from high-end professionals. That is why we are here to do our best and assist you at any time of the day. Moreover, we are happy to help in many languages. Contact us today and learn more about the unlimited possibilities you get with our web tools. 

Presentation Templates FAQ

Why Presentation Templates are Important and How to Make It Successful?

Presentation is the best set of measures for presenting new information. To design an excellent one, you have to formulate a clear and exciting. It should intrigue and capture the attention of the audience.
Logically structure the content because it is one of the essential elements of your speech. If the display is chaotic, the audience will lose focus. First, you can draw the structure and logical blocks on paper and then transfer them to your chosen asset.
Follow the rules of 10-20-30. The practice suggested by Guy Kawasaki emphasizes that the presentation should consist of no more than ten slides, last no more than 20 minutes, and the text should be written in no less than 30 fonts. But in the end, it is up to you how to make your project successful. 
Add some interactive sections to your presentation. For listeners not to fall asleep during your speech, it is worth considering interactive elements. The audience hopes to hear and see real emotions, not just dry facts without passion or humor. Add an exciting video or accurate picture to your project and you make your speech more vivid and memorable.

Can You Create a Logo For My Presentation Template?

Image is a significant thing in today's world. If a company wants to achieve some success in selling the goods or services it produces, its management must be aware of the importance of all aspects of image support. One of them is the creation of a logo for the company. A high-quality logo serves as a kind of business card that represents the company to potential customers. Contact us today, and we will create a memorable logo for your startup at an affordable fee.

Can You Help Me With SEO Content for My Presentation Template?

Yes, sure. We know how it is crucial. SEO-texts face several tasks at once. First, our professional copywriter describes complete information about the product or service. Second, we present this information using keywords and phrases that search engines will use to find it on the Internet. It is done to facilitate optimization and to show you products in search results. Our copywriting services help to make the project as relevant as possible to user queries.

Can You Install My Presentation Template?

Yes, sure. In TemplateMonster, we provide various services for our customers. At an affordable price, you can relax and leave us to do our job. Our team of professionals have rich experience in IT and will do their  best to make you happy. Get in touch, and we will assist you with installation and other necessary steps.

Video: One and Unlimited Access to Best Presentation Templates

To know more about One membership, you should check out this informative video. Learn how to access the platform and select your favorite items suitable for your project. Thousands of premium quality products are waiting for you today. Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel to get instant updates from the web industry.

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