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Metro WordPress Themes

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WordPress 9
WordPress Themes 9
Metro 9
Elementor Website Builder 8
Cherry Framework 5 1
Responsive 9
Dropdown Menu 8
Retina Ready 8
Performance Optimization 8
Advanced Theme Options 8
Admin Panel 7
Sample content 7
Google map 6
Blog 6
Website Builder 6
Gallery 4
Drag and Drop Content 4
JQuery 3
Bootstrap 3
Portfolio 3
Mobile Layout Included 3
Static 2
Parallax 2
Ajax 2
Completely JS 2
Tabs 2
One Page Templates 2
Multipurpose 2
Canvas Animation 2
Forum 2
Background video 2
One click installation 2
HTML 5 1
Online Store/Shop 1
Novi Builder 1
CV 1
Power Page Builder 1
MailChimp 8
Ecwid 8
Revolution Slider 3
WooCommerce 2
Booked 2
LearnPress 2
Polylang 2
6.5.x 1
6.4.x 2
6.3.x 4
6.2.x 4
6.1.x 4
6.0.x 3
5.9.x 2
5.6.x 4
5.5.x 1
5.4.x 3
5.2.x 1
4.9.x 1
4.7.x 1
8.0.x 2
7.9.x 2
7.8.x 2
7.7.x 2
7.6.x 1
4.2.x 1
4.0.x 1
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Incredible Metro WordPress Themes Collection

Are you tired of the standard templates offered by your CMS? Do you want to stand out from competitors and not download designs hundreds of businesses have already installed? We offer you an excellent alternative. The collection above is the best Metro WordPress themes that resemble the layout of the same name from the company that produced your CMS. All the products presented above also look clean, stylish, and concise. They sell a variety of goods and services perfectly. At the same time, our clients receive a newer version with a unique twist. Now, you can not be afraid about your uniqueness. Get all the best qualities of the long-known template but in a new interpretation from our creators. Be unique with MonsterOne!

What Are Metro WordPress Themes

People have long learned to use such designs. Download them on our website, install them, and get the result. See stunning, beautiful, stylish, fashionable, laconic pages.

Your content management system is unique and widely known throughout the world. Every year, dozens of people register and create new websites to sell goods and services. This CMS's additional expansion and improvements deserve special attention.

Users download a plugin called WooCommerce. With its help, you may create a fantastic online platform and offer your goods and services. This is how the new product template turned out: Metro minimal WooCommerce WordPress theme. In the collection above are alternative designs very similar to this layout, which is known worldwide.

We invite you to learn in more detail about the advantages our items have:

  • Uniqueness. This point means each appearance differs from the previous one. The authors try to create a perfect appearance for your pages.
  • Ease of management. Add ready-made layouts to your CMS, change the site's appearance inside the admin panel, and edit it.
  • A quick and inexpensive result. All our visitors need is to go to MonsterOne, find the design or graphics they like, and save it on their computer or laptop. Then, you can open the received file and install it in your website admin. That’s all the required actions.

Visit our site. See new options and choose. Create an account using the link to use the download service and pay the monthly tariff.

Who Needs Website Templates

Among the visitors of the extensive library of MonsterOne graphics, we see representatives of different professions and businesses. Marketers and directors of enterprises, heads of sales departments, and other specialists visit our site.

We highlight the following companies:

  • Clothing, shoes, and glasses.
  • Jewelry.
  • Food and vitamins for animals.
  • Children's books, toys, and educational centers.
  • Sporting goods.
  • Equipment for tourists.
  • GYMs.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Construction and repair.
  • Interior designers.
  • Auto parts.
  • Makeup and perfumes.
  • Skincare for face and body.
  • Eco meals.
  • Food delivery.

All our visitors need to do is look at a few demo examples, decide on the style, color scheme, and fonts, and save the option they like. We recommend registering using the link if you don’t have an account in our library yet.

Benefits Of Metro WordPress Themes

Some advantages may force you to download a specific variant. After all, the presence of particular technologies can be decisive. Read about the features below and make an individual list of your priorities:

  • Retina Ready. Apple has been installing screens with increased pixel density for their gadgets for a long time. Other companies, for example, Samsung, have recently started doing this. Note that such gadgets are not cheap. Consequently, smartphone buyers are a paying audience that may interest you. Pictures of the usual site are invisible on such screens. Adapt your content to similar gadgets by installing goods with this feature.
  • Blog. Many people must focus on this section or fill it with exciting material. Write cool articles. Let visitors think of you as a professional. The WordPress Metro theme for this section helps you present the materials beautifully and stylishly.
  • Compatibility with MailChimp. Create a newsletter much faster than before. Do you have a ready customer base? Then don't wait!
  • Drag and Drop Content. Are you planning to fill the website with content yourself? You'll like this technology of adding images. You don't need to know how to edit the website code. Drag the photo directly to the page.
  • Ajax. It's a whole set of valuable innovations. In each case, you receive different features. For example, an intelligent search for the store's assortment may appear on the site, and the wish lists appear, and pages will load faster.
  • Online Store. Receive even more from mock-ups on MonsterOne! Now, you have built-in functionality (carts, order forms, wish lists, and filters) and can sell and accept payments online.

The descriptions tell visitors what features the design has. Read on for crucial information and download it!

How To Use Metro WordPress Themes

Template authors try daily to make their goods as simple, convenient, and understandable as possible. Therefore, the actions list consists of simple steps:

  • Please save the file you like on our website.
  • Take the installer and install it in the website admin panel.
  • Look at the appearance of the new pages and plan your edits.
  • Find a manual for each setting in the web developer's documentation.
  • Strictly follow the given steps in the instructions and complete all actions.
  • Look at the result again. If everything suits you, upload pictures and descriptions of your goods.

Let using our WordPress theme Metro-styled items bring you many positive impressions and a large flow of new clients.

Instructional Video About Template’s Installing Process

Open your content management system and try the same steps as in this material. Learn how to install a new appearance quickly and safely. This manual helps even novice specialists to acquire skills.

Metro WordPress Themes: FAQ

How to download templates on MonsterOne?

Please go to the product page. Find a button to save the object. If you have an account and a paid tariff with the ability to download templates, you'll receive the product without any gaps.

Is it possible to edit layouts?

Yes, each page is customizable. Decide whether to edit or leave the appearance unchanged.

How to adjust the design?

After getting the file, please open it and find instructions from web developers. The manuals are detailed and describe everything clearly. Try to find the setting you need. Please read how to make it. We advise you to order the installation service and settings from our specialists by following the link to save time.

Is there support for Metro WordPress themes?

Yes, you receive the service as a MonsterOne user. Go to your account on our website and write a question or describe the problem. Authors quickly process incoming tickets and write meaningful responses.

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